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  1. Why does the ranking have to be attributable to Trout? It almost seems like a dig to the announcers..
  2. Torridd

    Comfort in the box

    "If you have eight or nine hitters that are comfortable in the batter’s box, it’s difficult to be successful as a pitcher.” This is from Ausmus regarding Suarez possibly tipping his pitches. I'd like to know what this means to you. There are a lot of pitchers who throw hard and inside. Does that mean that the batter isn't comfortable? Some of these pitchers aren't that good.
  3. Torridd


    I've used up my free articles for The Athletic. Would someone print what's been written?
  4. Torridd

    Gerrit Cole seems to be a must signing.

    Has this been seen?
  5. Torridd

    We're not done yet

    So the consensus can be up on Eppler but down on the team? It really is strange here.
  6. Torridd

    We're not done yet

    Can we split with Boston and subsequently win about 11 more games the rest of the month? If so, we may have a chance to get into the wild card race.
  7. Torridd

    Time to Abandon the Opener

    I do think it's futile. Just pitch for five innings or so. I don't think they make a difference.
  8. Torridd

    Eppler Polls

    I said above 60 for 1 year. It's an extremely tiresome situation and Eppler may have to be the scapegoat.
  9. Torridd Members!!

    I'm glad your grandson is doing well. The best to you and your family!
  10. Torridd

    In Defense of Eppler

    I agree that the original post was well thought of. However, I dislike that a whole bunch of name calling starts when someone disagrees with it. Eppler has done a lot to like and dislike.
  11. Torridd

    Angels DFA Jonathan Lucroy

    I like what he's done with the minors, but he messed up this year. There's no doubt about it. It's embarrassing for an organization with the wherewithal of the Angels to go this long without being in the playoffs.
  12. Torridd

    Angels DFA Jonathan Lucroy

    LOL! Yeah, right! The leeway for Eppler to do his thing is getting ridiculous.
  13. Torridd

    Angels DFA Jonathan Lucroy

    I have trouble believing that.
  14. Torridd

    Angels DFA Jonathan Lucroy

    Yet, he's a major leaguer.
  15. Shouldn't he be more apt to make a move since the staff id decimated? I know he doesn't want to come across as desperate (although he is) but it's hard to believe that nothing could be done.