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  1. Vladdylonglegs

    Do you think that the game has changed too much?

    I feel like I'm in math class every game I watch and every article I read with all these new stats and geometric analysis of launch angles. Sabermetrics is boring. The 3 outcome offense is boring. Starting pitchers going 4 innings every game is boring. The shift is boring. Baseball is boring.
  2. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

    Major in any standard. Their one achievement was making stone tools for 190,000 years? There is actually evidence for forgotten civilizations tens and hundreds of thousands of years ago. It is illogical to believe that humans all of the sudden woke up one day capable of forming civilizations and building massive monuments and buildings, after 190,000 years of remaining stagnant and not using their brains.
  3. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

  4. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

    Yeah, what major advancements did the human race make the first 190,000 years as told in mainstream archeology?
  5. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

    But true.
  6. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

    Mainstream archeology/anthropology said Göbekli Tepe couldn’t possibly exist until it was discovered.
  7. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

  8. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

    And how is it possible that it took 190,000 to discover agriculture? Why weren’t humans using their brains for 190,000 years? The current dogma that humans didn’t do anything for 190,000 years is not logical.
  9. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

    Compared to the history of the world yes. But 194,000 years is a long time for humans to not advance in anything.
  10. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

    Anatomically modern humans (what we are) have existed for at least 200,000 years. You should work on your reading comprehension when reading anthropology.
  11. Vladdylonglegs

    Bob Lazar and Area 51

    It’s interesting that Bob mentioned these things came from an archaeological dig. Ancient human technology is much more plausible in my mind than alien technology. Think about it - humans are dated back to at least 200,000 years ago. And we’re supposed to believe that we didn’t form civilizations and develop technology until 6,000 years ago? What were humans doing for the previous 194,000 years? I bet there was some pretty advanced technology way farther back than archeology can see. It is completely unreasonable to assume otherwise.
  12. Vladdylonglegs

    Gameday Thread: 8/17 White Sox @ Angels : Trout DH

    It has been an intriguing narrative all year. A lot of group think.
  13. Vladdylonglegs

    Update about Angels Stadium news

    What's up with all the fireworks?
  14. Vladdylonglegs

    The age of our rotation

    My quality of life does not decrease when my baseball/basketball/football/hockey team of choice isn't good. I guess that's where we aren't seeing eye to eye.
  15. Vladdylonglegs

    The age of our rotation

    I'm able to separate the Angels from real life. If you could do the same you wouldn't get so pissed off on here every day.