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    Trump is smart when it comes to manipulating people. I would never say Trump is a good businessman so the fact he’s losing money is of no surprise. In fact I know he’s a pretty shitty one if you know his history. But he’s smart enough to make people think he is. That doesn’t mean he still doesn’t try to make money off gullible people. See Trump University.
  2. Kevin


    I agree. Trump was waiting for the perfect opportunity over the last decade to run for President and when Obama was elected, he saw that opportunity. We see the tweets from six, seven years ago as laying the groundwork for his run and then he took off with it. Did he believe any of the shit he spew? Absolutely not. He doesn't care about the illegals or the border along with healthcare. He's just playing to the fears of those who think he is being genuine and it is working. If people benefit from Trump and his policies, more power to them. I get it. I just cringe when I see his die hard supporters talk about how much he loves America and what a patriot he is. It is pretty obvious it is fake and all Trump cares about is the money they are making for him and to feed his narcissistic personality.
  3. Kevin

    So I met Ernesto Frieri today...

    Hopefully your sales pitch to him was straight and to the point.
  4. Kevin


    I’m so glad we finally have politicians that tell it like it is and flush the pc garbage away. I mean, that’s what we have been asking for, right?
  5. Kevin

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Another solution that might help is to start punish U.S. businesses that gladly welcome illegal immigrants for work. “Kill off the host” and it could very well help.
  6. Kevin


    Anytime I hear a diehard Bernie or Trump supporter excuse away things, I just think of this:
  7. Kevin


    This is true. I have seen EnglishCop and Rallymo like the same post before.
  8. That Geoff Stoddart’s full of shit man.
  9. Kevin

    RIP Ross Perot

  10. Kevin


    Americans and civilians are still dying in areas we shouldn’t be. It is business as usual in D.C. whether it is Yes we can or MAGA.
  11. Kevin


    They seemed close at one time...
  12. Kevin


    I was reading that guys Wikipedia page last night after Rico posted about it. I went back today but couldn’t find the paragraph I read last night so someone took it out. But apparently this guy used to own his own private jet and took Clinton and Trump on it all the time. The amount of sexual deviancy those three got into at 35,000 feet could be a Guinness world record.
  13. Kevin

    Three favorite movies?

    Most of the movies I love have been posted so I’ll throw out one I didn’t see mentioned. Unforgiven
  14. Kevin


    I think it has more to do with him bashing Obama over golfing via twitter and then doing the exact same thing. I’m meh about it too. Just confirms he’s just a phony like the rest in D.C are despite his claims and those of his supporters that he’s there to drain the swamp.
  15. Kevin


    Yes I know. That’s why I said Trump helps perpetuate the problem. I also stated I would most likely not be voting in 2020 which means neither side would be getting my vote.