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  1. It’s not smart to offer money unless they know of a situation that could make them partly culpable. The combination of large amounts of alcohol and illicit narcotics is nothing more than a sign of a person that had a problem, and probably did so for some time. If a doctor prescribed (which seems highly unlikely that a doctor said “i prescribe oxy and fentanyl with a 6 pack chaser”) that would be something else. Even if it was a clubhouse attendant, Skaggs would have paid the clubby making him just as culpable.
  2. We’ll find out soon enough because I’m sure the Skaggs family attorney has been on retainer for some time and they will file suit that will name names in short order. My sense is that he may not have been the only player taking this type of drug. And, frankly, I’m not sure I believe that Heaney had no clue this was going on....
  3. Let’s be fair here. Stassi was set up outside and Cole did what Cole does, miss his location and instead throw it down the middle to a guy who can’t hit.
  4. bruin5

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    Yeah, he’s the guy who lived and may still live with his mother and had no job. That’s how he was calling in to multiple shows a day.
  5. bruin5

    It’s all coming together

    I like the lefty/righty batting order. In a day when relief pitchers are used liberally it’s nice that we have that variety. And, most pitchers seem to have a different approach for lefties and righties. Making them change their approach every batter can’t hurt.
  6. That’s what I was wondering as well. That ball rolled toward right field for a while after hitting the fence. I also watched the highlights and you can see LaStella coming towards and circling second and you don’t see Puig in the outfield (very short glimpse). I also don’t remember seeing him near the CF after the play was over (talking to him, seeing if he’s okay since he did hit the fence, etc). The announcers never said anything even though the one thing that prevents an inside the park is proper back up.
  7. I like the idea of cutting ties with Bour. Having LaStella play 1B could be a bit of an adventure, but I would rather see Rengifo in the lineup versus Bour at this point.
  8. bruin5

    Jo Adell

    Maybe we should look into a long term extension for Calhoun.
  9. bruin5

    Zack Cozart is not progressing

    Starting in 2015 per season he’s played in 53, 121, 122, 58, and 38(2019) games. “Ironman” he’s not.... No reason for him to be part of the team next season. We have other options.
  10. bruin5

    Last Night Was Fun

    My son and his date were sitting in the right field bleachers that first night. When Doyers took the early lead the Doyer fan next to him was yapping and talking trash the entire time. Being my son was with his girlfriend he didn’t say anything. By the way, he’s 6 foot 4, 275 pounds. When the Angels took the lead in thanks to Hall, he turned to the guy next to him and clapped his hands right in front of him. Didn’t say anything else. My son said it just felt great and he’d been waiting for just that right time. Doyer fan, of course, never said a thing. 2nd biggest pricks in baseball next to A’s fan. In 2002 we went to the A’s playoff game against the Twins at craphole stadium (it was the deciding game). My sons (ages 12, 10 and 6) were wearing their Twins jerseys. A couple of A’s fans come by and just start talking trash to them. Talking trash to kids1 I asked them if it made them feel better talking trash to kids. I was so happy the Twins won that game. Screw Moneyball....
  11. bruin5

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    Two reasons. First, it was pretty public that there were clubhouse issues last year. Second, I do have a source.
  12. bruin5

    The Mariners seem pretty good

    At what point does DiPoto jettison Servais? Because they are tied to the hip I think Servais survives this season but is not brought back next year. Talent is one thing, but you have to be able to coach fundamentals and communication. This team is just horrid in both areas. And, its’ not like the players would have a problem with Servais going as he’s not particularly popular in the clubhouse.
  13. Assume you are being sarcastic (about Bauer and Cole being buds)? Those two haven’t liked each other since their UCLA days and it’s gotten worse....
  14. bruin5

    RIP Bill Buckner

    When I was young and not “woke” I was a Dodgers fan and remember when Buckner came up. They were predicting him to be a batting champion one day. He was far and away my favorite Dodger and if given a choice when playing sports I would always ask for number 22. When I became an Angels fans one of my first favorite players was Bruce Bochte. Initials BB, left fielder, and number 22. It’s too bad the World Series is what comes to mind when his name is mentioned because he was a really good player and had a really good career. Thanks Billy for the memories and may you Rest In Peace.
  15. Government building costs are always underestimated. Probably $1.5B, if lucky, to build. Also, this will require LBC taxpayers, who already are hit with the highest sales tax, to take on either more tax or agree to have money diverted from other underfunded city initiatives to a ballpark to support a billionaire. The Giants and maybe A’s will build their own. San Diego built Petco but they were also looking to renew a blighted area so they could at least attempt to justify the investment. This is a total non-starter and negotiating ploy. The only people that are going to be left holding the bag are LB.