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  1. Thru 204 ABs: .289 BA, .348 OBP, .794 OPS Feel free to “I agree” me after Upton has 204 ABs.
  2. No chance Upton outperforms or even matches Goodwin’s productivity so far this season. But he makes more money so...
  3. Vladdylonglegs

    Last Night Was Fun

    Season changing game?
  4. Vladdylonglegs

    Since April 5th...

    See doc’s post.
  5. Vladdylonglegs

    Since April 5th...

    There have been a few posts like this over the years. Mid season streaks mean nothing. It’s the end result that matters, which is always a mediocre record and the team missing the playoffs. One poster said it best when they said the Titanic was a pretty nice cruise apart from the iceberg.
  6. Vladdylonglegs

    Keep bunting at the shift

    Don’t forget starting pitchers not making it 5 innings, if there’s a starting pitcher at all in the game.
  7. I would give it to Poo in exchange for his retirement.
  8. Vladdylonglegs

    If both games in Mexico are rained out...

    You're really missing out
  9. Vladdylonglegs

    Why did we get rid of Blake Parker again?

    Just more troubling moves that put Eppler's competency as a GM in serious question.
  10. Vladdylonglegs

    Lefties bunting against the shift?

    So do you agree with his pull happy approach because he hits .360 when he pulls the ball?
  11. Vladdylonglegs

    Lefties bunting against the shift?

    He's hitting .179 because he tries to pull the ball every time.
  12. Vladdylonglegs

    Lefties bunting against the shift?

    Because he’s hitting .179 and hits a HR once a week. Lol