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  1. Maybe but you don't need to move AFSPC to its own service to accomplish this goal. If anything it makes it less likely since leadership more familiar with the actual missions in space would would be in place, instead of now when it's more subservient to the entire USAF chain of command. This was simply Trump moving a good deal of the focus from caged children to "cute" space force memes. The opposition really is its own worst enemy and we likely deserve the country we live in.
  2. Yes but a live one with both live attendance and TV considerations. In that regard it's far more like sports than other non-sports programming.
  3. Thomas

    Griffin Canning

    I was wondering what Alfredo did to get fired.
  4. Thomas


    Amazing though that Trump was able to use a proposal for moving Air Force Space Command from the USAF to being a department of the USAF to greatly shift attention away from putting kids in cages. Perhaps he really does have Jedi mind trick ability.
  5. Thomas


    I'm surprised you imply Trump is Jabba the Hutt. While they share similar moralities, especially towards human women, Hutt was mentally strong enough to be immune to Jedi Luke's force powers.
  6. Thomas


    I went down to El Paso to do the same. I was kindly asked "For the love of God please stop". There was then a lot of yelling then darkness.
  7. Thomas

    Spin Forum Dumping Bin

    Which goes to show, no one listens to Catholics. Not even Catholics.
  8. It's a reasonable perspective but it needs to be codified into legislation. It's hard to argue that Amazon's website works much differently than a Montgomery Wards catalog in 1950.
  9. Because live sports are the bubble in the decline of TV advertising revenue. But the bubble is going to pop.
  10. Live sports has been sheltered somewhat from ratings decline as live TV is very sought after by advertisers as viewers are far less likely to skip ahead of commercials on their DVR. But as fewer eyes each year watch traditional TV, advertisers are not going to pony up as much to networks. Hence networks aren't going to pony up as much for rights. This is the trend. Now the NFL may well end up being their own content distributor. This may end up making them more money in the long run. WWE stock is at an all time high because of their network revenue. But their attendance and viewers do continue to fall. This affects the entire industry and the NFL isn't immune.
  11. They are the top dog, but being the top dog of a perhaps dying industry is enough for them to be worried. See the record industry as an example of how technology greatly disrupted how revenues were generated.
  12. A 10% dip in ratings in one season and 17% from 2015 got the league's attention, especially when unlike some other leagues their income is primarily from TV revenue.
  13. Thomas


    This is an interesting perspective on history. Seeing as the idea of a direct election was soundedly defeated almost unanimously. And it wasn't just slave states that objected. Consider the New Jersey Plan from what was clearly not a slave state. Under the plan there would have only been one legislative house with one vote from each state. The executive would have been chosen from this house. Could you imagine the shit show this country would be today if THAT was the law of the land? Ironically you'd certainly prefer the Virginia Plan over the New Jersey Plan.