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  1. Torridd

    Trout's finger

    So it only hurts when he's throwing the ball rather than catching?
  2. Torridd

    Times Article and Eppler

    About the same.
  3. Torridd

    Trout's finger

    I know that Trout is indispensable, but shouldn't the pain that increases when he plays the field also hurt when he hits? Is he just sucking up the pain since he's so important to the team or does it hurt much less when he hits for some reason?
  4. Torridd

    Totally different team when...

    I still think he's valuable on the bench. The problem is we've had so many injuries and people underperforming that he's being used too often.
  5. Torridd

    Griffin Canning

    Thanks, Scotty.
  6. Torridd

    Currently on the DL...

    Great film and one of Oldman's best, which is saying something.
  7. Torridd

    Griffin Canning

    Just read that this kid was terrific in his AAA debut which just continues his dominance this year.. Would someone give a synopsis of his stuff? Sounds very exciting!
  8. Torridd

    HOF Question

    Thanks, John! I think it should count. The idea came to mind with all these Trout leaving or should leave threads. I wanted to know how many HOFers actually end up playing for their hometowns or actually play for consistently championship or playoff teams.
  9. Torridd

    HOF Question

    Does anyone know if there are statistics of how many Hall of Famers have played for their home team (or relatively close to their home)?
  10. ...Calhoun gets on base. I really hope we've seen the last of those dour days.
  11. Torridd

    New Standing Prediction

    I agree the present Angels don't have that kind of a run, but I think the team will change and/or get healthy in the next few weeks and make one.
  12. Torridd

    Ian Kinsler

  13. Torridd

    Ian Kinsler

    Between Cozart and Fletcher, I don't think we should go this route.
  14. Torridd


    I was wondering that too, but I believe it's the division. His best bet is D which I believe will be done
  15. I didn't realize Thaiss and Ward were doing so well.