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  1. Inside Pitch

    WT Serious F Manfred?

  2. Pretty much.... Before him he was Rafael something... 27 year olds picked up off the discard file tend not to have a lot of trade value.
  3. Inside Pitch

    Home Run Derby staged, Harper was predetermined winner

    That's just it -- reading them it came off exactly like the sort of false bravado and wannabe edgy type of crap a pubescent male would say while talking shit. It's pretty clearly a case of a teenager trying to talk tough behind the safety of the internet. Some are arguing that his not having removed the tweets is a sign he saw nothing wrong with what he said, I'd sooner take it to mean he didn't give it any real weight. I think it says more about the people that actually went back 7-8 years to try to find something to bitch about than it does Hader.
  4. Inside Pitch

    Home Run Derby staged, Harper was predetermined winner

    Have you seen the Hader tweet condemnation? The dude tweeted out ignorant childish shit as a 17 year old -- stuff that reads like rap lyrics and now he's a racist homophobic misogynist who should have his career taken away from him ... at least that's the take from the usual suspects on social media. He's currently 24, the tweets are 7 years old, and the talk from some is that he should have to "pay" for what he said. Dude went so far as to have his wife tell members of his family to take their jerseys off to avoid being harassed at the ASG.
  5. Inside Pitch

    WT Serious F Manfred?

    Do you think MLB could do a better job of marketing it's players? When you watch other sports they seem to go out of their way to showcase players -- do you think some of it has to do with a fear of players gaining even more bargaining power by becoming even more popular with fans? I ask because I do believe that a lot of ownership decisions are made with an eye towards the bottom dollar -- not faulting that so much as acknowledging the reality that the players union in MLB has always been ridiculously more powerful than in any other sport.
  6. Inside Pitch

    WT Serious F Manfred?

    Five seconds of watching Mike Trout interact with fans at every single game in any city and any conversation of his need to engage is over with. It's a stupid comment -- I get the point he's making but I think he could have worded it better.
  7. The numbers thing is more of a recent thing as more and more people got interested in tracking minor leaguers. Going back to the early 90s, it was really uncommon to hear people attach ERA figures to projection -- it was always inning workloads and dominance. True 1s were seen as guy who could grow into 220-240 IP horses. 2s were viewed as guys in the 200-220 range with the potential to dominate games. Threes were viewed as league average or better guys who could get you to 180 innings. A four was thought to be capable of 180 below league average innings, and fives were viewed as rotation filler -- swing man types. Go back to 2014, when everyone and their brother started to really tinker with shortening pitcher starts -- the AL had five guys who reached 220+ innings, (Scherzer, Price, Felix, Kluber and Shields) and two guys that just missed at 219 innings -- Lester and Sonny Gray. There were only 19 guys who managed even 200 IP . These days the numbers likely have more to do with the quality of those innings than a pitcher's ability to own the game. My guess is a solid three someone capable of putting up a league average ERA -- that may seem a bit underwhelming but consider this. That same 2014 season was one of the more pitching dominant seasons in recent memory with the league average AL SP ERA coming in at 3.81... Know how many qualifying SPs posted ERA's of 3.81 or better? -- 28. Of those 28, only 20 managed as many as 180 innings. So, a guy grading out as a #3 really isn't as shitty as you might be led to believe by a lot of prospect sites. The reality is that most SPs in MLB fall short of what was the traditional # 3 profile.
  8. Inside Pitch

    Upton’s defense

    Or he's as streaky with the glove as he is the bat. The issue with defense is that there are fewer defensive opportunities than there are offensive ones -- so, a guy has a string of bad plays and you could be talking about a weeks worth of games .vs five at bats all in the same game.
  9. Inside Pitch

    Upton’s defense

    People like to bash data -- even as it's grown in relevance throughout baseball.
  10. Inside Pitch

    Upton’s defense

    You have that backwards.... The metrics have always been unkind towards his defense, he's a negative 5 war dWAR player for his career. CConvrrsely his defensive reputation has always been good. The metrics had him as a -.6 defender last year. His reputation had him as a GG finalist. I think the truth is he's as streaky with glove as he is his bat.
  11. Hopefully the second the deadline passes and Valbuena has been either moved or released.
  12. That's actually Latin for Joe Maddon.
  13. Good call -- forgot they dunked Liriano earlier this week
  14. Something has to be up.. Can't picture them moving guys up to not play them everyday...
  15. Whoa...... Walsh? Where is he gonna play?