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  1. Trumped

    Why is Trump's kid playing with himself while Melania watches?
  2. Baseball Photo Trivia

    Recent photo of Chan Ho Park.
  3. Cops should not be targeted and killed. The corrupt police culture should however be targeted.
  4. Confederate Monuments

    Just his victory dance on his newly completed trampoline.
  5. Political Gallery

    On August 2nd I was like "ha ha clever." August 17th "........oh.....shit."
  6. Jered Weaver Retires

    Not to ruin the spirit of this post but that was actually Lackey. But hey Lackey or Weaver, I'm sure they both would have nailed Kinsler. Unless this happened twice and I am not remembering it.
  7. Confederate Monuments

    Extremely dumb. I'm a person who feels like there can be a compromise and felt like my post offered a good solution. Unfortunately those on the extreme left and right (politicians and even American citizens) live in a dichotomy type of world. "You're always wrong and I'm always right."
  8. Confederate Monuments

    And the people who want them up would be doing the exact opposite of what General Lee wanted. Complicated times. Both then and now.
  9. Confederate Monuments

    As a big civil war history nerd, I struggle with this a lot. The only solution I can come up with is not so much a removal completely but a relocation to battlefields, museums, or confederate cemeteries. They might already be doing this but I haven't followed too closely on what happens after the removal. The ironic thing about the removal of General Lee's statue is, although he fought for an unjust cause (he was supportive of blacks being educated after the war but opposed to them voting) ,he was a great example of trying to reconcile a divided country, not constantly trying to tear it down. Also a good read.
  10. 2020 Election Thread

    I heard Julia Child was making a comeback.
  11. Most of AW is fat and was just jealous of how Trout made fat look good.
  12. 2020 Election Thread

    The democrats have their problems but let's not forget that Hillary wasn't the first one to lose to Trump. How many crappy republicans (Kasich seemed decent enough but didn't stand a chance unfortunately) got curb stomped by him first? They have their work cut out for them as well, especially since Trump now represents their party. We've been waiting for an outsider for so long and yet it had to be Trump. Sad state off affairs these two parties have left us.
  13. Trumped

    I see nothing has changed although I don't know why I'm shocked. It really is no surprise.
  14. Sinking of the Titanic: inside job?

    Maybe it was a woman steering the ship.