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  1. That's great. What's your excuse for your laziness?
  2. EnglishCop

    How do you like me now

    I do not like you at all, @Troll Daddy.
  3. I'll never see it again, either. Well, that is as long as TooMany27s wants to stay out of the slammer. What a mess. When did the Angels start playing teams in Central Asia?
  4. EnglishCop

    Joe Biden

    The ruling is as follows: he's drunk or stupid. There's an outside chance of both being the case.
  5. EnglishCop


  6. EnglishCop


    Being a fulltard means never having to learn how to properly use "you're" and "your." Never go fulltard.
  7. EnglishCop

    2020 Democratic Field

    No, he's not. We're gonna send both of you to the clink for years.
  8. EnglishCop

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Where they gotta go to?
  9. This post doesn't make it seem like it's all that easy to have a conversation with you. *without a translator
  10. EnglishCop


    ... you would be flunked out of public school.
  11. I see that you like to experiment with an alternative spelling lifestyle. You're very edgy.
  12. It's not shocking to me that you follow people that fail when attempting to write complete sentences on Twitter. We're sending both of you to jail. Please inform Byron. Thank you.
  13. EnglishCop

    Mass shooting in Jacksonville