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  1. Or, some players feel a loyalty to and comfort level with their current organization. You could do a lot worse than Denver...
  2. bruin5

    No more "Disabled List"

    Isn’t “injured” actually a more correct term anyway? The NFL has had an “injury list” and “injured reserve” designation for years. They seem to be doing pretty well...
  3. “Forearm tightness” - sounds like he’s on deck for another TJ surgery... At least it’s a low cost risk...
  4. For MLB to actually put this out to the public is another indicator that Dr. Martin has some real credibility issues. While we know that already, MLB basically just put themselves squarely in the boat against her and you wouldn’t think they would do that unless they were 100% sure, especially in today’s social environment..... On another topic, what about the investigation as to who leaked Ohtani’s medical info......
  5. bruin5

    Upton on MLB Radio re: Ohtani

    I always saw him as a potential 1B if he had to play a position. Long, lanky, with good reflexes. And, 1B isn’t taxing on the arm except for throwing the ball to Simmons after a groundout.....
  6. Clint Hurdle may have been the most overhyped. SI cover boy before he played a game.
  7. bruin5

    Happy Birthday Bobby Grich

    Love Bobby Grich but he wasn’t very good at picking up air conditioners....
  8. bruin5

    Alex Meyer back...

    I would think he would be a more viable back end option in the pen rather than a starter.
  9. bruin5

    Mark Gubicza on MLB Network

    I’m probably weighing in late on this thread, but my concern with signing Tulo is that you have to make a 40 man roster move and I’m not sure if we have to put someone on waivers to accommodate him. His upside at this point is so limited that I’m more more worried about losing someone to accommodate signing someone who I don’t think adds much, if anything, to the roster. I would rather split 3B between Ward and Cozart, with Cozart seeing time at 2B as well.
  10. Let’s all pump the brakes on this one just a bit. Remember there are always three sides to a story, and this is just hers. Of course it’s going to portray her as a victim and her attorney will throw everything against the wall to be sure it sticks. From what I’ve heard it was the players on the Mariners who told management they didn’t want anything to do with her. They just didn’t find her credible from any standpoint. She was then asked to work with the minor leagues only and she didn’t endear herself to them either. From the stories relayed to me it sounded like she was totally clueless as to how baseball worked, both on the field and off the field. She sounds like a person who has real trouble building relationships, and baseball, like other businesses, is built on relationships. It sounds like the Lakers had the same experience. In any event, she better hope she gets something out of this because I can’t see any sports organization hiring her in the future. Of course, I blame DiPoto for hiring her and giving her a lofty position without, it seems, any due diligence.
  11. bruin5

    Going WAY out on the Limb

    I believe that Butcher being gone was a decision Arte made. Butcher was the guy that was arguing with Dipoto on that infamous day. Butcher was lucky he got to complete the season because he should have been fired right after DiPoto quit. Scosicia’s issue was that he backed Butcher. At least that was what I was told happened....
  12. We never got resolution regarding who released his medical report, although we all know who did.......
  13. In the thread on the Orioles I mentioned Harry Dalton (former GM of the Angels who was the GM of the Orioles prior). Dalton was pretty good at building farm systems, and made one pretty good trade (Fregosi for Nolan Ryan and Leroy Stanton). With all the talk about our farm system, I found a Sports Illustrated article from 1976 that talked about the great prospects in the Angels system at that time. Combined with the eventual signings of Joe Rudi, Don Baylor, and Bobby Grich it seemed like the Angels were in the midst of a long term renaissance (signing vets to bolster the team while waiting for all the talent in the farm system to mature). I was in my teens when this article came out, but I remember being really excited about the future. I remember many of the names very vividly as being players of immense promise, especially Willie Mays Aikens (and his distinctive black bat).
  14. bruin5


    The Orioles were never the same after Harry Dalton left....
  15. bruin5

    The Mariners staff is falling apart

    Agree, but like many employment situations that go bad the Mariners did not do their due diligence in hiring a high level employee. Then again, they seem to have a history of that. On the other hand, the Dr. better be right and get some money from this because she won’t be getting another job soon. At the end of the day, you want to hire qualified people but you also want to be able to work with them....