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  1. Trumped

    Except when the President welcomed him to the White House
  2. Our politicians... seriously.
  3. Trumped

    You know, I remember when we had a Chief of the military, some called him the Commander In Chief, and he could order the military to do things. Guess we don't have one now. Plus your MAGA butt buddy can't stop talking about ISIS, you are a fool if you think Trump hasn't been sending more. Right, you probably do.
  4. 2016-2017 PGA Tour Season

    Tiger cleared for full workouts now. So the question is: Does he get injured before he even makes a start Does he get injured within 5 starts Does he get injured at all Does he ever win again My guess is he never makes his comeback and ends up retiring due to another back injury.
  5. It is so hard to watch right now. Especially with like 2.5 4th lines and missing two creative Dmen. I mean Lindholm is so good with the puck and Vatanen is good too, especially on the PP. It has been such garbage right now. If you think about it though, Kesler, Getzlaf, Lindholm and Vatanen are huge parts of the PP and they have all been out except for two Getzlaf games. Silf is in one of his typical slumps, not sure if it is because he isn't working with Kes or if its just his usual streakiness, but he has been invisible on the ice.
  6. I think they took it really slow. Before this year there was always a co-goalie rather than a backup that he split games with. I would think he would be sitting more if Miller wasn't hurt. Gibson has been injury plagued which kinda forced the Ducks to slow down his development.
  7. UCLA Football Thread

    I mean before this game they were giving up over 300 yards per game on the ground. Not surprising. Rosen had an off game, mostly because the fucking OL was horrible.
  8. This team straight up sucks
  9. Pretty much any time a Ducks player does something stupid you can be guaranteed that it was either Manson or Boll
  10. Manson, as always, is the worst dman on the ice.
  11. Wagner! 3 SH goals and 0 PP goals
  12. You guys are funny. Beauch has probably been the third best Dmen in this game. Gibson giving up terrible rebounds so far.
  13. Getzlaf and Eaves out tonight. FFS
  14. Trumped

    I prefer my charities to be grounded in reality. And I desperately look forward to the day when people in poor countries stop talking about god every time something bad happens and instead talk about how they can fix it.