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  1. Trumped

    Since this thread is 531 pages of growing chaos I thought it would be interesting to pick a random page and see what gems I could find again from the past. Thanks cals!
  2. Trumped

    I step away for four hours and MT became a lefty? yv sure has got us all figured out.
  3. #metoo

    Isn't time for family pictures again for cals?
  4. Trumped

    "Trump swore in on a bible." "Yeah he picked it because he's Christian." Ok I think I'm in the camp that CNN is fake news.
  5. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Then I'm good with letting Iowa, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Colorado and maybe a few others deciding and the rest of us can sit home and watch Fox or MSNBC have meltdowns for our enjoyment.
  6. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    I understand the concept of the EC but at the same time 40 of the 45 presidents have won both the popular vote and the EC. Seems like going with the popular vote could be a good gamble. It's funny when CA or AL go red or blue with 1% of the vote counted. I understand why people feel like their presidential vote doesn't matter in a lot of states. Disagree with getting getting rid of primaries but would suggest they make the election season a lot shorter. We need a hockey type of primary and not baseball.
  7. #metoo

    Ivanka might know.
  8. #metoo

    Well then I would be complicit in the crime but that doesn't mean the individual is off the hook. But good thing that's not the only scenario where inappropriate behavior happens, which was kind of my point to begin with.
  9. #metoo

    If my children ever accuse an adult of any wrong doing when it comes to sexual inappropriateness, I don't really give a damn what century the alleged act happened. Hopefully we can see that for others as well.
  10. Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    I remember when Eliza was happy her kids were taken from her.
  11. #metoo

  12. #metoo

    I bet Pence and his wife share a facebook account as well.
  13. #metoo

    Adam did do stand up at one point so......I think Lou is right. You're in the clear Adam!