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  1. World's Shortest Books

    Except hundreds of people on the freeway that runs along side the Pentagon saw it happen. Oh yeah......
  2. Card tricks

    I have my doubts. If he was, he would have quit half way through the trick.
  3. World's Shortest Books

    Jesus and Me By Nate Trop
  4. I remember this exactly right after his speech on promising to destroy radical Islamic extremism while on the campaign trail.
  5. Thoughts and Prayers

    Aybar would be perfect. He's kind of a black guy depending on you view things.
  6. Trumped

    This is just in reference to the "calm before the storm" comment.
  7. Guitar Thread

    Most controversial song: "It's a Rec Center!" Two costliest productions: "Too Blessed To Be Stressed" and "Coke Rehab."
  8. Guitar Thread

    Stickers On A Hat Cookies, Coors, and Firefighters
  9. I think the reason we can't remember it...the Roman Čechmánek era.....of one season. 11 game losing streak to end the year didn't help. Dark times after the promising 2000-01 season and to some degree 2001-02 season.
  10. Guitar Thread

    Grass Clippings and Autistic Mutant Children are my personal favorites.
  11. Las Vegas Shooting

    What do you think of the accuracy of IQ tests that you can buy at Wal-Mart? Legit?
  12. Las Vegas Shooting

    I keep on seeing things stating "murder was already illegal" or it "won't stop people from illegally using guns" on social media and elsewhere. And of course those things are true but it's a different category of gun violence in my personal opinion we are dealing with. As much as it sucks that gangs exist and domestic issues can lead to the guns being used (I would love to see improvement for those issues) we are talking about people who are basically going to battle with others unbeknownst to those individuals. What is wrong with reducing the number of rounds in a magazine? The gun is still legal. Universal background checks would be a possible helping factors as well. Do I believe there would still be mass shootings? Of course. No one should be ignorant to think otherwise. I just see trying to reduce it as much as possible is the sane course to take. I know this sounds hyberbolic and maybe I'll get blasted for this but after 9/11 we did what we could to prevent an incident like that happening again. We reinforced cockpit doors, banned knives that had were over a certain length, etc. Airport security somewhat sucks now but the attempt was there. On that day 2,977 people died. By himself, this guy caused almost one fifth of that in total casualties. This event and Sandy Hook (which was worse I believe on an emotional level) don't cause any significant change, I think we have to accept this is life. It just will be.
  13. Trumped

    Putin death count>Hillary death count
  14. Trumped

    No way he can defeat Putin in an election.
  15. Las Vegas Shooting

    Brian Williams hasn't been that disappointed since his helicopter ride was was interrupted by an RPG.