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  1. aznhockeyguy

    Why are fans like this??

    People and especially fans are unrealistic. I'm sure these fans are always giving 100% effort in everything that they do and never dogging it even for one second.
  2. aznhockeyguy

    Andrew Heaney today

    I think part of it is Ausmus pulling starters early that prevents pitchers from going longer. How many times has a starter been pulled after 90 pitches on the first sign of trouble?
  3. She does a quite a bit of voice acting as well.
  4. Wow the game ended in under 2 and half hours. The Commissioner must be happy.
  5. aznhockeyguy

    Eppler Polls

    I wouldn't trade him either
  6. aznhockeyguy

    Eppler Polls

    That's the thing with rebuilds, the other teams that did rebuilds, their GMs were allowed to lose and lose a lot for 3-4 years. Eppler hasn't been afforaded this luxury and yet he's been able to rebuild the farm system to a respectable level, while improving the MLB roster incrementally.
  7. aznhockeyguy

    Eppler Polls

    I'm not as results oriented as the rest of you but at the same time I questioned some of his offseason signings; of course many of which blew up on him this past season. There are so many things a GM can control but it's also their job to plan for contingencies. So I'll break down how I graded. When I grade transactions I always ask, was there a better move available? With some of these moves, I would have to say definitely yes. While, we don't know if they would've signed here, the deals they eventually did sign, I'm sure if the Angels offered a bit more, they would've signed with the Angels. I was very low on the signings of Harvey and Allen. I don't know why Eppler targeted them, as they both weren't very good and/or effective. So I will blame him for those signings being terrible as the signs were there and he overpaid for both of them. Definite F grade moves for me. Alternatives: Starters: Gio Gonzalez, Wade Miley, Martin Perez, Jordan Lyles. Relievers: Shawn Kelley, Greg Holland, David Phelps, Tony Sipp. The DFAing of Shoemaker and Parker seemed like mistakes at the time until they too got injured (Shoe) and DFA'd (Parker), but I didn't understand why, especially Shoemaker when the Angels needed starters. D-grade moves for me and compounded by the extra money they paid for their replacements F. Signing of Bour and Lucroy. I thought these signings were at the time, fairly decent, C and B level grade moves. While both weren't very good last season, they were signed for cheap for a combined under 6 mil. They obviously weren't very good, but the price was right to gamble for these type of players. Cahill I was especially high on. Pretty decent track record in the AL West and the price was pretty decent as well. I graded this move an A. Unfortunately he got shelled this season as a starter with mediocre results as a reliever. This I can't blame Eppler on, this caught me by surprise how poorly he's been performing. Cozart: Another deal I wasn't high on. I covered this in another thread but this was a D/F level move. Waiver wire and minor trades: Of course I'm talking about La Stella and Goodwin. On the surface these were expected to be low impact moves and of course it broke the Angels way. Even before the season, a lot of things had to have break right for the Angels to succeed in terms of injury and performance and unfortunately it didn't. The rotation fell apart which is a key reason the Angels aren't doing very well. The saving grace: drafting. The key to sustainable success is drafting and developing. Eppler has shown that he has a knack for that. Hopefully Eppler can continue to do this as we have some of the seeds bearing fruit, but the Angels will need a lot more to compete for titles. TL;DR summary: Eppler's mistakes are for one season, Dipoto's mistakes were for many. Eppler's saving grace is drafting and development. This past offseason signings sucked but nothing too big that'll hamstring the Angels next season and beyond. Given the time needed for farm system development, I'll give him another 4 years without playoffs, because Eppler wasn't given a total rebuild to build up a farm system.
  8. aznhockeyguy

    Patrick Sandoval

    Cue the Debbie Downer on me, but it was against the Reds. Their OPS+ for the season is 88, which is below the NL average of 94. Not exactly world beaters but still very encouraging start.
  9. Based on the pitch track locations I'm seeing, Cole wasn't serving up meatballs. Just unlucky? I can't say for certain, anyone watching the game can confirm?
  10. That sounds like a lot but there's a lot of pitches thrown in a season. I'm going to assume an average of 135 per team per game which is 270 a game. 15 games per day of season*162 days of season*270='s 656,100 pitches in a season. 34,294/656,100 ='s ~.052 or 5.2%. Now that's just all pitches. As Dochalo mentioned, I don't know how many actually required ball/strike calls because there are a significant number of balls that are hit or swung on and missed that are counted as automatic strikes and doesn't require judgement. Also many of the pitches that are called strikes are very obvious or balls that hit the dirt. I'm very interested in how umps do on "borderline" pitches. I'm pretty sure the missed ratio is a lot higher around those pitches and that "robot" umps will definitely get a higher percentage right. EDIT: Just skimmed the article, an interesting read and they break down their data a bit more but the good ones have an error rate around 9% and the bad ones average 14% which is a bit higher than my estimates but not by very much. But again these figures are for all calls and not just borderline. However, the umps as a whole are improving and are not as afraid of calling a 3rd strike when a hitter is taking in years past.
  11. Not sure what to make of this trade. If Stassi provides 220 starts with a .650 OPS for the next 2 seasons, it's more or less what Maldonado provided to the Angels. So the Angels might potentially have a Maldonado clone for the next few seasons.