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  1. Marsh is 6'4" 220 and nowhere near maxed out. Dude is maybe the biggest launch angle candidate in the system given his GB rate of nearly 50%. All that being said, when looking at his power numbers please consider his age, the league, and the park he plays in. The park adjusted triple slash numbers for the Southern League are .242/.318/.363 - .680. Marsh is at .295/.392/.405 - .797 He's not Adell, but he's still well above average and he's as good a bet to break out as anyone in the system.
  2. Inside Pitch

    Noe Ramirez

    Noe's problem is and always has been his propensity to allow the HR.. He's a perfectly fine middle reliever.
  3. Inside Pitch

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    Whoever trades for him can demand no "take-backsies"...
  4. Inside Pitch

    Market Heating Up for Ray?

    It changes a lot of stuff that makes zero sense ... The most recent build seems even more nutty than previous versions.
  5. Inside Pitch

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    The Angels could sign that fan in Texas (Choo HR) to play 1B.....
  6. Inside Pitch

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    One of the talking heads on MLB network was talking about Houston trading for Robbie Ray and the starting point was JB. Bukauskas, Forest Whitley and Derek Fisher... So, yeah.
  7. Inside Pitch

    Kole Calhoun trade value

    If they wanted a corner OFer, Seattle has Domingo Santana, makes 2 mil, club control through 2022... They aren't taking on 14 mil salaries.
  8. What a great weekend of baseball
  9. Inside Pitch

    Harvey's Back!

    We need a Lou signal..... But for now this will have to do
  10. Inside Pitch

    Showing Up Matters

    So.... Last night... Tyler Skaggs showed up. It was beautiful. #45
  11. Inside Pitch

    Rapsodo Devices & Doug White

    Ty.... This is sort of what I was thinking/hoping you would say.... that they are applying different processes depending on the situation and not simply automating everything.
  12. Adell 3 overall behind Franco and Gore.
  13. I just wanted to put that Blades of Glory gif up... I'm sure Hockey was your first love... And poutine.
  14. Oh, you stop... As a kid in Canada your sports fantasies were probably about figure skating....
  15. I think because I played SS, 2B and catcher, I always played it out in my head where there was contact. Also that Rose/Fosse collision had been burned into my head as a kid.
  16. Closest I came to it was my sophomore year of HS when Jim Campanis Jr., stood right at the plate as I was going in and he had to go to his right away from the plate and I had a clear line to home but, I can't tell you what I was thinking going down the line other than oh shit, that dude is big.
  17. Played through college and never once had a play that was close enough for it to even cross my mind... Which is sort of why I believe he just freaked and reacted.
  18. Give the manager and ump crew battle bots.... Up the ante!
  19. Because while the rules changed we all grew up watching catchers get trucked in home plate collisions. The play was ugly, and dirty by current standards but I actually do believe he simply made a bad decision and reverted to what he grew up viewing as the norm... I mean if people are honest how many can say they remember being a kid nd visualizing themselves making the perfect slide at home on the outside of the plate. Pretty much every time I played that situation out in my head as kid I was bowling the catcher over.