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  1. Inside Pitch

    Andrew Luck retiring

    He's got 75 mil in the bank and a still functioning brain... Why risk losing one to add to the other. Colts fans have to be pretty let down but man -- they should have built a line to protect him. I don't think I've seen a guy take as much consistent abuse this side of David Carr.
  2. Inside Pitch

    Players weekend uniforms

    Victor nails it...
  3. Spending money isn't the answer, they just need to sign players that "know how to win" ... (Like Hosmer)
  4. ......and just like that we have a new narrative.
  5. I can make out Claude, and Vladdy, but who is the other guy?
  6. Nice attempt to misdirect, again... what is that, the 5th time now? AP not being a waste isn't something anyone is arguing, what has been pointed out is that your hand picked, super-awesome alternative, a proven winner who would have made the Angels better if not for them being shackled with Albert's contract has actually been worse. You can look up how much money the Angels have already wasted on AP, but just remember that at his current pace of production it's going to take your golden boy SEVEN YEARS to match the value attained by AP in his FIRST YEAR in Anaheim. I know you think you're being clever but... get a grip already.
  7. Who is discounting the Royals winning a WS? Eric Hosmer won a WS, so did Buddy Biancalana. None of that has ever been up for debate. To remind you of what actually has been... I pointed out your tendency to flip flop between calling the Angels cheap and them mocking them for spending millions. I pointed to your hypocrisy in chiding the Angels for needing to spend more money while ignoring the reality the Yankees do too (Astros just traded for a 34 mil a year contract too). I pointed out the idiocy in believing some players are just winners by nature and that the Angels need simply find them Lastly I pointed to your poster child of a "proven winner" and someone you believed worthy of throwing millions at it if not for the Angels being stuck with AP. To date he's a complete waste of 42 million. That's it...
  8. Inside Pitch

    Angel Pitching woes and free agency

    @Jay I had never seen this before... It's great!
  9. Ha! I actually used bWAR because it was kinder to Hosmer and wanted to paint him in the best light possible.. But yes, his fWAR combined the last two years is 0.5... 42 mil down 102 mil to go.... At his current pace it will take him 7 years to surpass the 3.3 fWAR Pujols managed in his first season in Anaheim. But we should have signed him because "proven winner"
  10. Awww -- so that explains your Angels hate.. They stole your man...
  11. I'm not surprised you didn't see it was done in jest.. I mean I was mirroring YOU... I even spotted you an "LOL" and everything ... but again, you're not a smart man... Now, "dance monkey, dance!"
  12. I agree. It doesn't. As I said the last time I intentionally pulled a Clod, every so often I like to see what it's like to play your game., And again, you're right -- I'm smarter than that, I wish you were.
  13. Ill hang it right next to my City of Anaheim name-gate victory banners.
  14. Inside Pitch

    Arm Mismanagement

    You know whats funny -- the White Sox were being talked about for the amazing job they had done at preventing injuries 5 years ago...