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  1. Funny, I though this was a message board where opinions could be expressed. I’m pretty sure non of us is getting sued and DiPoto is a public figure. And, he has motive since he was probably a finalist for Ohtani and lost and his former employer got him instead. My money is on him being the one who leaked. As he showed at the end with the Angels, he lacks emotional intelligence and will do whatever he can to have himself portrayed in a positive light. DiPoto is a great example of someone who talks a good game, he’s activity without achievement. He was unable to build any type of meaningful relationships, either with MS or the players (who supported MS in the infamous “meeting”. The ENTIRE Scoscia issue is all on him. Funny how Eppler doesn’t seem to have any issues with MS or hides them very well.
  2. What is your all-time MLB A-hole team?

    No, that was a normal day for Edmonds. As an example, he got a base hit and when the opposing 1B (who was knows as being personable) asked him how he was doing, his response was “great now that you guys are in town”. Again, it’s one example, but I understand he was that way with everyone. Huge ego.
  3. What is your all-time MLB A-hole team?

    Jim Edmonds. He was very unpopular among players. Very inflated opinion of himself.
  4. Another way to potentially think of this is the value of retaining their first round pick. Signing a similar player could cost a first rounder, whereas you don’t lose that with Upton. I have to say, however, that I don’t know if any of their other target would cause them to lose the pick.
  5. One move Eppler maybe regretting

    That was the way I remember it as well. He wasn't pitching well enough at AAA to bring up, so he asked for his release (even made his first start for Boston against us).
  6. Mike Leake?

    Have to believe that DiPoto is at the top of the St. Louis Cardinals GM's speed dial list. The Cards GM probably had his entire staff around him when he called DiPoto and put him on speaker. I'm sure some of them were trying real hard to not laugh when DiPoto jumped at the opportunity.
  7. Basically, you want Eppler to go to Dipoto. A lot of good arguments here about that being highly unlikely. I had low expectations this year, so what is happening now is gravy. I would rather take the off season to make the needed moves rather than a knee jerk trade, especially one that could affect what seems to be good clubhouse chemistry. Besides, Heaney coming back and Skaggs already back is better than anything you would get in a trade.
  8. Trout Returns Friday!

    Without doubt, Judge's first half performance guarantees the MVP for him. Respectfully, Yasiel Puig
  9. Returning to the international market

    What everyone didn't know that while DiPoto was charismatic, his ability to build effective relationships with the staff was pretty limited. Eppler may be exact opposite - not as charismatic, but accessible to staff and values relationships. It also doesn't hurt that it seems pretty clear that he is very comfortable in the role. It sure would have been nice if he had a crack at the international market last year as well.....
  10. I'm rooting for him as well. I had heard the same from coaches about Baldoquin as well. Works hard, very coachable, but the combination of expectations and moving to the U.S. may have been too much for him. I think sending him down may have the benefit of lessening those expectations and maybe giving him more confidence. He was probably in High A before he was ready. It's also unfortunate that he is the poster child for the DiPoto failures. We all know that there are plenty of other examples to choose from....
  11. Kind of similar to his last at bat in game 5 of the 1986 ALCS. No patience.....
  12. So, I count 10 of the top 20 were drafted or acquired by Eppler. I'll give props to Eppler and leave it at that....
  13. Dipoto still churning the M's roster

    With Eppler it's pretty clear to see he values defense and organizational depth. He's also shown a willingness to take a chance on high ceiling guys. He seems to have a long term plan while still intending to attempt to compete in the present. With DiPoto, I don't know that I see a real philosophy. He trades in the moment, with no apparent long term plan. I don't believe he didn't have any input on Pujols or Hamilton, but, even if he didn't, he made the call on Baldoquin which may be one of the dumbest moves ever. He's a volume trader but, as John Wooden said, "never mistake activity for achievement". I'm really not sure what Seattle saw in him, but it's not like they are noted for identifying front office talent.
  14. Simmons taketh away, Smith giveth.....
  15. Rondon could not stay within the organization so he was never a viable replacement. He had poor defensive mechanics and not a great attitude. His hitting stats with us may have been overinflated. While I can't share exactly why, it was no coincidence that the first time SB faced Lake Elsinore after he was traded SB's pitchers were throwing at him and hit him a couple of time. DiPoto learned about the issue, and made the trade about 3 or 4 days after. Any GM would have traded him, the question is the value in return. Seems to me the Angels made out very well on this one.