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  1. Torridd

    The Billy Eppler appreciation thread

    I thought Valbuena was okay for what he brought: home run power and a decent glove.
  2. Torridd

    Trout, Betts, and playing for a contender

    You sure can't make a mistake around here.
  3. Torridd

    Skaggs and Heaney

    This makes me think of Richards. Do you think the Angels would have re-signed him if he were healthy? I think Richards is better than either of them.
  4. Torridd

    First Angels game last night -- I'm a fan

    Welcome to the gang, but beware they will LOSE sometimes.
  5. Torridd

    Unwritten Rule

    Also, I played a lot less ball than floplag and I would not want to make the last out in a game.
  6. Torridd

    Unwritten Rule

    What's wrong in just trying to break up a no-hitter even if you can't win? Hitters do that all the time in blowouts.
  7. Torridd

    Skaggs and Heaney

    Big start today will give us more info.
  8. Torridd

    Pena and the A's

  9. Torridd

    Unwritten Rule

    That's different, Troll. That's just being spiteful. The hitter just wants a hit.
  10. Torridd

    Unwritten Rule

    I would agree if the starter only pitched a couple of innings because of injury and then a load of relievers continued the game. But if the starter pitches 6 or so and the reliever finishes it off, I think that's legitimate.
  11. Torridd

    Pena and the A's

    I just watched the condensed game and the A's were tattooing Pena. Question: are the A's that good or was Pena just off? Even Pena's pitches off the plate were being hit at just the right spots.
  12. Torridd

    Unwritten Rule

    I think the key word is professionalism. These are professional athletes. If I have a no-hitter going and someone gets a bunt off of me late, do you know who I'm mad at? Myself. Getting a no-hitter is difficult because it takes so much focus. You have to be prepared for these things because it's a part of the game. So if your infielder made an error for what would be the 27th out of the perfect game, would you retaliate with a punch in the back too?
  13. Torridd

    Unwritten Rule

    That is madness.
  14. Torridd

    Unwritten Rule

    I totally agree. A bunt is one of the easiest plays to field.
  15. Torridd

    Unwritten Rule

    I don't want to be no-hit no matter what the score is.