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  1. Torridd

    Should the Angels allow Trout...

    I probably wouldn't hire him, but on the other hand, players/employees should also be professional for the good of the company. If the top salesman is that good, the others should try to work with him. It's better for them to work with one person and try to "conform" him, than to not work with him at all.
  2. Torridd

    Next year's bullpen

    Yeah, he can go.
  3. Torridd

    Should the Angels allow Trout...

    I see what you're saying, Kevin, but let's say the GM really wants this player who's hated. It puts him in a bad position. The player's job is to do what he does on the field, the GM's is to make sure he gets the right talent and the manager has to make sure all the talent meshes.I think it causes problems when those the players' jobs coincide with management's.
  4. Torridd

    Should the Angels allow Trout...

    I don't know, Kevin. I don't like going "past the line" in my opinion of asking a player what he personally thinks of a player. A team is similar to any other workplace. You like some people and you don't like others, but you try to get along for the wellbeing of the organization. Also, I don't know how I would feel if I'm asked my opinion but the GM told me he would have the last say. I may think, "So why did you ask me?" And I disagree with even a player like LeBron basically playing GM. I don't like the power struggle that may occur.
  5. Torridd

    Should the Angels allow Trout...

    If those were my choices, I'd go with the player having no say. Like someone mentioned with the Machado example, Trout is not a GM and will probably have as much a take on someone as a regular fan. I'm not surprised that so many said he should have input, but I'm leery on giving that option to a player no matter what since we're not sure where it would lead.
  6. have input in their free agency process, that is, give an opinion regarding who he thinks would help the team?
  7. I think the Angels should honor that promise, but both Ohtani and the organization should recognize when they've come against a wall. I'm all for the TJ, but if he needs another one in a year or so afterward, I think they should give it up. If he wants another challenge, he can try to switch-hit.
  8. I also wonder if he doesn't have to focus on pitching if he will become more effective as a hitter.
  9. If pitching threatens his career, I don't see why there can't be a conversation. Let him have the TJ, but if I were him and I had a letdown afterward, I may just give it up and hit.
  10. Torridd

    Are the Angels stuck?

    Does Ward get a look next season if his numbers don't improve that much from now until the season ends? I like him, but can the Angels afford to give him another long look in spring training? Eppler has a ton of work this offseason. It would help immensely if Pujols was no longer a factor.
  11. You're probably right, but he came to the Angels to hit and pitch. He's got to have the total experience so he can at least say, "OK, I tried it and I can't do both." I'm sure if his career is in jeopardy because of pitching, he'll give that part of it up.
  12. Torridd

    Any word on Trout?

    Just wondering when he may return. Is his wrist still hurting?
  13. Thanks, guys. Do you think Valbuena was a bad third baseman defensively?
  14. I looked at the condensed game, but didn't see any plays to him. Would someone reply how he did defensively?