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  1. Dick B Back

    scioscia's availability

  2. Dick B Back

    Baseball Photo Trivia

    Based on our oft injured pitching staff and Mang hitting behind Gehrig, about 80.
  3. Rumor has it the Dogs’ fans are not happy with all this choking goin’ on.
  4. But has he had TJ surgery yet?
  5. Agreed. You look at the OPS one through eight in their lineup, then their pitching staff and you just gotta wonder how the F does this team not make the post season.
  6. Dick B Back

    Joey Gallo?

    I’m in here late... Gallo, really? Oh my. If guys like him are considered improvements for our beloved team, we aren’t gonna see the post season anytime soon. Hell, if we’re not planning on winning, just bring up Adell even though he’s not ready so we can have another stud athlete to cheer on. Make Kole a 1B and let him share time with Mang.
  7. Dick B Back

    MLB Postseason: Who are you rooting for?

    I’m late to this party but I’m going with the Brew Crew vs the Stros.
  8. Dick B Back

    Decision on Next Manager

    You mean once the Stros when the Series.
  9. Extension... whatever the cost. Period. Sell the yacht.
  10. Dick B Back

    Best Hitting Rookies (by wRC+)

    Puig... hahahahahaha!
  11. Dick B Back

    Next Order Of Business...

    The next real order of business is get rid of Bedrosian.
  12. Dick B Back

    Starting Pitcher Trade Targets

    Reliability = Bartolo.