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  1. None are Trout, so does it even matter at this point?
  2. jsnpritchett

    Trout having surgery

    Yep, I left him out, but you're right. That was a weird year in the AL. Rodriguez had a 2.0 WAR edge over the next-highest position player. Pedro Martinez and Esteban Loaiza (!!!) had more valuable years than any other position players.
  3. jsnpritchett

    Trout having surgery

    Feb 24th, 2021.
  4. jsnpritchett

    Trout having surgery

    If he does, he'll be only the 2nd guy to do it twice on losing teams (Ernie Banks was the other). Andre Dawson in '87 and Cal Ripken in '91 are the only other people to win it playing on losing teams. The Dawson pick is widely considered one of the worst ever--though it was 1987 and 49 HR and 137 RBI still carried a ton of weight. Ripken had a massive year in '91, both offensively and defensively (11.5 bWar). Banks led the NL in WAR one of the years he won MVP and was near the top the other year, though Mays probably would have been a better pick. I think it's maybe 60/40 that he will. If Bregman finishes weakly, I'd feel better about Trout's chances.
  5. jsnpritchett

    Trout having surgery

    Yeah, hopefully it's all cleared up. If it lingers and drains his speed at all, that won't exactly be fun.
  6. jsnpritchett

    Trout having surgery

    Probably not. Regardless of how people mock it, "narratives" do sometimes matter in MVP and Cy Young voting. Ending the season on a down note for a collapsing team isn't a great narrative.
  7. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/09/mike-fiers-exits-with-apparent-arm-injury.html That'll teach him.
  8. jsnpritchett

    Concerned about Trout