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  1. Hufflepuff

    Kole's 2018 was a ton of bad luck

    That would explain the decrease in BABIP. I wonder if an increase in his launch angle coupled with a continued hard hit % would be beneficial. Take advantage of that RF fence being lowered. Bottom line: I agree, ground balls into the shift are no bueno, and he needs to continue to just focus on that hard hit%
  2. Hufflepuff

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    Swinging strike % down from 14.9 to 12.7. Still pretty good. If he can regain his command, I can see him having a solid rebound year.
  3. Hufflepuff

    Alvarez to Philly

    Good thing this board doesn’t run this team. Great upside trade. Garcia has a live arm and great peripherals. Check out his fangraphs. Even if Garcia doesn’t pan out, losing Alvarez means nothing.
  4. Hufflepuff

    How about Nick Markakis for RF?

    What if we took David Peralta attached to Grienke for someone like Jahmai Jones / Castillo?
  5. Hufflepuff

    Zack Greinke?

    I think this is a great opportunity to get a solid pitcher, plus fill another hole. If Goldschmidt is being packaged for an additional 1 year, Jake lamb, or Robby Ray, than you gotta make this deal happen. AZ gonna pay up to 10 mil a year according to USA Today’s Nightengale. I’d give up any of our prospects not named Jo Adell or Griffin Canning.
  6. Hufflepuff

    Starting Pitcher Trade Targets

    I don’t believe SP will be the problem next year. Oakland, NYY, MIL, ATL, COL, and heck even the Cubs all lack a Degrom/Scherzer/Snell type Ace, yet have made the playoffs. We have some holes on offense and in the bullpen, SP can wait.
  7. Hufflepuff

    Ohtani's Potential as Hitter vs. Pitcher

    What about an everyday bat that can come in and close games?
  8. Good catch. Engrish are my second wanguage
  9. I’m sure many have an opinion, but after watching Diaz close a game out last night, and Trienen have a 10 pitch shut out inning tonight... isn’t it kind of obvious? Sure we have holes, but don’t you think we would be 10 games over .500 if we had a lights out closer? We have 22 saves on the season vs 42 (Sea) and 32 (Oak). We’ve blown 18 saves this season. A good bullpen/closer gets 13 of those 18. This team isn’t as bad as some people think. They’re 2-3 good RP’s away from contending.
  10. Hufflepuff

    Overreactions about Eppler

    Sucks to lose obviously, but I like where this team is going. I think Eppler has by far done more good than bad. He’s been extremely resourceful considering the salary bind he’s been in. He sees the big picture, and where he wants to steer the ship. He’s done a good job in the draft, which to me says a lot. He’s made great acquisitions with Ohtani and Maitan which nobody seems to give him credit for. The moves people feel are his “bad moves” have never hurt the team long term, and I felt we’re caluculated risks with upside. Many people on this board were so excited and praised the kinsler and cozart signings. They didn’t work out, so what. They very well could have had great seasons and suddenly he’s a genius again. Bottom line, the trade and signing didn’t hurt the team or effect his long term goal in my opinion.
  11. Hufflepuff

    A bird in hand is worth. . .

    Agree 100%. Even if we get 4 Solid contributors out of that bunch, it’s worth holding onto them. We need to have a sustainable, affordable core group of guys to build around.
  12. They said the same thing with Pablo Sandoval and Matt Adams. I hope the weight loss leads to less stress on his body ultimately helping him stay healthy this season. Based off my knowledge (which is nothing) I say Pujols hits 25+ HR’s with 90 RBI’s. Hopefully he’s on the (+) side of the WAR column.
  13. Hufflepuff

    AngelsWin Top 30 Prospects Version 3.0

    Kevin Maitan could easily be #2 on this list. Some may not be familiar with him, but he was very highly touted. He had a rough start to his career, but from everything I’ve read on him, his ceiling is supposedly very high.
  14. Hufflepuff

    Angels Pursuing Ohtani

    Mariners get 1mil from the twinkies for a 5th round catching prospect, we had to cough up a 3rd? Bummer