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  1. Got the notification for this in the morning, read it and fell back asleep thinking it was a dream. Finally got up to a phone full of messages/notifications confirming its real life and it was a surreal feeling. Mike is one of a kind and him signing this extension makes you love him and appreciate that much more. It was a great day to be an Angels fan today and this off season is a win no matter what. Next extend Simmons and the core we have going for ward is very bright and promising. Mike Trout forever.
  2. Bard looked real good today.
  3. Was thinking the same thing Mcpherson was the first player that popped in my head.
  4. Do0mT3cH

    Gameday 2/25

    Cozart scratched shoulder is already acting up. Also Thames is a monster of a man.
  5. Do0mT3cH

    Your Favorite NL Team(s)

    Always thought they were a unique and cool club. Those unis
  6. Do0mT3cH

    Uniform Preference

    Really dont care for the modern white and reds. The throwbacks always look amazing (^ these in particular). The 90s era is clean. I also especially like this one: Also they could throw it wayyyyy back:
  7. Do0mT3cH

    2019 Schedule

    Definitely trying to make it out as well. I hear baseball games in Mexico are a different but good experience.
  8. Love seeing them blow this many games. "gooooooooooooooooood"
  9. Do0mT3cH

    Tdawg in little league

    Kid looks pretty similar to young Harper. Posting now cause the kid will probably end up being an all star in 10 years.
  10. The "Hide-a-While" I'm assuming??
  11. Do0mT3cH

    EY Jr

    This, I don't think it takes an expert to see that EYJ gives you a better AB and plays the field wayyy better than Blash/C.Young. It seemed like a struggle to make a routine play for them. He's a very capable 4th OF and I don't see why the team wasted so much time on others.
  12. Pliny is delicious, theres a bar in burbank that has it pretty often. Still haven't had Pliny the Younger because of its rarity. Also Lagunitas is my go to normally, still gotta go by the brewery in Azusa.
  13. Burrata is fantastic in salads, nice recipe. Didnt know that recipes were a thing here.