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  1. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    Ill behave....
  2. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    LOL. Four hours later and after some limp tripe about Midol and others not needing to get worked up.... you're still trying. So.... Cherry picking, suppressing evidence, or the fallacy of incomplete evidence is the act of pointing to individual cases or data that seem to confirm a particular position, while ignoring a significant portion of related cases or data that may contradict that position. It is a kind of fallacy of selective attention, the most common example of which is the confirmation bias.[1][2] Cherry picking may be committed intentionally or unintentionally. This fallacy is a major problem in public debate.[3] Apparently pointing out his usage for his entire career is "cherry picking".... Or maybe you took the contrast between his overall numbers and that smaller sample as an attempt on my part to say he's been bad in longer outings. Let's assume that's the case.. I put the numbers out there for the sake of discussion, but I fell well short of offering an opinion as to what those numbers meant -- why? Because the sample size would have made that sort of argument ignorant. Both the opening and closing comments you quoted point to the largest sample possible (this season, and career) and how he's been used throughout his career. But hey -- keep ignoring what has been said in favor of what hasn't. (Now behaving)
  3. Umpire Lives Matter

    Criminy..... MLB umpires to wear wristbands in protest of 'escalating verbal attacks' from players
  4. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    Quit trying to lawyer your way out of your childish BS... At no point did I call you out for disagreeing with someone -- I did however call you out for questioning their logic when you in turn used NONE yourself. You have had multiple opportunities to argue why it is you believe those guys should or could be used as multiple inning relievers and chosen not to -- possibly because you know damn well there isn't anything to support it other than your opinion. The comment about the Scioscia Hate wagon was independent of anything else - I further stated I looked forward to seeing how things will go when the Angels eventually do get a different manager. Your position that it was solely directed at you rings hollow. There was nothing offensive in my response to you -- I responded to your rhetoric with facts. You didn't like the facts and you bitched out.. Not really anything else that needs to be said.
  5. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    Good lord man... It had nothing to do with your response to him, it had everything to you with your response to me.. "You're right, MS is right, the bullpen has been managed perfectly, sorry for daring to disagree". Look, I responded to your questioning Fletcher's logic by pointing out how he's been used -- essentially questioning what besides opinion you had to support your argument.. In response you gave me the above.. So yeah. "Ok, whatever"
  6. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    Look, just because the facts don't support your stance doesn't mean you have to go bitch-mode and argue what's not been said. MS fucks shit up, he's not perfect but he's not as delusional as you want to make it and if he was it would be pretty easy to point to the facts and actually have them support you -- give it a try. So, while you're free to continue acting like a petulant child, the reality is you questioned someone else's logic with nothing to back it up other than opinion.. someone with significantly more access to information than you will ever likely be privy to despite your immense fortune and vast mental abilities. So, spare me the idiotic bullshit about having a different opinion.. You're the one stomping his foot because others don't agree. Last night sucked ass... Everyone is pissed about it, but FFS, let's not all go retard on each other.
  7. Because we cannot fight Scioscialism alone....

    Me too -- sometimes by family.
  8. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Two game losing Grannies have a way of making it look way way uglier. Besides that -- there was no question something was off with him, there is no denying he turned into a pumpkin. It just didn't take that long for MS to pull the plug on him as a closer. I get why people think it was longer... It may have just been 4.2 innings but they were some of the worst innings of Angels baseball all season.
  9. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Day later -- still annoyed... Effing baseball.
  10. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    Respectfully, a person should maybe take the time to look up some facts before telling someone else their logic is flawed... Parker has made 58 appearances this year which is already a career high.. Of those 58, all of but 5 have been one inning. Only once has he pitched 2 innings -- overall he's allowed 34 hits in 53.2 innings -- and 6 in those 5 multi inning appearances. In his entire MLB career he's pitched in 149 games totaling 144 innings. It appears that his track record as a one inning guy is pretty much established. In one breath the Scioscia hate wagon rips him for ignoring the analytics, in the next they rip on him for adhering to it. I look forward to our next manager and people's opinion of his tactical prowess. Should be priceless.
  11. Scioscia's handling of the BP

    He mentions two guys, you conveniently fail to mention Trumbo and focus on Joseph. If you're going to try to dismiss someone's take then at least be honest and include both of them. Why would you not? It's chickenshit.
  12. Because we cannot fight Scioscialism alone....

    That club description is amazing
  13. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Nobody can really blame you on that one... It's annoying. Being a fan can leave one feeling like they just got kicked in the nuts... (Prolly by Mike Scioscia)
  14. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    He put in Petit to work the final two innings and then Petit failed.... Outside of Blake Parker, Petit's likely been the best RP on the team over the course of the season. Petit tanked, he went to Middleton... Had he kept Petit in and he blows the game then some other armchair type would have complained that they didn't try Middleton because. Durrrr Stooopid Mike Sosha loves his veterans.. Middleton was in the game because the most experienced RP on the active roster, the one with the 67 career games finished failed to do his job... So, if you wanna argue that Petit has been bad or struggled with the pressure because "reasons".. Go ahead.. As far as defined bullpen roles go.. I don't have an opinion -- what I do know is that's considered very old school and out-dated. I do think a team should use their best RP in the highest leverage situation.. Whether that considered a defined role or not, I dunno. Staying with him so long... In the 10 appearances prior to his first GS loss, Bud Norris had Kd 12, walked 2, and allowed a .428 OPS... Through that point in the season he had pitched 40 innings, allowed 28 hits while striking out 51 -- his OPS allowed was .561 He then "stuck with him" a total of 4.2 innings, 6 apperances in the space of 11 days.... three of them were scoreless appearances and saves..... three of them complete clusterfucks. But please... Go on..