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  1. nate

    UCLA Football Thread

    you can just go to and it will say what network it is on, P12 shifts games around a bunch between abc, fox, espn, fs1 and pac 12. Biggest problem is most games are in the middle of the night.
  2. nate

    UCLA Football Thread

    That was a great game, good to see the offense gain more and more traction each week. Still only see maybe 2-3 more wins in the schedule, but it is something. Kelley is a hell of a RB
  3. I totally missed the boat on Jobu, he will be in there for the next Angels manager
  4. nate


    Lol, ok. Ford is just the first one to announce it. Having $1bn in tariffs added to their bill is irreversible. As mentioned in other articles, Ford already bought 98% of its steel domestically but the lack of competition in the market has led US companies to increase their prices.
  5. nate


    Ford, as American as a company can be is going to lay off between 10 and 12k people because of a $1bn cost incurred by tariffs... dipshit in chief really nailed this one. Only gets worse from here.
  6. Steel and Comtois kind of make Ritchie irrelevant.
  7. nate

    UFC Thread

    Yeah, it was way worse. He should still be in jail for it.
  8. nate

    UFC Thread

    Dana White not giving him the belt to avoid a riot, so crazy. The cheap shot by Khabib's crew was insane.
  9. nate

    UFC Thread

    Glad that Connor got the shit kicked out of him, but the shit Khabib and his crew did was fucked. Should have to forfeit for that bullshit IMO.
  10. nate

    Joey Gallo?

    "Gallo with a G? Jerry Gallo is dead. I am Jerry Callo C-A-L-L-O" Seriously, every time I see his name that is all I can think about.
  12. This seems bad.
  13. It almost felt like it was by design though. Like maybe they are telling him to drag behind while everyone else exits. Doesn't really make sense but it was odd watching it. I am not surprised about Henrique either.
  14. BTW anyone else notice that Henrique and Manson were wearing As? I was surprised that Cam wasn't. Last season when Perry and/or Kesler were injured, Cam was the first with the A, then Cogs.