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  1. We’re trying to be competitive in 19’, why are people suggesting a trade of Calhoun? Clearly he’s figured out his issues and then some. The guy has been hitting like a MOTO type of guy and we’ll need that and his defense in right field. Im all for the Adell hype but let’s let him develop and get promoted when he’s ready and not a minute sooner.
  2. I’ll miss Sosh but I’m glad the team will have a new leader moving into potentially Trouts last years
  3. Pheenom07

    David Fletcher recalled - Marte to the DL

    Is it recalled if he’s never been called up?
  4. First thread I look at for new posts! I’d like them to keep Canning in double-a a bit longer. With the lack of hits & walks he’s giving up he’s barely getting through the order 2 times! Let’s see how he does once he’s stretched out to 100 pitches.
  5. Pheenom07

    Two internal moves that need to be made STAT

    Everyone knew what Valbuena was before this season except he stopped taking walks and replaced them with more strikeouts. Im all for Blash getting an extended look but im wary of that leg kick and him being able to adjust to ML pitching. It certainly can’t get any worse than what’s being rolled out now.
  6. Not gonna lie, before zooming in on the face I thought that was Fatolo Colon.
  7. If we’re gonna give credit to Scioscia shouldn’t we give credit to Maddon, Roenicke and Bud Black?
  8. Thaiss has had a nice increase in his power so far in Double-A. Seeing some more balls leave the field could help reinforce some of the changes in his swing, more than showing the powers to be he is ready. The increase in counting stats could also help increase his trade value for an ASB deal for a starting pitcher.
  9. Pheenom07

    Are you in favor of a robotic strike zone?

    I think it’s finally time.
  10. Adell already has 2 homers tonight. The farm is really clicking at all levels.
  11. Pheenom07

    Chris Young

    Looking at these stats really show how Fletcher has been doing amazing. They also show that Hermosillo is striking out over 33% of the time and would get eaten up if called up right now. I bet we see Ackley soon....
  12. Pheenom07

    Prepare to Blasht off...

    Hopefully he gets in the lineup enough to keep his rhythm.
  13. Hermosillo also hit for a cycle, wouldn’t mind giving him a cup of coffee.
  14. 2 out of those 3 hits for Marsh are homeruns.
  15. Pheenom07

    Something to make you feel better on the off day

    I assume Kole Calhoun can’t hit into the shift on days off?