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  1. I've considered the possibility of Bregman being named MVP. When it was first announced Trout would miss the last two weeks, I was a little concerned. Look around though. Almost nobody but Astros people are arguing Bregman. He's being considered, but he's gonna fall short
  2. WAR isn't perfect.... isn't everything... and Trout is far ahead in other numbers. Bregman may sit for a couple games. If you think winning MVP doesn't matter to Trout... or the Angels organization, you are delusional. It's not a World Series, but he cares. They care. Fans care.
  3. Seems liike all of the Angels top picks lately are well spoken. Considering a quick trip to AZ for the AFL. Would've probably planned a layover this weekend had I known he'd be there.
  4. Articles like this one certainly don't hurt Trout's cause. The only link I've seen that argued for Bregman was
  5. Seems like Trout will win and it won't be close. It probably won't be unanimous. 30 voters is such a small number, though and weird things can happen with that small of a sample size. Never know who you are gonna get with those 30. I think they should increase the number of voters.
  6. ScottT

    Trout having surgery

    Sure sounds like he's gonna win.
  7. ScottT

    Trout having surgery

    I think he still has a shot at MVP.
  8. ScottT

    Why are fans like this??

    I dont think most fans are like that. Those fans are just louder. It's like anything else... people are more likely to post/voice complaints than praise. Frustration causes people to say even more ridiculous things. I always laugh when people say a team looks flat... or something similar. Especially when it comes to baseball.
  9. ScottT

    Bregman for MVP

    Trout isnt just leading in WAR. His contextual stats are far ahead.... as is OPS+ 38 out out of 38 surveyed say they would vote for Trout. Only way it gets the least bit interesting if things go very poorly the rest of the season... like if Trout is shut down
  10. ScottT

    Bregman for MVP

    Doesn't mean his home park doesn't help him
  11. ScottT

    Bregman for MVP

    Hot take alert! Well, it would be if Richard Justice actually thought Bregman should be MVP. Hr didn't actually say that, did he?
  12. Cole, Odorizzi, Rendon, and Grandal... or bust.
  13. Cuttin in close this year. I'm sure we'll see some great ticket deals in the next month. Gotta get that outfield wall painted by the last homestand.
  14. Kershaw has allowed 3 homers and struck out 11 in 6 innings. It is kinda boring baseball, but I think adjustments will be made. If it doesn't happen naturally in the next 5 years, MLB has to step in and make aggressive changes