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  1. kingsosha

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Trend w all these Swanson picks: all seem like well spoken; high character kids.
  2. Skaggs isn’t actually good
  3. kingsosha

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    So many high upside 3Bs. I like Baty a lot.
  4. does anyone else hate the strike zone graphic on the broadcast?
  5. Bard is the weak link in the pen
  6. Cam Blowdozier off to another great start
  7. #Angels in talks with IF Willie Bloomquist on an MLB deal, sources tell ESPN.
  8. Simmons out. Angels season has begun, folks
  9. Rod Carew in a suite pounding Alfredo laughing at how bad this offense is
  10. Absolutely will go down as a blemish on Eppler’s card
  11. Good point. No better atmosphere than at the ‘bees
  12. knowing Harvey he’s probably still sauced from $2 Shot Wednesday’s at Applebee’s
  13. kingsosha

    Day Off Tomorrow

    so excited for the game tomorrow! Who’s going?