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  1. Inside Pitch

    The Angels seem pretty bad

    You beat me to it!
  2. Player A -- 3/50 Player B -- 13/330
  3. Inside Pitch

    Highway Bribery

    I should have had used that as an avatar at
  4. Inside Pitch

    Highway Bribery

    Come at me Bro!
  5. Inside Pitch

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Give him time, he's coming to grips with Trout in 2030 vs 2020.
  6. Inside Pitch

    Highway Bribery

    I agree!
  7. Inside Pitch

    Highway Bribery

    Shut-up, dick!
  8. Inside Pitch

    Highway Bribery

    Well, being absolutely wrong about every prediction for two years has a way of humbling a guy too....
  9. Inside Pitch

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    This is Amazing!
  10. I'm still cautiously optimistic. There are a lot of factors involved, the weather I think has been the biggest issue maybe. Weather is also why I'm trying to avoid getting too worked up about all the early pitching performances. Your boy Rojas is more than holding his own in AAA and might be carving out a MLB career. As far as Maintan goes, apparently he has yet to hit rock bottom.
  11. Inside Pitch

    lol A's (Kyler Murray)

    Yep... Rangers ownership did it for all the wrong reasons and ruined that kid's career.
  12. Inside Pitch

    The Angels definitely won the Simmons/Newcomb trade

    I think mostly they are sending him down as a bit of a soft reset, to let him work on his command. As many hits as he's given up he's kept the ball in the yard and given how HR happy MLB is these days that's a testament to how heavy his FB is even when he's getting tagged. Still, anytime you're allowing almost 2 base-runners per inning and posting a BB/9 near 6.0 along with a K/9 under 4.0, you're not doing well. The flipside of course is that his unwillingness to do that may have extended the window as long as it did -- because the two guys that came in behind him were awfully bad at their jobs while here.
  13. Inside Pitch

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Interesting start to 2019 so far.... Yankee injuries getting a lot of press and keepiing the Red Sox close despite their putrid start. Rays looking like everything falling into place and they have prospects galore about to come up.... Their pitching stands a chance of getting a lot better and it's already elite. Houston looks so different when Altuve is Altuve.... He's come around and bam!. Here comes Houston!!! Seattle likes to swing and occasionally misses. Oakland is all over the place and Matt Chapman is awesome. I'd love to see Simmons and Chapman make an all star game and have everything on the ground be hit to them. Angels are faking their way through injuries again.... sucks they didn't get to tee off of on Chatwood, they could have easily managed 2 hits off him!! (21 walks maybe). Rangers have played well for the talent level imo. AL Central is the division to be in if you like mediocrity. Indians bats are awful. Twins have a lot of upside and look alternately great and awful at bat to bat and pitch to pitch minus Berrios. Pideda looks good again after TJS, Polanco has outplayed all their hyped up prospects, and Astudillo is Bartolo Colon, the pitching version.... KC and the CWS seem awful, and I'd be happy with the future if I was a Tiger fan. Gonna watch the NL the next couple of weeks.... Need to get into so I can fling poop at Dodger fans... All in all, the AL has been entertaining so far.
  14. Billy Martin was the anti-christ for pitchers, but that sort of treatment was more commonplace in that era... Terry Collins had the benefit of information all pointing out the dangers of pitcher abuse and yet he dismissed it all and questioned their toughness.