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  1. Rivers is the biggest crybaby in football. The Chiefs D was completely demolishing him and he was whining after every one of his stupid mistakes.
  2. Nice investment by MLB. Being rewarded for adopting streaming media early on. I knew that it was being used by the NHL but I didn't know it was being used by all the other entities listed.
  3. New Senate Tax Plan

    Only $1400 is refundable (per child), the other $600 just reduces your tax liability if you owe. What this bill really does is make it so itemizing is not really something 99% of people will do anymore, which is good with me. The other thing is it benefits people in the $225k-$550k joint file bracket the most, which is also awesome. They took out the grad student tax which is also good. Overall good stuff except is it isn't balanced, they are not doing enough to close loopholes and lowering the top bracket too much which will likely end up in an additional $1.5 trillion in debt over the next 10 years. During strong economic times should be the time to pay off debt, not add to it.
  4. Ducks have to be the worst OT team in the league
  5. As it turns out it is money neutral. All those contracts the Braves got are expiring so it keeps them competitive this year while dumping a two year contract on the Dodgers. For the Dodgers it gets them under the tax threshold.
  6. Dodgers just dumped a ton of salary on the Braves.
  7. Mock Line Ups

    This is probably the most ideal lineup but I suspect we will probably see Pujols batting 5-6 most of the time unless Simmons repeats and Ohtani proves to hit as well as he did in Japan. Kinsler Cozart Trout Upton Simmons Calhoun Valbuena/Ohtani Pujols Machete
  8. Mock Line Ups

    Why would Kole, one of the worst hitters on the team, bat third?
  9. 4th OF?

    During his good years with the Angels when ever he got on first he was stuck there. Terrible base stealing instincts.
  10. 4th OF?

    I would rather have someone that knows how to steal bases
  11. New Senate Tax Plan

    28% is still high compared to other countries. The thing is most countries have a 20-25% corporate tax rate, but the individual rates for the top 1% are much higher, that is where this bill double dips and hits the deficit by lowering the top tax brackets a ton. I actually think lowering to 20% is good, it should help keep the US competitive for all industry and also combat against the higher wage costs here. Just wish they would close loopholes and not lower the top tax bracket so much.
  12. Mock Line Ups

    If Simmons hits like he did last year then he should hit no further down than 5-6. Hopefully AP is buried in the lineup.
  13. 4th OF?

    It is hard to imagine teams will give up much for a barely serviceable 1b with a streaky bat.
  14. New Senate Tax Plan

    Plus adding an extra $1 trillion+ to the deficit. Also that it doesn't close any existing loopholes and instead adds new ones so it probably adds way more than that in the long run.