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  1. Ichiro and Bartolo

    I'm turning 33 in May so I'm guaranteed at least a five year, $100 million contract from Chuck.
  2. Stephen Hawking died

    That was the one I was actually looking for but it didn't turn up. After I posted mine I realized it wasn't Hawkins. Fail on my part.
  3. Stephen Hawking died

  4. The Wall

    As someone who has worked on federal government projects, I can promise you a lot of money is wasted on simple things. Installing and re-installing due to mistakes. Government, as much as they love to spend money, also likes to go with the cheapest bidder. Which is why you don't always get the best product and have to spend more money to fix something (depending on warranties). So it isn't just a simple task of building a wall.
  5. The Wall

    It might just work
  6. Trumped

    If you're confident of that, why do we not point guns at people even if our fingers aren't on the trigger?
  7. AnaheimBob's wet dream is for Trump to buy the Angels and then he'll finally get what he wants.....
  8. Meh. Elect a clown, expect a circus.
  9. Trumped

    Ok who had had bets that Trump could potentially bring peace between North and South Korea but couldn't sign a nda?
  10. I was hoping for bigger moobs.
  11. School Threats Thread

    Nope. Definitely the caffeine pills. I don't care what you say.
  12. Exactly. Watch Making a Murderer. Steven Avery went to jail for 18 years for a tape he didn't commit. He provided a time stamp receipt from a store 30 miles away from the scene while the crime was being committed plus had 16 people verify his whereabouts on that day and still went to jail for 18 years. Look how they police and his attorneys treated his nephew during the murder trial. There might be a bias in the documentary but I believe it represents the issues with our criminal justice system.
  13. Trumped

    Because we have to MAGA. Duh! By the way does anyone know the definition of MAGA or what it entails?
  14. Trumped

    To YV? Maybe.