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  1. Larkin was intentionally trying to block the camera on Grant's goal. Should be grounds for suspension.
  2. Seems super illegal.
  3. I swear the Ducks are the worst team when it comes to scoring on an empty net, seems like other teams score immediately but when it is the Ducks they never score.
  4. Blowtani

    Let's hope that the team gives him plenty of time to adjust to the MLB before making major decisions.
  5. I think this tourney will say a lot. Yea, he has done well on this course in the past, but if he puts two weeks in a row of top 3s, then I believe that he could challenge in majors again. Augusta will always be his best chance.
  6. College Basketball 2017-18

    Pac 12 is done without even making it to the round of 32...
  7. Tiger just sunk a 70 foot birdie for an early lead at Bay Hill.
  8. What privacy...
  9. ah, I don't know the west coast IPAs that well. If you are ever on the east coast, hit me up, especially in New England.
  10. They did dump the assistant coach that got them to #1 PP in the league two years ago, it is pretty clear.
  11. Pick 6

    Above: Cowart Valbuena Upton Below: Richards Shoe Skaggs Bonus: The Angels worst player, Pujols, will play less than half the season because of injuries and will hit fewer than 20 HRs with an average below 250.
  12. Are you going to be on the west coast or east coast?
  13. Anyone here get the SNES classic?

    no point in spending all that money when you can just build a retropie.
  14. Stradling

    Putting? You just signed your deathwish