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  1. All I can say is we all better get shit faced tonight. So much we won't remember how many runs Angels pitchers gave up today. Was it 10? 15? 21?
  2. I took a break and checked in with the Angels game..... And I'm back. I've now come to the conclusion someone got assaulted. Just not sure who.
  3. We peaked at Homo Erectus.
  4. I bet you two have the same exact opinion on Mike Scioscia and rational thought when it comes to the Angels.
  5. Kevin


    Maybe she shouldn't have been as trashy as Trump is and screwed a married guy who had just had a kid with his wife.
  6. I remember the simpler days when Rico would draw stick figures of Adam and Brandon talking about boobies and post the art for us all to enjoy. Trump was still a Democrat and an unknown pussy grabber. Obama lying to us about hope and change and the Angels occasionally making the playoffs. Good times.
  7. Call me crazy but I love when someone calls out their own party and doesn't always toe the line i.e. Ron Paul.
  8. The pendulum always swings back and forth between the two parties. The Republicans bounced back after a lot of people thought it was dead in 2008. People are thinking the same about the Democrats. The problem for all of us is the two sides keep countering each other with extreme candidates on the far right and left (Trump isn't a hard core right winger but loves to play the part). "Obama is a Muslim bringing sharia law and was the very anti Christ." The left is hell bent on bringing Trump down at any and all costs sacrificing their integrity to do so. We need moderates but this country isn't capable of embracing them because rational thought is nearly extinct. The best we can hope for is gridlock. Gridlock2018 and beyond.
  9. Kevin


    I'm okay with a dick pic if I can get 140k out of it. These are tough times people and we all have to make sacrifices. Buck up.
  10. Man, vladdy's "like count" is being systematically demolished faster than building 7.
  11. TDS and the Trump cult. I don't think America is great again just yet.
  12. Kevin

    Political Gallery

    That video didn't end how I thought/hoped it would.
  13. It pretty much proves there are snowflakes on every side of the aisle.