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  1. Maddon goose is cooked...
  2. Inside Pitch

    Mark Langston had a heart attack

    Lets call it a tie...
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    Other than keeping up on the kiddie corps -- Simmons is the ONLY reason to watch.
  4. People on this message board lamented AP's contract keeping the Angels from adding this potential "upgrade"
  5. Too busy putting on a HR show during BP to actually try to reach base as a leadoff hitter.
  6. Inside Pitch

    Jaime Barria

    Pretty awesome that when I first tried one this thread I got the fatal error message... The internet is all knowing.
  7. Marsh once again 2-4 with a walk last night. Jam Jones 1-3 with a walk ... Adell -- 0-5 2 Ks. Bates, Warren, Mattson combined to throw 4.1 innings of shut out RP, 6 Ks 1BB
  8. Inside Pitch

    Andrew Heaney

    Yep, his xFIP this year is 4.20 -- nearly a full run lower. So even with a league average HR/9 the dude would be a drastically improved pitcher. His FB tendencies make him much more susceptible to HR happy balls. At the other end of the spectrum, Dakota Hudson owes a lot of his success to his being able to induce GBs..
  9. Inside Pitch

    Andrew Heaney

    Best chance at that is they revert the changes to the ball. So long as he remains a "two pitch" starter he will remain HR prone.
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    Jim Edmonds

  11. Inside Pitch

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    Preach! Goes to show it's possible to disagree and not have a discussion go sideways.
  12. Inside Pitch

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    My point had nothing to do with the 2016 or ANY draft in particular ... MY POINT is that it's completely ridiculous to point to any group of age appropriate for their level pitchers currently in High A and AA and then argue they would be any better than guys the same age currently in MLB, pitchers who actually put up better predictive numbers while in AA. If anyone is "stuck" on something it's not me... I'm way less interested in arguing about the particulars of any one draft -- in fact, if you go through this thread you won't find me arguing in favor of any of the picks made by Eppler. Hell, the guy I wanted when we took Adams hasn't even been mentioned -- Logan Gilbert (he was taken two spots before him).
  13. Inside Pitch

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    So let me get this straight. The ONLY draft that Eppler can be judged on is the one he had all of 2 months of amateur baseball to prepare for? Is that what Chuck was saying when I "changed the narrative"? Because if so.. I got joke, lots of them. BTW... you've done this before and while I can appreciate the idea behind it you can spare me the talk about people being capable of being in favor of his overall performance while still being critical of Eppler.. I don't have a problem with people being critical of him, I've done it. I went on record BEFORE we signed them that I wanted no part of Allen or Harvey, I have also said from day one that he has to wear his FA mistakes -- do I need to call him names in order for that to register as a criticism? I would if I actually thought he deserved it. What I'm not guilty of doing is pulling a 180 and pretending all the things I have said in favor of him previously were suddenly false. I haven't forgotten what he had and didn't have when he got here. I didn't forget what things likely factored into the decision making then, nor am I using hindsight to criticize him now. I don't think the guy is perfect by any means but, I'm not going to knee-jerk and pretend he's a moron all of sudden after a bad season. Everything that was in place coming into this season still is, only now there are a couple added positives in LaStella and Goodwin -- Rengifo too although I think most people think he's been worse than he actually has due to his batting average. Lastly, I've said repeatedly he'd be making a huge mistake in not getting out in front of the FA market and signing a upper echelon pitcher in advance of Gerrit Cole. If they pin their hopes on one guy and end up scrambling I'll be apeshit. Also, IMO trading Marsh would be a mistake, he hasn't shown power yet but he's likely the safest bet we have to be a quality above average position player. So, IMO if ever there was a year when Arte needed to prove he is willing to spend it's this one.
  14. Inside Pitch

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    Complete ignorance? What do you call pretending the Angels position player situation wasn't just as awful if not worse than the pitching that at it's worst had Richards, Santiago, Skaggs, Heaney, Shoemaker, and Tropeano? Either you suddenly believe the man is an idiot or you were lying to yourself when you were praising him previously. For me nothing has changed -- he came into a horrible situation and started from ground zero minus the luxury of any financial freedom. Hindsight means we now know that all the pitching he had in place would end up getting hurt but, the rotation was supposedly the one thing he had to build off of, so he did. Even now, after focusing on the position player side of things the Angels are thin prospect wise. This 180 after the fact is just revisionist history and I'm not going to waste a lot of time pretending otherwise. You're preaching to the choir about what he needs to do next -- the only difference is I've remained consistent in what he came into and what he's managed to do.
  15. Inside Pitch

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    Deja vu.... Suarez is 21 years old and has zero command currently. He shouldnt be pitching in MLB but he's been forced to do so. I'm a hug stats guy and Im not even bothering looking at his numbers -- even the ones that show some promise like his K rate and the numbers .vs LHBs Dude isn't ready.
  16. Inside Pitch

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    Now tell us who outside of Cahill and Harvey (you loved that one), were bought in to be anything other than organized filler. Jesse Chavez? Who was supposed to fill the gap until Skaggs and Richards came back from one of their injuries???
  17. Inside Pitch

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    Mike Soroka did it too. Doesn't change the reality that few have that type of success -- it's not the norm. Heck, you can almost name 4 or 5 guys on the Braves who are highly touted and have struggled.
  18. Joe Blanton needs to be added to Godwins Law... I mean I don't disagree or anything but GD that guy....
  19. Inside Pitch

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    And yet none of the can be counted on to be ready on opening day. Those guys change nothing about the Angels need to sign pitchers, they are essentially what we have only they got to play it out in the minors. Again, they are the same ages (or older) as our guys only they're 2-3 levels behind them and in some cases performed worse. Dylan Cease, Mitch Keller, Justus Sheffield, Brendan McKay... All top 50 guys who performed well in AA but have been bitch-slapped upon reaching MLB. It's a pretty big leap from AA to MLB, now made even harder by the juiced up baseballs
  20. Inside Pitch

    The Angels amateur drafts under Billy Eppler

    Chuck, which of these polished college pitchers in high A and AA you listed is going to be MLB ready on opening day and make it so the Angels wouldnt need to pursue 2-3 to FA pitchers or trade the farm? Those guys would change absolutely nothing and based on actual stats it's hard to argue the guys we have been watching get beat up at the MLB level wouldn't be outperforming them had they been kept in AA.
  21. Inside Pitch

    Let's bring Eddie Bane back!!

    It makes sense if you consider what his job is... I think it might have been a context thing. By that I simply mean that you can tell if a guy has plate discipline or pitch recognition pretty easily, but it's impossible to project a swing or how it will translate at upper levels if the guy isn't taking hacks. I'm fairly certain that was where he was coming from and not so much a Billy Hatcher "walks are a fake stat" sort of devaluation of walks. He came to Anaheim from TB, and left us for Boston, both franchises are pretty fond of players who can walk. Who knows. Again, I'm arguing in favor of being employed as a cross checker -- so, he would mostly be one of the final guys to go out and give a tools recommendation,... whatever his take on analytics and the sort it really be a part of his job. I have always made the same argument, that draft sort of merited a guy getting fired. At the same time, Chuck has at various points said he was under instruction to chase particular types of players at particular price-points. How much that factored into the equation I dunno, but it's hard to argue with his successes the previous year. Do the two drafts cancel each other out -- I dunno, but there is little question the farm system he played a part in developing helped drive the Angels late golden era success.