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    Four people were in the car that carried Nick Adenhart on that fateful night 10 years ago. Dustin Garneau knew them all.
  3. Under consideration: shuttles from parking lots as far as seven miles away.
  4. Dollar Bill

    Gone but not Forgotten - Nick Adenhart

    He is not. He is quoted in the LA Times story linked above.
  7. The latter. The truest test of market value is what someone is willing to pay for it. It's why those Forbes estimates of team values often are so far off. Forbes valued the Dodgers at $800 million when McCourt put them on the market (based on research, not just a wild guess) and the Dodgers sold for $2 billion.
  8. This isn't necessarily true. He would get all the ad revenue rather than share it. But MLB can assess team-owned stations a revenue-sharing payment based on what a fair-market rights fee would be.
  9. Within the story: The Angels have not made the postseason in five years and have not won a postseason game in 10 years. Even with Trout, widely regarded as the best player in baseball, the Angels have posted three consecutive losing seasons, for the first time since 1992-94. They have sold at least 3 million tickets every year since Moreno bought the team in 2003 — only the New York Yankees can match that streak — and he said he did not want to ask those fans to watch a tanking team. “The fans have been so loyal,” he said. “I didn’t want to say, OK, I’m going to tear this thing down and save some money and rebuild it. I said, let’s try to stay as competitive as we can as we go through the transition.”
  13. Dollar Bill

    LAT: The Ohtani Effect

    In use since 1969 (for the Seattle Pilots), twice renovated for Angels.
  14. Dollar Bill

    LAT: The Ohtani Effect
  15. Dollar Bill

    Source: Angels "have to be" in on Darvish

    Those are MLB rights, not the Angels' rights. International broadcast rights fees are shared revenue (with an exception for the Blue Jays in the Toronto market).