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  1. Wally Joyner

    I was so angry about that especially on the heels of that terrible loss. I still think he should have won.
  2. With the current roster and healthy, can we win the Series or do you think we still need pieces? If so, who do you recommend?
  3. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    But if we get LoMo, how does it work with Pujols and Ohtani?
  4. Third base plan

    Is Escobar a free agent? Have we severed ties with him?
  5. Any NYC Area Angels Out There?

    Guy, I live in Queens and work in Manhattan.
  6. Any NYC Area Angels Out There?

    Guy, I'm also a fan in NYC.
  7. Your best guess

    Strad, I just saw it as a joke. I didn't see it as trolling.
  8. I don't think we should go this route - either keep Cron or get a better upgrade.
  9. AO, if this is done, do you think we can win the division?
  10. Gordon or Moustakas

    I think Moustakas fills more of our needs, but I'm interested what you experts think.
  11. Gordon or Moustakas

    There seems to be a lot of buzz on the site on these two players. I wanted to know, given an either/or scenario, who you would pick.
  12. .. from the Yanks/Astros series? I live in NY, but I'm not fond of the Yanks. On the other hand, as an Angels' fan I don't want the Astros to win. I lean toward the Stros winning and losing the Series. Thoughts?
  13. Question

    Thanks, Jeff.
  14. Red Sox dump Farrell as manager

    Hard to believe that.
  15. Question

    Was there any other World Series' winner besides the Angels who lost the first game of each series and won the whole thing?