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  1. ScottT


    Not a lot, but the numbers give him the edge defensively. Ichiro's numbers would look a bit better if you traded his 25 & 26 year old seasons for the last three. The difference in Hall of Fame votes is going to be immense. Weird how that happens.
  2. Don't think it is any benefit to the club. It is a bit of a risk, actually. I was wondering what MLB rules were about signing bonuses, but I haven't found much. Most things I come across are about draft signing bonuses. Bryce Harper gets paid half on June 1, half on November 1.
  3. Assuming Mike Trout claims New Jersey residency, not California, this indicates he would save money taking $20 million as a signing bonus instead of salary. Taxing Signing Bonuses The state in which a player lives has major tax effects on signing bonuses included in a contract, assuming proper language is included regarding the signing bonus. Signing bonuses are generally taxed based on a taxpayer’s resident state. This means if a player receives a signing bonus from your favorite team, the signing bonus is taxed in the state the player is a resident and not the state the team is located in. Depending on the circumstances, this can save a player millions of dollars in tax savings.
  4. ScottT


    I think it was cool, but strange. Good thing the Mariners won both games.
  5. It's official. Press conference 3pm Sunday
  6. Offense is always way up in Spring Training. You are facing a lot of bad pitchers. A veteran like Bourjos should do well against young guys and retreads. I wish I was a "believer" in Bourjesus (he's a nice guy and I saw him hit his first career home run in Minnesota), but the man has a career .240/.296/.382 slash line in 2,288 plate appearances, and he's been worse lately. He seems like a hell of a longshot to contribute offensively.
  7. Mike Trout deserves a lot of credit.
  8. ScottT

    Mets new monthly SRO plan intriguing.

    Newer stadiums have good areas for standing. Angel Stadium not so much
  9. ScottT

    Future ST battles

    2044 Mike Trout Jr vs Jo Adell Jr
  10. Next up.... Roger Lodge.... 20 years. $100,000
  11. I've only heard clips of Stephen A Smith before today.... and it's usually talking about basketball. I often laugh when some of these talk show hosts talk baseball.... Dan Patrick included... but I'm not sure it's fair to expect them to be knowledgeable and remember everything about every team. Not everyone can be Roger Lodge.
  12. Lol. Jessica Mendoza is disappointed, KNOWS the Phillies will be in contention every year and in the World Series hahahahahahahaha Suck it, Jessica!