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  1. Howie pron: https://www.mlb.com/news/howie-kendrick-sparks-nationals-win
  2. Dick B Back

    This f'n season

    Curse of Scioscia and the Indian burial ground.
  3. Dick B Back

    Best Angels giveaway of all time?

    I’ve got my Angeks boxers on right now.
  4. Dick B Back

    Bregman for MVP

    Ernie Banks says “hi!”
  5. What’s up with the toes this year?
  6. You know who is loving this thread....
  7. A manager is only as good as what he has to work with. That being said, I gave him a C because I haven’t seen him do anything really special to give him a higher grade other than moving Mang down in the lineup.
  8. With the dollars required to upgrade the SP, I just don’t see it happening unless the Rockies wanted to give Arenado away.
  9. Dick B Back

    Gameday Thread: 9/5 Angels @ Athletics

    At work so I checked out the box score on the MLB app and Trout got a hit? Wow, something new!
  10. Dick B Back

    Reasons for Optimism: Starting Pitching

    Mets have the 4th most errors in the NL if that’s an indicator.
  11. Dick B Back

    Looking back at underrated players

    Couple of others I just thought of are Felipe & Matty Alou and Jim Ray Hart. All could hit in their prime. Geez, I’m old.
  12. Dick B Back

    Patrick Sandoval

    Right now Sandoval > Ryu.