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  1. nate

    Video Game Reviews: What Are You Playing?

    I signed up for the PC gamepass, been checking out Sea of Thieves which is fun. My xbox collects dust or I would probably sign up for the ultimate one.
  2. nate

    Angels farm ranked at 21

    Tony fvcking Reagins... After winning the WS and falling short in the playoffs a few years in a row, the Angels front office completely sold out to win another WS and in turn made sure the Angels would not be successful for a decade. Combined with a very bad GM hire (Diputo) and holding onto Scioscia five years too long.
  3. nate

    Howie Kendrick

    Always one of my favorite Angels players. Good for him.
  4. nate

    Yusei Kikuchi

    His name sounds funny. Next start he will no hit the Angels
  5. nate


    At least it wasn't @Glen
  6. nate


    It is weird because to me it feels like he has still been off, yet he is putting up MVP numbers. Just shows how great he is. Even his mediocre is better than everyone in the league.
  7. pretty much every day now that my favorite UCLA hat got ruined, otherwise it was whichever I picked up first.
  8. nate

    Ongoing NBA Thread

    Of course he is a USC guy.
  9. nate

    Was that a season changing game?

    They have won 13 out of their last 18 or it would be WAY worse. Anyway, it wasn't a season saving game, this season is over. There is no chance the Angels pitching is good enough to leapfrog four teams to get into WC2.
  10. nate

    So let me get this right...

    IMO Ausmus is making the same mistakes that Scioscia did with his bullpen. Overworking guys. A lot of it has to do with what he is given, and maybe it's an organizational decision, but I still feel that he is overworking his guys a bit.
  11. nate

    When Upton returns

    Puello will be DFA'd because Goodwin can play CF unless Calhoun is traded, which is totally possible since the Angels wont make the playoffs this season.
  12. nate

    David Fletcher

    walking a tightrope man
  13. nate

    Angels draft Davis Daniel at 211

    I joked with my dad about this on Monday. Might as well sign all pitchers that have already had it done to get it out of the way, lol.
  14. Hey, it is Mlepklaynos. @Glen The klay is silent