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  1. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    This would be funnier if it wasn't coming from a Mariners fan...
  2. Angels linked to Addison Reed and Zach Britton?

    While I agree -- he's also been playing with tempered expectations... We all read the bit about rebuilding not being in their DNA but there is no denying things have ramped up a bit, and likely will continue to do so next season. Eppler may see value in obtaining a sure thing shut down closer, let's not forget he learned how to GM in NY where Cashman has long pursued certainty in the 9th inning. Reed and Wade Davis are likely in play.. I think they may prefer to chase Reed if for no other reasons because his local ties may help bring the price down a tad... Again, @ettin mentioned Davis as a potential buy -- IMO it was a long-shot until Ohtani happened. Now having filled all of the problem spots with viable solutions while spending less than 50 mil to do so... it makes a bit more sense to spend some $$ on a luxury item like a closer.
  3. Fangraphs: The Angels Have Won the Offseason

    The Angels will likely be looking up at the Astros for as long as it takes for Houston to have to start paying players. They ended last year with their biggest payroll ever and are currently looking at a payroll in the 150 million range after arbitration -- estimated at north of 47 million dollars.. They have 6 pending FA's at the end of this year including 2/5ths of their rotation. They can cut loose McCaan to free up some money but they will also have four 3rd year arbitration eligible players including Springer in 2019. The high costs of success will start working against Houston very soon... just about the same time the Angels should expect the farm to start kicking in with players... Eppler has done an amazing job.
  4. Fangraphs: The Angels Have Won the Offseason

    The difference of course is they spent 331.5 million that year .vs 49 million so far this year... Also, nobody is expecting inner circle HOF numbers from Kinsler or Cozart -- we just want them to be better than the -1.0 fWAR we got from Espinsoa and Escobar. If they both just come in with 2.0 fWAR seasons it's a 5 fWAR swing. This is more a case of how truly bad the two positions were last year than how awesome the two guys coming in might be. Now they just need AP to play to his 2016 numbers and not 2017.
  5. Angels linked to Addison Reed and Zach Britton?

    Well, a year removed from them having seen the team's closer miss the entire season, and considering there is an alternative that will just cost money and could be more than a rental (Reed), why bother with Britton. The concerns about his arm are still real -- people are stressing about Ohtani's strain but let's not forget Britton was shut down with the dreaded forearm tightness --- there have been whispers about it being a case of not IF but WHEN he will need TJ surgery.
  6. Ohtani Received PRP Injection in October

    The fact that got out cost Jeter millions in gift bags....
  7. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    This reminds me of back in the halcyon days of the Angels bullpen when despite the reality that all their RHPs utterly dominated their splits people pined for a LHP....
  8. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    The current cost of the win is estimated at 9 mil.. that means that anything more than 1.5 WAR out of Cozart would be considered plus value... Given he can slide over to 2B next season it seems like a pretty safe deal.
  9. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    The old adage about building the lineup to benefit from your park exists because it's been proven to be true... Angel Stadium deflates IF, FB, and LD, contact to LHBs.... The only type of contact it doesn't deflate is GBs -- and even there, it's also kind to RHBs. Other than Cozart, everyone currently figured to be in the everyday lineup was in the AL last year. You know who wasn't? The LHB coming from Japan.
  10. Angels sign Cozart to 3-year deal

    His batted ball profile on fly balls changed -- not unlike many others who have seen an offensive surge. Cozart's a nice pick up because he can slide over to 2B next year once Kinsler is gone. Eppler has been yapping about putting an emphasis on defensive flexibility -- Cozart brings that. I think this is also a further indication the Angels fully intend to roll with a 6 man rotation.
  11. Pujols has been terrible

    Apparently not as long as it took for people to start obsessing about Pujols being a disappointment. December 14 of the off-season might be the new record. In other news..... Water remains wet...
  12. MLB investigating Ohtani medical info leak

    Who the hell wasnt? I don't think anyone was wrong to have bought into what he was saying -- dude can talk.. I firmly believe his real future is talking baseball on TV.... But we all wanted Jerry to be awesome and he said all the right crap. Hell, had he just followed up what he said with actions I'd be singing his praises. It's funny because Eppler got here, got labeled a rube.. especially after he talked down his knowledge of sabermetrics but all he's done since then is create an entire analytics team and infuse the team with all kinds of technology and advance thinking.
  13. MLB investigating Ohtani medical info leak

    Pretty sure he's talking about the initial "Jerry Dipoto may be totally full of shit talk".... Tyler, MT.. myself.... Blarg too. There were a few of us that started to openly question why he was getting a free pass from people.. Man.. those drafts were just so putrid... Doc was pretty vocal about those too.
  14. MLB investigating Ohtani medical info leak

    Jesus -- reading that is so hilarious in light of everything that's transpired since then. Early on today on MLB Network's Hot Stove, they were talking about how the Angels looked completely burried and how listless and lacking the roster was and how different the outlook top to bottom is now... Go read Lookout Landing and you'll see a lot of the same shit said around here.. "It's not his fault, he inherited a bad farm system, the owners blah blah". The dude is a svengali... Even now as the Angels have seen a massive turnaround the narrative up there is that nothing that happened in Anaheim was ever his fault and that he's doing amazing things in Seattle...
  15. MLB investigating Ohtani medical info leak

    TY -- wasn't doubting you at all -- just wanted to see if it was something actually been talked about...