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  1. nate

    Andrew Heaney today

    Yeah, he killed it. Big time performance on day where it was sorely needed.
  2. nate

    Betts for Adell?

    Man, there are some people on this board that must smoke some primo weed.
  3. Puig would certainly add some entertainment to the team, but pass.
  4. nate

    Chris Stratton

    Just noticed that he joined the Pirates as a reliever and has a 2.55 ERA 1.13 WHIP and 35 Ks in 35 innings. Asshole couldn't have pitched like that for the Angels?
  5. Serious question, are Republicans really this stupid?
  6. Just curious but how come the pro-life evangelical whack jobs aren't up in arms about Tennessee executing a third person since November by using the electric chair...
  7. Victor and Gubi are tremendous. Don't get why people get so up in arms about this. They have to fill 3hrs x 155 games a year, they aren't going to be successful 100% of the time, and they are also talking to a majority of average fans. The insight that they give, especially Gubi is tremendous, really adds a layer to the game you are watching.
  8. nate

    Video Game Reviews: What Are You Playing?

    Forza Horizon 4 and Astroneer, when I have time.
  9. nate Members!!

    Congrats on the family addition @Chuckster70, beautiful baby!
  10. nate

    Eppler Polls

    I missed where Stradling goes around and downvotes a bunch of someones posts because he disagrees with them? He is infuriatingly homerish at times, but he doesn't get childish.
  11. nate

    Eppler Polls

    @Chuckster70 there needs to be an up arrow option to counteract the down arrow.
  12. nate

    Eppler Polls

    Pitchers on the FA market are almost always a terrible deal. Eppler went with 1 year deals for that reason I am sure. Also because in theory there were a lot of young pitchers making their way up. Of course, the Angels need a 40 man roster worth of pitching depth to absorb all the injuries that keep happening.
  13. nate

    Eppler Polls

    Yeah, me too. Although looking at things, maybe 1 year was a little harsh.
  14. nate

    Eppler Polls

    According to the poll, @Stradling and I voted the same so maybe I need to re-think things