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  1. I was close with my prediction, but no incentives is the part I'm surprised about.
  2. I tend to view very good years and very bad years with some skepticism. 2017 was Bour's best year while 2018 was his worst. Put those two seasons together and it's pretty much his career norm. Same thing with Matt Joyce. Joyce had a terrible year with the Angels, but in the next season he had a very good year with the Pirates. Put the two seasons together and it was within his career norms. It could just be that his hitting is declining back to career his norms when viewing it in the aggregate and not an indication of diminishing skill.
  3. So accurate! Bour's similarity score profile lists C.J. Cron as his #1 comp.
  4. Any move to limit Pujols playing is a win in my book. Pretty sure it'll be an incentives laded contract starting around 2-4 million that can potentially hit up to 5-6 million. Was a fan of Bour during his Marlins days.
  5. aznhockeyguy

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I'm only commentating that the Rays of all teams signed a good free agent. I don't think they've ever done that, as they usually don't pay market rate for premium free agents and/or go bargain hunting.
  6. aznhockeyguy

    2018 Hot Stove League

    The Rays of all teams got a high tier free agent?! Wow, what world are we living in?
  7. aznhockeyguy

    Why not waive Pujols?

    You know what's good for a team's business? Winning. No guarantee he'll stay affiliated after his "personal services" contract is up. You make it sound as if the Angels will have a huge drastic downturn in business/prestige if they release Pujols right now. I highly doubt it. How much money you think the Angels bring in because of him? You make it sound that Pujols will be some golden goose after retirement bringing a lot of money/prestige for the Angels. Yea I'm sure that's the thing FA's are looking for when signing. Hey Pujols played here and is around the team after he played, I'm going to sign with the Angels! Look I agree the Angels won't release him, but by not doing so they're severely hurting the team right now and for however long he stays on the roster. Your arguments for keeping him about post-retirement and whatever about prestige and importance doesn't make sense. Angels have had plenty of past their prime HOFers that signed with them that probably stuck around the team too, has it hurt them in FA?
  8. aznhockeyguy

    Why not waive Pujols?

    Oh boo hoo, just because the Angels release him doesn't mean he has to move his family. If he isn't producing/not bringing in value, why keep him around? Who cares if it's a breach of trust, I'm sure he'll wipe away the hurt tears with the millions he'll still get. Just because the Angels knew this was going to happen at the latter years of the contract, does not mean they have to keep him around still. The Angels' only obligation is to pay him, whether or not he plays on the team or not.
  9. aznhockeyguy

    Why not waive Pujols?

    I don't understand this respect thing. Never heard a free agent say when they signed with a new team, "You know I looked at how they treated [insert player here] and really wanted to sign here. Money and winning had nothing to do with it." Yea okay. It's been said before and it'll keep on being said until he retires, the Angels SHOULD release him, but they won't.
  10. aznhockeyguy

    Bold Winter Meetings Predictions

    They say Manny Machado has a mystery team chasing after him, so it could happen.
  11. Interesting Dipoto article at the ringer.
  12. aznhockeyguy

    Paxton to the Yankees

    Wow, Dipoto with the misdirection play. After months and months of awful signings, moves, trades, and alleged racism and sexism, he pulls off a pretty competent trade.
  13. aznhockeyguy

    MLBTR Angels predictions

    Right, we know his limitations, but a number of posters were complaining about the team's offense. Just throwing it out there.
  14. aznhockeyguy

    MLBTR Angels predictions

    Not sure if discussed already, but Robinson Chirinos is available. Good offensive backstop catcher that will be pretty cheap to sign.
  15. aznhockeyguy

    Mathis Signs Again!

    I remember ~15 years ago, I read an article in SI that the best job in baseball as a player is being the backup catcher. Low hours, good pay, low pressure, and low expectations, Jeff Mathis in a nutshell. Never thought he'd play this long after leaving the Angels, but he's had a damn good career.