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  1. I didn't see this mentioned elsewhere, so just wanted to post the other moves that were made in addition to Barria/Skaggs:
  2. jsnpritchett

    Skaggs to 10 day IL

  3. jsnpritchett

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Bengie Molina.
  4. jsnpritchett

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Pretty stupid move, in my opinion. Umpire called him safe.
  5. jsnpritchett

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    nice baserunning by Bour. I like him a lot.
  6. jsnpritchett

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    I was a huge Finley fan from the day he came up. I even wrote an angry letter to the Sporting News, telling them they should be giving him more coverage than Mark Langston (this was in 1990 when the Angels made a splash with the Langston free agent signing and he had a terrible first half. They actually published it! I still have a copy somewhere... In addition to enjoying Finley as a player, I always loved hearing him in interviews. Just an easy-going, naturally funny guy.
  7. More like PROgression to the mean, given how far below it they are...
  8. While I appreciate his frankness, this article has me concerned about his overall mental well-being. He sounds like he needs help.
  9. Smith turns 28 this summer and has pitched 15 innings since 2016. Even if he's still attempting a comeback, I think we can pretty much write him off.
  10. Yes, truly laughable--though there were quite a few folks on here who bought into that narrative and thought he'd be a great addition. What a joke.
  11. Neither one is a good hitter. It doesn't matter.
  12. It's very good. Has the feel of an '80s Amblin movie.
  13. jsnpritchett

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Mariners (April Fools Day, 2019)

    ...continuing my crusade from previous years: there's no need to say "Complete game/CG shutout." There is no other type of shutout for an individual pitcher.
  14. jsnpritchett

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ A’s (March 30th, 2019)

    Peter Bourjos is a terrible baseball player.