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  1. jsnpritchett

    Mike Moustakas

    Sure, marginal ones.
  2. jsnpritchett

    Mike Moustakas

    Note: Tropeano and Shoemaker aren't very good.
  3. jsnpritchett

    Taylor Ward is hitting .390 in Salt Lake

    I'm still annoyed by the Cozart signing. His offense last season was completely out of line with his career up until that point (from 2011-2016, in over 2500 plate appearances, his slash line was .246/.289/.385--not terribly far from what he was doing this year before he got hurt, btw). And you take a guy who's a great defender at SS and put him at 3B, assuming he'll be fine. Well, nope, looks like he brought negative value as a fielder this year before he got hurt. Sure, maybe he can contribute over the next 2 years, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.
  4. jsnpritchett

    Mike Moustakas

    I'm sorry, but why in the world would anyone want to trade for him for less than half of a season when the Angels aren't in contention? Genuinely don't understand.
  5. jsnpritchett

    Consistently Stellar SPs

    So, never, then. Got it.
  6. jsnpritchett

    Angels bullpen getting trade interest

    You are clearly just trolling at this point.
  7. jsnpritchett

    Angels bullpen getting trade interest

    I honestly have no idea. Haven't looked in depth at their farm system, nor have I looked to see what other types of relievers are being made available.
  8. jsnpritchett

    Angels bullpen getting trade interest

    Anderson's performance so far this year is so wildly out of character from his past results (at least in terms of K rate and ERA) that I don't we have any clue what he's going to be. And your amended package sounds like what those annoying guys in fantasy football leagues do: "Here, I'll give you 8 mediocre guys for your one good guy." While Mejia is still "just" a prospect, I'm relatively certain that they could get a legitimate, front-line reliever for him.
  9. jsnpritchett

    Taylor Ward is hitting .390 in Salt Lake

    By the time he was Ward's age now, Rolen had 3 full seasons under his belt, and had won Rookie of the Year and a Gold Glove.
  10. jsnpritchett

    Angels bullpen getting trade interest

    Cannot tell if you're being serious here. You think the Indians are going to give up a consensus top 20 prospect who's not yet 23-years old for a run-of-the-mill reliever? That's absurd--as is the notion that either Alvarez or Anderson should be "untouchable." Honestly, that's just laughable.
  11. jsnpritchett

    More Maldonado stuff....Check out #6.....

    Exactly what I've been saying all along. Trade him. There's no guarantee he'll re-sign here, anyway--nor do we know if the Angels would even want to re-sign him over other options.
  12. jsnpritchett

    Gameday Thread: 7/11 Mariners @ Angels: No Valbuena

    Since this game is boring, here's a weird factoid I just stumbled across: Khris Davis has hit .247 in each of the last 3 seasons--and he's hitting .247 again this year. In his first full season in the majors, he hit .244. That's got to be the most consistent run of batting averages ever.
  13. jsnpritchett

    Home Run Derby Roster: Worst one ever?

    Not blind. Just one.
  14. jsnpritchett

    Gameday Thread: 7/11 Mariners @ Angels: No Valbuena

    They brought in Descalso from 2B to pitch in the 4th inning. Ha ha.