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  1. Did anyone see it? Bour and Ausmus said it was definitely outside.
  2. Torridd

    Barria not starting?

    I read Ausmus' explanation regarding why Robles started, but I still don't understand it. I know it happened to work, but I'd like to know what you think.
  3. Torridd

    Double Play question

    Why doesn't a player get an rbi after hitting into a double play? Is this purely a penalty for a person making two outs? I don't see a big difference in a sacrifice bunt or fly other than you're making one out instead of two. If the hitter was able to beat out the double play he would still make an out, so the issue isn't even about "sacrifices."
  4. Torridd

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    Carney Lansford - Great baseball name which was probably already mentioned.
  5. Let's say we had a starter who would give up at least 5 runs per start, but each time the team would score at least 8 runs, he becomes an unlikely 20-game winner, and we make the playoffs. 1) Does he become one of your playoff starters even though you have other pitchers with lower ERAs and 2) do you re-sign him the next year?
  6. Torridd

    Hypothetical Ridiculous Questions

    Or a confidence-booster for the team psychologically.
  7. Torridd

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    Yeah, I liked Dickson too.
  8. Torridd

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    And I actually miss Luis Polonia.
  9. Torridd

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    Ron Romanick and that lefty outfielder pinch hitter we had, I believe during the late 90s to the championship team. He could hit, but wasn't a home run hitter. I think he had a long last name?
  10. Probably Trout. Yesterday, I would have said LaStella.
  11. Torridd

    What if Kole has a MONSTER season

    After that horrific season? That would be awfully questionable.
  12. Torridd

    What if Kole has a MONSTER season

    Sorry, but if he has a "monster" season then you have to wonder about peds and I think management will too. And that means he definitely won't be picked up.
  13. Torridd

    Arte Moreno vs Gene Autry

    Autry spent money like water and I loved him for it!
  14. Torridd

    Trout free agency

    Generally, I don't write a lot about Trout and I'm not trying to beat a dead horse. I was inspired by Second Base's prediction that Trout would re-sign with us even though he files for free agency. I want to know if you agree if Trout files that he'll re-sign with the team. I don't think so.
  15. Torridd

    Trout and then what?

    I'm happy Trout was extended, but I'm really concerned about the direction of the team. I wonder if we'll see any other big moves for the next several years.
  16. Wow! I really hope management gets him help.
  17. Hey Jo, don't you know you're supposed to wait until you're with the big team to get hurt?
  18. Torridd


    Does anyone know why he was pulled so early?
  19. Torridd


    Thank you both.
  20. Torridd

    Pujols hitting leadoff...

    And if Scioscia were managing he'd be crucified.
  21. Torridd

    30 Clubs in 30 Days

    The Angels are featured tonight on the MLB Network at 7 PM ET.
  22. Torridd

    30 Clubs in 30 Days