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  1. Read differently, but you clearly referenced when talking about Trout. No big deal either way.
  2. Gotcha. They have reworked the swings of quite a few guys so... no shocker if they are tinkering with him. But yeah -- I had not heard a lot of talk about his load from outside sources.
  3. I ranked him ahead of Jones in our round table prospect rankings, mostly because the power potential is kinda silly for a guy his size, the kid has crazy fast twitch. Anyway, I'm asking because I guess I haven't followed or tuned it out.. but has there been a lot of talk about his load being a concern in prospect circles or is this an Angels in house conversation? I don't typically worry about rookie league loads, so long as the guy doesn't have a loopy hitch in his swing I tend not to worry. Maybe I didnt pay enough attention to it last year. I actually wondered if all the scrutiny the other Bahamian kid got for his load and the reworking that went into it didn't have a negative impact on him.
  4. Inside Pitch

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    They may turn out ok still. Jordan Yamamoto was called up last week from AA and pitched 7 innings of shutout ball in his debut, he's being rushed like a lot of Marlins prospects but at least he didn't fall flat on his face. Isan Diaz has been raking in AAA after completely laying an egg last year, but PCL. Likewise Monte Harrison has had a nice comeback season. Thing is, while those guys are looking like they might actually end up being something the headliner in that deal (Brinson), has been a total bust and is also down in AAA and also hitting well albeit he's a couple years older. So.. despite New Orleans being as close to a neutral park as there is in the PCL, its hard to guage if those guys have actually turned the corner or simply benefiting from playing in the PCL.
  5. ? The topic is ranked number 2 by Baseball America.... Thus my response. Neither Trout not Ohtani were ranked number 1. Trout was second to Bryce Harper in 2011. Ohtani was second to Ronald Acuna jr. in 2018. So, nope.
  6. Inside Pitch

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    I thought I read that Stallings and Peek were as good as signed, but they clearly haven't been....
  7. He really was such a freaking weasel... Dude argued with me about pitcher abuse in the Angels system, told me I was a dumbass no-nothing, he said my opinions were without merit... This despite having pointed to a great deal of data and actually having knowledge of the system, it's coaches and their methodologies... A few months later he turned around and penned an article for Baseball America using most of my info as his own... About pitcher injuries and usage. This from the dude that threatened legal action if anyone linked to one of his pictures.
  8. Jerry Dipoto, Hitler, Stephen C Smith.... Marry one, @#$% one, Kill one, Go! I'm kidding but.....
  9. If you didn't banned by that twat then we can't be friends...
  10. Mostly I responded to his fluff with facts.... It would miss him off.
  11. My favorite part about this is the Stephen C Smith quote. I swear that may have been one of his responses aimed at me before he banned me from his site for attempting to "infest it with numbers gobbledygook."
  12. What opinion? You posted comments about Brandon Wood in a conversation about Adell. Where is the opinion? Btw, I was one of the skeptics on Wood, there was a lot of underlying data that argued he was going to struggle.. I caught shit for it but my argument wasn't Brandon Wood is going to suck because George Arias did So what's the opinion based on?
  13. Inside Pitch

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    So I think the top 10 is locked up save for 7th rounder that's still in the CWS.
  14. Inside Pitch

    The Official 2019 MLB Draft Thread

    Same... Pretty content with how the signings have come along.