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  1. Maybe they are using it to weed people out who are unwilling to even take it...
  2. Inside Pitch

    scioscia's availability

    The Mets.... maybe.. They are looking for a new GM -- apparently there is some sort of struggle between the Wilpons regarding whether to go scouts based or analytics with the next guy. But some reports have Callaway as a possible casualty of the front office changes in NY. Personally, I think MS would hold out for the right job .vs jump back into any managerial position.
  3. Donnie Ecker Angels MVP!!!
  4. Inside Pitch

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    This is something that bears watching as the off-season goes on. Yes, the trend is to chase those types but we have enough of that already and I think Eppler hinted at that when he pointed out the HR totals and run output weren't in line with what you'd expect.
  5. Inside Pitch

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    Meh - it happens. But rest assured we agree that the offense can use a couple upgrades. Mostly, it just needs to get rid of the black holes.
  6. Inside Pitch

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    This is someone getting it.
  7. Inside Pitch

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    Sorry you took offense but -- if you got it, then you wouldn't have responded the way you did and you certainly wouldn't be asking me if I think they are bad. The point was, is, and will always be that whenever someone uses raw data .... the data is lacking context... If you disagree fine -- otherwise you're not really responding to anything I've actually said ... But you clearly had trouble grasping that despite the fact I made my intent pretty obvious by making the statement in bold type. Moreso there is nothing hypothetical about OPS+ it's a weighted measure of what happened -- doesn't mean it's of any use for future predictions but it's not like FIP or some other statistic that tries to argue what "should have been". Lastly, the fact that my post says point blank that they need to improve is all the insight you need as to my opinion of the offense.
  8. LOL -- and where is the ump. Is that guy calling the balls and strikes?
  9. Inside Pitch

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    Dear Lord.... Of course they have to play in Angel Stadium -- that's the damn point, the park will deflate offense and so raw numbers will take a hit -- but the park does that to EVERYONE, not just the Angels hitters. It's not like if Mike Trout played in Boston his raw OPS would remain the same. It could go up 150 points and yet his OPS+ could possibly remain static based on the league data. OPS+ is measured based on every at bat taken in every park by every hitter in MLB and compared to each and every at bat taken by every other hitter in each and every one of those parks -- the intent is to provide perspective. OPS+ supports the fact that Marte -- 77, Valbuena -- 62, Calhoun -- 80 and Pujols -- 92 where all below league average (100). The Angels as a team being a league average offense doesn't change the reality that those guys were bad. So in case someone else is having a hard time grasping a very simple premise let's be very clear.... OPS+ doesn't mask shitty/mediocre play, it exposes it.. Case in point -- Carlos Gonzales posted an OPS of .796 -- pretty awesome right? Well... that was good for a OPS+ of 99 -- just below league average. Meanwhile Justin Upton's .808 was good for an OPS+ of 122. In the world of raw data, they were similar hitters, but in reality -- one was actually very good the other mediocre. ERA+ does the same thing with pitchers.
  10. I think he will make a great manager someday and I'm a believer in his approach as a hitting instructor -- taking pitches, level swing, going up the middle and the other way. But in the age of launch angle, that may be viewed as "old school." The Red Sox definitely saw a HUGE upswing offensively this year hitting 40 more bombs in 18 than they did in 17 -- most of that seems to be from Martinez and Betts -- but Bogaerts saw an uptick as well. Mostly it seems their bench was a world better this year than last. Overall the BoSox went from a 91 OPS+ offense to a 98 OPS+ team when he first got hired, and that figure improved to 112 in his second year before tanking last year... How much those figures has to do with differences on the roster .vs the evolution of the game towards launch angle -- I have no idea. I don't watch the Cubs enough to have an opinion on whether or not he was the cause of their troubles but they went from being a 99 OPS+ offense to a 95 OPS+ offense. But he's been let go two years in a row - those are the facts.
  11. Inside Pitch

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    I didn't respond to anything about Sonny Gray -- the post I responded to made no reference to Gray at all. If your intent was to discuss him I guess it would have been good to include some reference to the guy .vs focusing on the Angels offense. More to the point, you attempted to use raw OPS to paint the Angels as the 20th best offense in MLB. I provided a link for people to see how well they actually performed in relation to the rest of MLB based on weighted data. My intent was to add perspective to your statement -- the Rockies had the 6th best Raw OPS and yet they were 10% below league average offensively while the Angels came in at an even 100. Park effects have a big impact on performance and this remains true even as Angel Stadium played less like a pitcher's park this year. When push comes to shove outscoring your opponents is the end all be all. Winning 4-1 is a more dominant showing than winning 6-5, Historically, run Prevention has been proven to have a greater impact on winning games than does run Production. The Angels problem is that most of the teams ahead of them both did a better job of scoring runs and preventing them. All of the teams with a better record than the Angels in the AL allowed fewer runs, but Tampa (90 wins), and Seattle (89 wins), both scored fewer runs. The Angels need to improve both areas.
  12. Inside Pitch

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    Bingo.... Raw numbers tell us nothing.
  13. Inside Pitch

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates...

    Click on the ops+ column ..... On phone so.... Cut and paste is jacked up.... Sorry. Compare the Ops to the ops+. Like the Rockies were 5th best ops but a below average offense.
  14. Inside Pitch

    Its funny how fast Yankee news escalates... Park effects....