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  1. Swiss Angel Fan

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Rangers (April 16th, 2019)

    What happened to Justin Anderson?
  2. Swiss Angel Fan

    Taylor Ward up, Justin Anderson down

    Is Anderson the only RP with options?
  3. Swiss Angel Fan

    Gameday 5/30 Angels @ Tigers Ohtani Returns

    Why is Ohtani's velocity in the low 90s?
  4. Swiss Angel Fan

    Gameday 4/6/18 A's @ Angels

    Yeeeeees baby!
  5. Swiss Angel Fan

    Gameday: 4/4 Angels vs Indians

    This ump is trash
  6. Swiss Angel Fan

    Gameday: 4/3 Angels vs Indians

    It was Kinsler! Out of all people!
  7. Swiss Angel Fan

    Gameday: 4/2 Angels vs Indians

    Yeah, just on Spring Break rn
  8. Swiss Angel Fan

    Gameday: 4/2 Angels vs Indians

    The Dodger fan who reached for the ball was getting booed like crazy
  9. Swiss Angel Fan

    Gameday: 4/2 Angels vs Indians

    Who's at the game?
  10. Swiss Angel Fan

    Gameday Thread: 4/1 Angels @ A's: Ohtani's pitching debut

    Looks like he's throwing a 100 mph without even trying
  11. Swiss Angel Fan

    The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Fernando Abad was just released by the Phillies. Could be an interesting pick up, he had a 3.30 ERA with the Red Sox last year.
  12. Talk about jinxing the guy...
  13. He said he would take Springer over Trout if he was building a team for next season...
  14. Swiss Angel Fan

    Anyone take the Angels Express train?

    The Yankees have the same type of deal. It's a bandwagon taking you from anywhere in the US.