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  1. Torridd

    Machado to Padres....

    Wow! He went to the Padres. I would have never thought so.
  2. Again, I don't care as long as it doesn't curtail us getting any other free agents. If so, it may be counterproductive.
  3. OK, so the gorilla in the room asks, " Should Eppler have seen this coming?"
  4. Like I said, St. Louis, Boston and NY and like, Chuck said, the Giants, are the hallmarks of the league. I don't think the farm system is the only thing that makes success like that happen.
  5. I guess I picked C. I've been an Angels fan for a long time.
  6. Torridd

    The Angels installed rapsodo devices!

    I wonder why this is just being incorporated now. Is this a controversial system in any way?
  7. I don't look at sustained success as 5 years (2005-2009) I look at it as more a Yankees, St. Louis, Boston staple. I would say that we had very bad luck with Morales and Adenhart, but I think we'll still need help from free agency.
  8. Torridd

    How long... you think Mike Trout will be the best in MLB? What is your criteria for assessing whose the best?
  9. Torridd

    Tag Line

    Sigh. So what's the answer?
  10. Torridd

    Tag Line

    Every season the Yanks and Mets create tag lines for the new season like "The best is yet to come!" Do the Angels create those also? If so, has the 2019 slogan been created yet?
  11. I think successful teams in this era have a concentration on offense. Yes, pitching is important, but primarily you have to score runs.
  12. Torridd

    2019 record

    Piggybacking on the Pecota thread, if the Angels had no important injuries (either little injury of any starter or lengthy injury of any supporting player (6,7, or 8 starter on the roster or bullpen lessers), what would you say their record should be this season?
  13. Torridd

    Angels Sign Ty Kelly

    Where do you guys find these things? LOL!
  14. Torridd


    Scioscia's first year as a manager he went 82-80. Do you think Ausmus should do as well, better because this isn't his first year, or it's all about the personnel?