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  1. Holy shit are you pedantic In the furtherance of a crime is my whole point, specifically with enterprise corruption and the statue of limitations. We have no clue if he has committed felonies yet.
  2. You just made my point. We weren't talking about anything other than the statute of limitations. They don't simply expire after a few years, especially in the case of Enterprise corruption. And I think the likleyhood that Trump has committed felonies, especially before and during his campaign is probably pretty high.
  3. Except I do. GB mentioned the statute of limitations. The statue of limitations is extended when it is part of a criminal enterprise. It is also extended if there is active criminal activity covering it up. So, with all due respect, you have no idea what you are talking about.
  4. It just increases the chances that the next time it happens to someone like him that they will be doubted. Exactly the problem that has persisted for decades that lead to the me too movement.
  5. He isn't a convicted felon. That doesn't mean he hasn't committed a felony that he has not been charged with. Criminal enterprise statutes don't need people to be convicted, only to be a part of a criminal enterprise. Maybe you weren't paying attention to the previous conversation.
  6. The gay guy from Empire is going to get the book thrown at him. What a fucking moron, as if enough isn't faced by gays and minorities in this country, he had to go make it worse for them.
  7. I am saying you have no clue if he is or not. Directly toward the conversation we were having, if he is the leader of a criminal enterprise then he would absolutely be a felon. We will find out soon enough.
  8. It is when you are their boss and also a felon.
  9. His association with multiple felons begs to differ
  10. Continued criminal enterprise nullifies the statute of limitations.
  11. Both of them will benefit from this. Mueller just charged Stone, I am sure he is going through everything from those subpoenas and search warrants. Organized crime investigations take 10+ years and people are freaking out cause Mueller hasn't concluded his investigation yet, lol.
  12. nate


    The last thing Republicans want is more schools. Then their constituents might learn that they have been brainwashed for decades. For them, Fear > Intelligence
  13. nate


    Republicans: Build a wall to stop Mexicans! Give nukes to the country that had the highest representation in the 9/11 attacks!