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  1. ScottT

    The Official TROUTstanding Thread

    1st in.... WAR, wOBA, WRC+, OBP, SLG, OPS, OPS+, Runs, Walks, Runs Created, Adj Batting Runs, Adj Batting Wins, Extra Base Hits, Times On Base, Offensive Win %, Intentional Walks, RE24, WPA, WPA/LI, REW 2nd... HR, HBP, 3rd... Total Bases 4th.... RBI
  2. Goodwin's OPS is under .650 in May and June.
  3. Unlikely Goodwin matches Goodwin's performance thus far. Very likely Upton outperforms Goodwin thus far. He has every year of his career
  4. ScottT

    Another Trout Slump

    Like clockwork Am I too early?
  5. ScottT

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Did the Mariners draft his son? I always love those stories. Matt Scioscia and Brandon Lodge in the same draft. #neverforget
  6. And not all that impressive. I knew he had a good year offensively last season, but I didn't realize his career SLG was so low. It's bit better this year, but with sporadic at bats. A poor next two games and it's down to career levels. I like him as a backup, but it's no slam dunk that he'll be better than Lucroy going forward. Lucroy has been cold... and is likely to turn that around. Inconsistency is arguably the most consistent thing in baseball. Especially when it comes to hitting. Hence, the nonsense on this board about saying how well or poorly Mike Trout or anyone else is doing.... followed by... "like clockwork"
  7. Jose Mota to Kevan Smith: "You know a lot about receiving some tough guys..."
  8. Tropicana Field looks a little like New York New York Casino with those weird street lights. They should add fire hydrants for dog days.
  9. Another good outing for Bedrosian. Did anyone notice?
  10. I dont want to see any at bats from the roof. Especially Mike Trout at bats
  11. ScottT

    Alex Curry

    T-Ball has a lot more action and emotion than MLB. I prefer watching MLB. The US women's team has a lot less compeition for obvious reasons. Comparing their skill level to the men's team based on results... is shortsighted at best. Alex Curry played soccer at San Diego State... and this thread is silly.
  12. I hope Ohtani doesn't hit for the cycle. I hope he hits a home run.