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  1. Kevin

    Political Gallery

    I like how Bush shows up, recognizes the situation and runs for it.
  2. Kevin


    Well they did help us kill Bin Laden. 50 percent is showing their public school skills. But they are killing it at baseball. Angels could use some offense.
  3. Harper may have won the derby but with the way the regular season is going for him, he couldn't hit the west side of the Pentagon if he tried.
  4. Kevin


    I lived and grew up in the liberal cult of northern California. I think that's why I am more moderate in my views on life and politics.
  5. Kevin


    The Trump cult is scary. And I live in Utah.
  6. Kevin


    I brought this up yesterday. Both sides have now switched. Hypocrites on the left and right.
  7. Kevin


    Kurt is our political Jered Weaver!
  8. Kevin


    I remember in 2012 when Russia was the biggest geo political threat and Republicans felt justified in pointing to Romney's statement after Russia annexed Crimea. The left felt that ideology was outdated Cold War rhetoric "calling from the 1980s" and now embarrassingly feel like there is a bit of truth to it. All the while some on the right tend to delete it from their memory. It was only six years ago but damn, to me this just shows how idiotic and hypocritical the right and left are.
  9. Kevin


    Well if there is one thing to trust in life, it's something that Donald Trump has branded or claimed.
  10. Kevin

    I don't think it is just politics

    I remember a few years ago during one of the spring fan fests where Chuck had members do recorded interviews and Kurt was one of them. I'm disappointed Kurt wasn't more like his board persona on camera. It is great reading his posts but I would have loved to have heard some of his schtick on camera.
  11. Kevin

    Friends of Percy Squint

    And poor Waller as well.
  12. Kevin

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Eh. Democrats were the conservatives and Republicans were the liberals up until the 30s or so. Give or take a few decades.
  13. "Mighty strong words runt."
  14. Kevin

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    I think it was actually solved during an episode of Family Matters back in the 90s.
  15. Kevin

    Angels' Run

    Well you did call him a spook first...