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  1. Torridd

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    Because we need him. Getting a few pitchers won't be enough.
  2. Why wouldn't they let him hit though? Afraid he'll get hurt? Or the surgery prevents hitting also? If it's the latter, I don't know why they wouldn't say it. If it's the former, you 'd have to believe Ohtani would fight it tooth and nail.
  3. That is, how do they operate regarding the amount of time management believes a potential World Series champion team should appear on the field? If they have a lot of top minor league talent, I guess management can either play them or trade them to get the talent on the field. But what if they don't have the minor league talent? How long should that team wait to put the said talent on the field? Ultimately, I'm wondering how patient a big market team should be in getting a potential winner available.
  4. Torridd

    Two little birdies

    Why would anyone sign with the White Sox?
  5. ...ever comes on the site to get a laugh after seeing AngelsWin's predictions?
  6. Torridd

    Archie Bradley

    I know I'm being a downer, but I'm tired of all this free agency/trade speculation and the torpor of the front office. Okay, my rant is done. Carry on.
  7. Torridd

    Simple Logic on Harper

    I understand that, but we won't win with just pitching in this era. We don't have enough offense.
  8. It's funny Chuck I was going to create a topic if Eppler's moves are based solely on Moreno's restrictions (say budget) or does he have some plan in mind?
  9. Torridd

    Does anyone miss the Autry days?

    I should have said Gene Autry days. That's what I meant.
  10. I don't see how Trout could make such a demand. More than being selfish, which seems to go against any personality trait we've heard that he has, how can you guarantee getting into the playoffs?
  11. Piggybacking on my Christmas topic, I was having nostalgia for the days of Autry when we could expect a big acquisition during the winter. I know we may not have won much back then, but I still prefer it. Thoughts?
  12. If you could only have one, what would it be? I think I would like Harper above anything else.