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  1. Thomas


    Like anyone would voluntarily come back to life in today's world.
  2. Thomas


    Grant's Whiskey Ring probably was probably worse. Maybe the corrupt bargain.
  3. Thomas

    The Angels Mount Rushmore....

    Vlad, Ryan, Trout, Anderson
  4. Thomas


    Because they aren't normally?
  5. Thomas


    Helpful as always. Isn't it time for bed?
  6. Thomas


    Nope. No complicity here by the "opposition"
  7. Thomas


    Well that about sums it up,
  8. And yes
  9. The Kings couldn't overpay Babcock enough to tackle this dumpster fire. Supposed tension between Babcock and the Toronto GM. But swallowing the four remaining years on the contract would be difficult, even for Toronto.
  10. The trade of Martin Jones to Boston looks better and better...
  11. I get why it's beneficial to get rid of the contract. A first just seems a steep price to pay when desperate to acquire cost-controlled talent.
  12. That seems drastic. I know putting a player on the LTIR(etirement) isn't the equivalent of wiping the contract out completely, but shouldn't it give the team enough flexibility to work around it?