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  1. Republicans massive socialist handout to Foxconn looking stupider by the day.
  2. nate

    The Angels Mount Rushmore....

    Trout, Ryan, Fregosi, Vlad Honorable mention: Carew, Grich, Tanana, Chuck Finley, Salmon, Anderson, Percy,
  3. nate


    So how many hoes do we think he banged since Sunday?
  4. The strikezone was awful all night
  5. nate

    Swing Rate

    Simba needs to break out of his slump. Two singles today is nice. With Ohtani on the DL, Simba is the only other exciting Angel. Also $#* this $*I#ing pitching!
  6. nate

    Highway Bribery

    Also, since when does @Chuckster70 not do duckface in pictures?
  7. nate

    Highway Bribery

    That Trout shirt is sick, where is it from @Calzone 2
  8. in your opinion that makes it ok?
  9. I see the Republicans are glossing over what I posted to be outraged about some comments that were taken out of context and blown up by the conservative media. I am not surprised. With that said, I can't stand Omar.
  10. "Republican care about the troops" Pretty sure Republicans only care about themselves.
  11. nate


    Then you ate a hotdog and your reputation of being a vegetarian was shattered.
  12. nate

    Game Postponed- Masters Game Day

    I had tickets for me and the family to this game. Glad it was postponed, no way I wanted to make that drive. Also, go Tiger!
  13. nate

    Florida's Finest

    Beer is really cheap in Wisconsin
  14. nate


    I still sunk that putt though
  15. nate

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    He is also probably the ugliest Angel in history. With apologies to Juan Rivera.