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  1. nate

    Currently on the DL...

    Natalie Portman's first movie
  2. Huh, I remembered the wrong minority group. There is this.
  3. So just because it doesn't occur at church makes a difference? There are large religious lobbying groups that reach out to their congregations.
  4. Remember Prop 8? The reason it passed in liberal CA was largely because of the Mexican Catholic population. Not saying they were the strongest supporters of it, but as traditionally liberal voters, they were needed to pass the conservative backed bill.
  5. You knew the tax thing was coming, too much lost revenue for states because of how much online shopping is happening. It sucks though. The new ruling on cell phone searches is way overdue.
  6. Catholics are very political, mostly because of abortion laws. And yes, lots of southern racists identify as Evangelicals.
  7. Definitely no rentals. I hope Seattle falls apart, I keep expecting it.
  8. @Lou
  9. It is a little early in the year for the minor leaguer left early alerts isn't it? Also, I feel like there is too much needed to get the Angels into the playoffs. Not just because of the boat load of injuries they have suffered, but because of how well Boston/NY/Seattle/Houston are playing it will be tough to leapfrog into the wildcard.
  10. He's incredible, I thought it was a bad trade and I couldn't have been more wrong. My second favorite Angel.
  11. nate

    Totally different team when...

    Totally different team when they hit... Of course you could say that about every team in MLB, but the Angels have so much potential, just have to live up to it. Calhoun has always been streaky, let's hope this one lasts a while.
  12. nate

    Nest vs. Ecobee

    So, only get one if your doorbell transformer is powerful enough. Don't get the battery powered Ring, it is crap. The Ring Pro is supposed to be good, I have the Nest but will probably swap it for a Ring eventually. With that said, I think google home >>>>> alexa.
  13. nate


    Jesus, you sound like my lawyer
  14. nate


    My favorite thing is Trump asking to be celebrated for alleviating a problem he created in the first place.