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  1. Since he plays infield, I'd say Fletcher is just like David Eckstein with a bit more talent.
  2. The Catcher rule was changed because of Buster Posey. When Erstad did it, it was still legal.
  3. aznhockeyguy

    Game Day thread 7/13 M's at Angels Harvey pitching

    Cue the Debbie Downer emotes, but it's against the Mariners who traded essentially anyone with value. If the Angels think they're a playoff team, they should be winning against teams like the Mariners.
  4. aznhockeyguy

    6/26 Game day thread Reds at Angels 5:07 start time

    What was the question that gave Bohr that answer?
  5. That's what I noticed too. I mean it essentially ricocheted off the wall towards right and if Puig was backing up properly, it'll only still be at best, a triple.
  6. Where was Puig backing up on the inside the parker?
  7. aznhockeyguy

    Ty Buttrey needs a damn break.

    Bullpen use has been my pet peeve about Ausmus. He needs to let the starters work longer and to get out of trouble. I don't know if this is a management directive or his style, but he needs to let the starters go deeper and longer. For relievers, it isn't necessarily about pitch count. Every time they go into the game, they have a dozen or so warm-up pitches before they even throw 1 in the mound, so add that amount to every appearance a reliever is in the game.
  8. With a good amount of coke residue.
  9. aznhockeyguy

    6/18 Angels at Blue Jays Gameday Thread No Upton

    Wow this game is moving fast. 7 innings in less than 2 hours?
  10. It amazes me still that people still believe that seeing/meeting something about a few Asians and they conclude that it must hold true for ALL Asians. It's not like there's different types of Asians and cultures.
  11. I'm surprised Cahill has looked really terrible this season. I knew Harvey had terrible signing written all over him, but I didn't think Cahill would be just as bad after the season he had with Oakland.
  12. aznhockeyguy


    I remember the year the Angels drafted Canning. Would've been a high first round pick but there were concerns about the amount he pitched at UCLA during the season and some scans showed some things that scared teams away from spending their first round pick on him. Glad it worked out for the Angels, making it to the show less than 2 years later.
  13. aznhockeyguy

    Tommy La Stella has to be an All-Star 2B, right?

    The All-Star game is a stupid concept. Baseball should do the end of year All-Pro, All-NHL, All-NBA the other leagues do. Call it All-MLB teams and do first, second, third for the entire league as well as the other individual league awards.