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  1. Do0mT3cH

    Uniform Preference

    Really dont care for the modern white and reds. The throwbacks always look amazing (^ these in particular). The 90s era is clean. I also especially like this one: Also they could throw it wayyyyy back:
  2. Do0mT3cH

    2019 Schedule

    Definitely trying to make it out as well. I hear baseball games in Mexico are a different but good experience.
  3. Love seeing them blow this many games. "gooooooooooooooooood"
  4. Do0mT3cH

    Tdawg in little league

    Kid looks pretty similar to young Harper. Posting now cause the kid will probably end up being an all star in 10 years.
  5. The "Hide-a-While" I'm assuming??
  6. Do0mT3cH

    EY Jr

    This, I don't think it takes an expert to see that EYJ gives you a better AB and plays the field wayyy better than Blash/C.Young. It seemed like a struggle to make a routine play for them. He's a very capable 4th OF and I don't see why the team wasted so much time on others.
  7. Pliny is delicious, theres a bar in burbank that has it pretty often. Still haven't had Pliny the Younger because of its rarity. Also Lagunitas is my go to normally, still gotta go by the brewery in Azusa.
  8. Burrata is fantastic in salads, nice recipe. Didnt know that recipes were a thing here.
  9. Same here. Ovolini Mozz is the way to go. Parmasian di reggianno and a little olive oil for me. I made a pizza the other night with some stuff laying around. Fresh Burrata, Ovolini, fresh Parm, Salami, Arugula and shaved black Truffle. Clock spoiler for lame video. sorry for the pizza porn.
  10. Do0mT3cH

    "The Root of the Angels' Problems..."

    This one still hurts. Awesome write up!
  11. Do0mT3cH

    Vlad Guerrero's Hall of Fame Display

    The pine tar on the helmet, the accolades, the patch and the handle of the bat are all perfectly vlad. I specifically like how each item kind of touches back on different parts of his career (the Expo's helmet is awesome). Great picture, I need to take a trip to Cooperstown.
  12. Do0mT3cH

    Teams you root against

    Dodgers, Red Sox, Yankees and more recently the Mariners. Love seeing them lose these days.
  13. Nice to see him putting it together after a position change that left me scratching my head. Would like to see how he does against MLB pitching and see his speed on the bases (17 SB's?!).
  14. Do0mT3cH

    Martin Maldonado traded to the Astros

    One of the better catchers we've had in a whileeee. Great arm and defense. He seemed to enjoy his time here and it seems like he wants to be a starter so why not just re sign him next off season if both sides are interested?