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  1. aznhockeyguy

    Machado to Padres....

    Out of the two, I'd rather have Machado. I know he wants to play SS, but he'd probably be a top 5 3B of all time if he continues this trajectory. His top comparables are Beltre and Santo.
  2. aznhockeyguy

    Come on down, Dan Jennings

    His peripherals aren't that great but with the Angels defense, it probably won't matter too much.
  3. aznhockeyguy

    Pujols weight

    He'll probably retire after the Angels play in St. Louis.
  4. aznhockeyguy

    Crisis in Baseball

    The problem is baseball's fixed revenue, namely the national TV and local/regional contracts plus the changing dynamics that teams aren't reliant on attendance for a significant portion of their revenue has de-incentivized teams to field a competitive one. Teams know whether or not the field a winning team or not they'll get x amount of dollars from the TV contracts. Meanwhile, for the last 30 years, the players have screwed the minor and younger players in order to get the older players paid, but now teams are smarter in giving money to older players. With the service time manipulation done by teams, players are arriving at the majors at a later age. So how do you fix this? I have a few recommended changes: 1) Minimum salary will be $800,000 and increase the wage of minor leaguers. Bonus system for drafted players will remain the same. 2) Teams will have 7 years of full control; 5 years if drafted from college programs, no matter where they're playing. All players will be on 2-way contracts for the first 3 years of team control. Meaning that players will make an amount depending if they're playing in minor or major league. After the first 3 years, they can go to arbitration. 3) From the national TV portion of the contract, allocate money based on how many games a team wins during the season. Right now, no matter what, every team receives the same amount. So the Miami Marlins receives the same amount as the Boston Red Sox. By doing this, it forces teams to value wins a bit more and do some more cost/benefit analysis when letting players go which may mean getting less money from the national tv contract. 4) If a team is in the bottom 6 of the standings 3 years in a row, they will have to exchange the pick with the team with the most wins. If there are more than 1 team that meets this criteria the lower pick will go to the higher win total team and the 2nd lowest goes to the 2nd highest etc. This will hopefully discourage tanking and again incentivize teams to win. 5) Contracts will have a 5 year maximum. Lowers the risk for teams, allows players to hit the market more often. Obviously some of my suggestions have no chance of being implemented, but changes need to be made to incentivize teams to try and start winning.
  5. Very good sign that Adell will be at minimum a productive MLer
  6. The Angels should do this as it will give the team essentially one more year of team control of a possibly elite player. Is it fair? No, but blame the current MLB players that signed the CBA and not the teams that exploit the loophole.
  7. They'll probably give it to the 4th OFer until they call Adell up.
  8. Maybe, but since he ended last season in double AA, I'm not sure he'll make the same jump as this past year, but it is possible. Possibly a September call up, but I think the Angels will want to manipulate his service time and bring him up late April 2020.
  9. aznhockeyguy

    Now that Sosh is gone...

    It's going to be really weird not hearing his voice in the post game interviews.
  10. Wow, hopefully this time next year he'll be #1, pretty sure Vlad Jr. will be in the bigs.
  11. aznhockeyguy

    How Much Would You Offer Simmons?

    Depending on how he performs the next season, I'd offer a short term but high dollar extension. Something like 4/90.
  12. aznhockeyguy

    What's up with all these 1-year deals?

    One of the best things a team can have is flexibility, both financially and roster-wise. If the signings don't work, you can simply get rid of them after the season nor are you obligated to play them due to a long-term contract.
  13. aznhockeyguy

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    With the crazy prices teams are paying for bullpen pieces, if Allen regains his form and the Angels are out of contention, he'll net the team a very good piece in return. If he doesn't, nothing lost.
  14. aznhockeyguy

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    Right and I'm sure the other 29 teams will have a big issue with it as well.
  15. aznhockeyguy

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    This reminds me a lot of Jeff Samardzija of the SF Giants. It only worked out for him because he got that huge 2nd contract from the Giants when he signed as a FA for 5 years / 90 million. Of course he was a WR and not a QB and he had good timing when it came to his FA period. He definitely wouldn't receive the contract he got if he's a FA now instead of 2015-2016. I don't blame Murray for picking football.