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  1. nate

    Two little birdies

    Because it is his home town team and the place that he spends all his free time.
  2. nate

    YouTube Subscription strategy

    An adblocker does the same thing for free. Anyway, I have YT Red as part of YT TV, my wife used it to watch the Karate Kid thing, other than that it has been completely pointless.
  3. Definitely seems like he will platoon. I think that would be best for him and the Angels.
  4. Yeah, probably. That was a terrible missed call. NFL refs are just so awful, there is no consistency at all with what they call.
  5. What a game! You can always count on a Andy Reid team to blow a close game that matters.
  6. Then they miss helmet to helmet on Rivers, next play the entire chargers OL is holding and they call PI on the Chiefs.
  7. How are NFL refs so fucking bad? KC just got called for the worst PI I have ever seen.
  8. I am caught between happy the Angels haven't made any bad deals and wanting something to happen. I have faith in Eppler
  9. I have never had a problem with the fries. I love that they are fresh. But if necessary, just get them animal style. Man, I miss INO, it is about time for me to make another trip back.
  10. You are probably the most qualified to comment on this, I was thinking the same thing. On top of that these people have weeks off between work all for a few hour busy period. Not just the minimum wage workers handling the food, but I doubt the managers and supervisors are that much more qualified.
  11. Not a great read if you eat a lot of stadium food...!
  12. nate

    Puig officially on the block...

    Because the "insiders" are the most in the dark writers that cover baseball. They make Jon Heyman look like Ken Jennings.
  13. nate

    Puig officially on the block...

    Trade rumors posted on are worthless.
  14. nate

    Puig officially on the block...

    I would be down for this
  15. nate

    Puig officially on the block...

    Bellinger would be a great get but no way they trade him. He has a ton of talent and potential.