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  1. Sample size has to be taken into consideration but the guy is sporting a .654 OPS in Angel Stadium for his career... his worst among any park with at least 100 PAs -- he's also a butcher with the glove. To date he has never posted a positive dWAR, for his career he's a negative 8.0 WAR defensive player. Cron's worst defensive season he put up a dWAR of 1.3 -- Hosmer has four seasons with a dWAR of negative 1.5 or higher. So besides his track record of failure in Angel Stadium, bad defense, and offensive inconsistency year to year, there is also the concern he might be offered a QO -- it's believed that both Cain and Hosmer might end up with QOs. Personally, I believe the Angels days of throwing big money at players on the bottom end of the defensive spectrum may behind them... But if they did sign Hosmer it would IMO be a sign the team has learned nothing in recent years.
  2. But he's injured.. Jim Edmonds was a legit SP prospect in HS who while showing off in a showcase hurt his arm. It was so bad that he started his pro career as a 1B before finally being able to move back to the OF... Scouts grading during instructs is a bit silly.. they are out there working on particular mechanics and individual skill sets for the most part.
  3. Red Sox dump Farrell as manager

    Poor guy.... That Tribe performance had to hurt.
  4. Worse off how? They didnt play him due to a shoulder issue -- are you saying that they believe the injury is worse than they believed it to be? I haven't heard diddly about it.
  5. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    If a Yankee connection is made - Rick Down (also a former Angels coach) is possible. Both were pretty widely praised by people in MLB while with the Yanks.
  6. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    Chili all the way. Tim Salmon goes out of his way to say how big an impact Davis had on him when he first came up and how often he would point something out after an bat... He also famously put Jim Edmonds into a wall in the clubhouse when Edmonds was being "Jimmy", so he's the sort of guy that commands respect or will thump your melon if you don't act right. Davis is a big proponent of patience, believes in driving a ball, and spent a lot of time under the tutelage of Rod Carew who basically knew everything else there was to know about hitting a baseball. Been wanting Chili Davis for eons -- this might be our best shot.
  7. Red Sox dump Farrell as manager

    Since you didn't bother to quote what you were responding to I'm going to assume you're responding to me.... At no point did I or anyone else say you suggested trading Trout or Simmons, what I did say was that they had all of two players who had any real value beyond Trout and Simmons -- reading is fundamental. This was in response to your prattle about how the team would have been so much better off if they had only listened to you and traded off last offseason (2016) like you were "pining" for. So whatever was said in that podcast "years back" the reality was the Angels had two legitimately trade-able assets beyond Trout and Simmons in July of 2016.
  8. Red Sox dump Farrell as manager

    While juicing.... Next up, a comparison to Adrian Beltre that ignors his TUE and career revival since obtaining it.
  9. Matt Thaiss in the AFL

    Drafted in 2014 -- so, I don't believe so... Selection eligibility Players are eligible for selection in the Rule 5 draft who are not on their major league organization's 40-man roster and: were 18 or younger on the June 5 preceding their signing and this is the fifth Rule 5 draft upcoming; or were 19 or older on the June 5 preceding their signing and this is the fourth Rule 5 draft upcoming.
  10. Red Sox dump Farrell as manager

    Just who exactly where they going to trade off that would bring in this talent? Did you actually see what the team put out on the field last year? Jefry Marte was among the top ten WAR earners... So -- lets recap the amazing tradable assets... Their .209 hitting 25 year old catcher? The guy that was obtained as part of a package deal along with Tropeano for Hank effing Conger? Their 26 year old 1B/DH still looking for his first .500 slg% season? Their 28 year old 2B who couldn't catch the plague in medieval London and got DFA'd despite the massive gaping hole that was 2B? Simmons? Who they traded away two pitchers for 3 months earlier and who at 26 is arguably the best SS in the AL? Mike Trout?? because nothing says "we are serious about winning" like trading away a generational talent. Rafael Ortega was the leading at bat getter in LF -- he was so in demand his only taker last off-season was San Diego where he spent the entire season in AAA. Pujols and his 24 mil AAV? Escobar who they did try to move and the guy who covers the team repeatedly told us nobody wanted? They had ONE guy with any semblance of value -- Calhoun. One. Pitching wise they had Weaver, his magically disappearing FB and Jhoulys Chacin two guys so much in demand they too ended up signing with the Padres. Street was injured. Richards, Skaggs and Tropeano were injured and gone for the year. Salas WAS traded. Santiago WAS traded.... So you had Bedrosian at 24, and Shoemaker who was sporting an ERA of 4.50 at the deadline... I think people who believe this probably wanted to see the team spend like the Yankees and Red Sox and were happy to see the team jump into the AP sweepstakes. Because -- "Oh boy, they were REALLY trying." Yes, yes..... The only way Moreno can show he really cares is to spend even more money... Angel fan logic 101.
  11. Kind of a pussy

    I had friends in the Cinci system when he was there -- pretty much to a man they all said that Dusty for all his warts connects with players across the spectrum. So you're likely right that his willingness to cover their asses plays into it. For good or bad, they all believed Dusty had their back and it was them .vs the world.
  12. Red Sox dump Farrell as manager

    South FL is Yankee Red Sox country.... All the Boston drama makes it way to the sports stations down here -- the Red Sox were a huge melodrama all season long.
  13. Kind of a pussy

    Shame is one hell of a motivator... Props to him for going from pussing out to balling out.