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  1. SI Cover -- Cancel everything...

    Why are the arrows pointing near their crotches? Did they really need them?
  2. Cron trade completed....

    Why did we have wait this long to get him since other trades are finalized in one day?
  3. Greg Holland

    I've read that the Angels spoke to Holland. Do you think he would be worth signing? Is he needed?
  4. Is Ohtani a distraction?

    It probably isn't, but it's all about talent and the bottom line is that Ohtani increases the team's talent. So far, he's shown himself to be humble and a clubhouse guy. As professionals, they should be used to people coming and going and players better or worse than themselves joining the team. Hopefully, egos are checked at the door.
  5. Let me know your thoughts. My definition of successful in this case is , let's say, 12 wins and higher.
  6. Cozart batting stance (2016 vs. 2017)

    I don't see the difference. What adjustment did he make?
  7. How long have we had the 18 foot fence?
  8. Fantasy stats

    Based on this do you think we make the playoffs? I'm not crazy about those pitcher predictions.
  9. Eppler and Scioscia

    I can't vote for either of those. I can't fault Eppler if he doesn't extend him.
  10. Scioscia's last year?

    I think the Halos would have to be atrocious for Scioscia to get canned midseason.
  11. Make or Break Years

    I honestly believe the Angels will go to the World Series in the next three years. 1,3-6 on your list don't want to find themselves on another team by then.
  12. Scioscia's last year?

    Even if we have a lot of injuries?
  13. Scioscia's last year?

    Thanks, Strad.