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  1. I think it was a typo and its supposed to be 10,000.
  2. We’re wasting time. Eppie needs to know AW means business.
  3. If the Dogs got Bumgarner it would have helped their cause. Machado won’t make a difference getting them to the pot of gold.
  4. Dick B Back

    Mike Trout on MLB Network

    KRod has the only chance and its probably iffy.
  5. Dick B Back

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    Trout is imaging himself as Adell’s mentor. He’s staying.
  6. Dick B Back

    All Star Gameday Thread 07/17

    The selfies from the game were fun.
  7. Dodgers are trying to buy a trophy and the Cubbies will still be in their way.