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  1. Vladdylonglegs

    Home Run Derby staged, Harper was predetermined winner

    Careful. You don't want to violate people's 9/11 safe space. Finding out a third skyscraper collapsed would completely rock their world.
  2. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/there-are-home-run-derby-truthers-accusing-bryce-harpers-dad-of-cheating/
  3. Vladdylonglegs

    Home Run Derby Roster: Worst one ever?

    Harper is young and in his prime...not really Arte's type.
  4. Read it in the Warren report.
  5. Even @calscuf can't deny all of these are backed up by facts.
  6. Declassified memos prove that the government was doing all they could to provoke Japan to attack the US. They knew 2 weeks before of the exact date, time, location of the Pearl Harbor attack. And you all thought it was a coincidence that the aircraft carriers were moved out of the harbor the previous day.
  7. The UN concluded in their investigation that the Syrian chemical attacks were false flag operations carried out by US sponsored rebel groups.
  8. The US was outraged that Russia bombed a children's hospital in Syria, months after the US bombed a wedding and an elementary school.
  9. US bombs have slaughtered many more civilians than US government sponsored terror groups in the mid-east.
  10. A cancer virus was added to the polio vaccine for 30 years and later covered up by the CDC.
  11. The US government was involved in Operation Gladio. Operation Gladio led to the murder of hundreds of people in Europe through terrorist attacks which were blamed on the USSR.
  12. Operation Northwoods, the DoD's plan to hijack commercial planes and set off bombs in downtown Miami to start a war with Cuba, made it all the way to JFK's desk for approval.
  13. The Magic Bullet Theory says a single bullet caused 7 different entry/exit wounds in multiple people and ended up in the president's head.
  14. The US government murdered hundreds of Guatemalans via Nazi style STD experiments.
  15. MLK's family won a lawsuit against the US government for assassinating him. Isn't that proof? Bet you never knew that.