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  1. All bullpens are a gamble.
  2. ScottT

    Angels acquire John Curtiss

    Pretty sure this means Mike Trout is signing with the Phillies.
  3. ScottT

    Napoli Retires

    Interesting is how labels/perception (maybe, reality) can either change or differ based on the situation. Not sure Napoli was ever labeled as a clubhouse cancer, but the popular theory on this board seemed to be Scioscia didn't like him because he was lazy... or something to that effect. Now, he's widely considered a good clubhouse guy and was immediately considered for a coaching job. Maybe Scioscia will hire both him and Mathis as coaches in the future. That'd be amusing.
  4. ScottT

    Napoli Retires Interestingly, Mike Napoli interviewed with the Chicago Cubs before they filled their recent coaching vacancies, per Fancred’s Jon Heyman (via Twitter). It’s been less than a month since the former All-Star announced his retirement, but now that the Cubs went in a different direction, Napoli will have no trouble enjoying his time off. Napoli was always touted as a positive influence who buoyed clubhouse morale with intensity and charm, and there’s plenty reason to believe there is a future in coaching for him, if he so chooses.
  5. ScottT

    Griffin Canning and Jose Suarez

    I'd be surprised if Canning didn't pitch in MLB in 2019.
  6. Maybe Hernandez is lazy. Maybe Dipoto is racist. Maybe Martin is bat shit crazy. Maybe the earth is flat. I have no idea who is telling the whole truth. I suspect, like someone suggested, the truth is somewhere in between.
  7. ScottT

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    I agree, but at this point, Barria is a lock.
  8. ScottT

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey thinks Barria isn't a lock for the rotation. Who the hell is Dillon Peters?
  9. ScottT

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    I think Arte made more than $4 million in ad revenue from Japanese companies last year.
  10. ScottT

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    Didn't see this coming. Don't mind it. One year deals are fantastic. My money or not.
  11. ScottT

    Harold Reynolds is a dope

    I kinda miss when he did MLB Now with Brian Kenny. I wonder if either of them do, though. It was a bit of a train wreck. I guess we can still look forward to when they do the top ten second basemen right now..... and Harold ranks random old weak hitting guy fourth. Or when he does top 100 and says 200 players deserved to be in the top 100 Harold seems like a good dude... he does laugh at himself... and they mock him on the off season morning show all the time.
  12. He asked Ken Rosenthal if a double was counted the same as a home run when calculating slugging percentage. I understand not being into statistics or up on the latest ones, but how can a man that played baseball for so long and now been around people talking about it constantly... ask such a question. Hilarious.