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  1. You know what they say about those that don't learn from history?
  2. I thought they taught this in 8th grade economics. Maybe your private school didn't bother.
  3. Actually, economically, it is really stupid to cut taxes in a booming economy when there is a large budget deficit.
  4. And by the way, the Republican budget cuts that have cut money from public education have done nothing to push to privatize it, it has in fact usually gone to tax cuts for people who don't need it, or a huge tax incentive for whatever big doner needed.
  5. Fortunately, creationism is banned from public schools, since there are absolutely no facts supporting it. It is pretty sad that "educators" feed such propaganda and falsehoods to the youth of this world, but that is another story for another time. Anyway, there are plenty of articles out there supporting and against it, most of them come down to prejudice, like "Adventist today" or the Cato Institute that supports privatizing schools. And your school might require their teachers to be credentialed but many do not.
  6. I know you are trolling, but I feel that I must state that it takes usually 2-4 years for this kind of shit to show up in the economy.
  7. And a recent Mensa journal study showed that students who attend public schools perform much better than the average private school student when they attend college. Many private schools go unregulated and have almost no requirements for their teachers when it comes to being educators, they also heavily skew their teachings toward religion ignoring things like science, history, mathematics, etc. Again, there are some private schools that perform very well, but it is a total fallacy that they are better. Even in places like LAUSD where there are tons of shitty ass public schools.
  8. Except this has been shown to be incredibly untrue. Most private schools perform vastly inferior to their public school counterparts. Only the top and most expensive private schools perform higher.
  9. Say all you want. Republicans have done nothing but gut education funding, and regulations which protect consumers for decades. And especially this administration.
  10. Republicans have done everything they can to make sure Americans are poorly educated, while also limiting regulations that would protect them from the people who pray on the uneducated.
  11. That is the dumbest sensationalized tweet ever. You could take every tweet someone has made both reasonable and unreasonable and find hundreds of trolls who argue with it.
  12. It should be eliminated but that will never happen as long as Republicans exist.
  13. Lenders often target military personnel so there have been specific laws to protect them, you know, cause they are preoccupied protecting the country. Those lenders lobby groups are trying to get the laws changed.
  14. MAGA!