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  1. TroutField

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    You don’t go after rentals if you are Eppler. If a trade comes up where he can add a controllable SP and the cost makes sense? you absolutely do it.
  2. TroutField

    Statement from Mike Trout on Manfred's comments

    Not at all. I see it as Trout being Trout. Dude just wants to play ball. Why would he not want his team to stick up for him....?
  3. TroutField

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    How did his words get taken out of context? I really don’t understand this narrative
  4. TroutField

    Is Angel Stadium # 1 in baseball for opposing fans?

    Chuck please consider a post count before people can post new topics...
  5. TroutField

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    I’m with you... he said something he shouldn’t have and then seemed to back peddle a little bit. He definitely should have handled it better.
  6. TroutField

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    I like Tim Mead even more after that! Huge “f you” to Manfred and his bizarre comments
  7. TroutField

    At The Break...

    We don’t need to look at the standings right now being 9 out. They need to put the best team on the field and play the best baseball they can for these next 2 months. 9 games isn’t impossible to make up, especially looking at Seattle’s -2 run differential. They COULD(not saying they will) have an epic collapse. And Oakland was hot for a while but the Angels are a better team, even as banged up as they have been.
  8. TroutField

    Taylor Ward is hitting .390 in Salt Lake

    Eppler had no choice with no farm system to supplement the major league team and being right up against the luxury tax. He had to ride this shit out until Rengifo, Adell, Canning, Ward, Thaiss etc. are able to make an impact at the major league level. That’s when you will see them supplement with Star FA’s again.
  9. TroutField

    Betts looks like runaway MVP

    It’s happening.... With Valbuena hitting a walk off homer on the last game of the season to force a 1 game playoff with the M’s, that we destroy them in. book it
  10. TroutField

    Mike Trout on MLB Network

    Maybe k-rod? I don’t think he is quite there though. Although he did rack up over 400 saves in his career.
  11. Jesus. That’s essentially like the Angels shipping off (#4)Marsh, (#10) Suarez, and (#18) Lund for 3 months of Machado. I guess it makes them better, but my god that’s an insane price to pay.
  12. TroutField

    Mike Trout on MLB Network

    Yeah it’s a little different when it seems like it will be the difference between Mike Trout staying an Angel or not
  13. TroutField

    Mike Trout on MLB Network

    Broke my heart when they asked him what was his next goal and it was to make the postseason... come on Angels... please!!
  14. I get the feeling Moreno is going to start to worry about losing Trout and go all out in FA. I can see him trying to get Machado here to play 3rd. Hard to say if he would be willing to, but adding another star could go a long way in this lineup. If they add Machado and fix the bullpen and maybe add another starter I don’t see why they should miss the playoffs next year. I feel like like we are due for at least one season of decent health. Our entire roster has been hurt this year. Unbelievable
  15. TroutField

    Used Baseballs

    Good luck getting any serious posts in this thread. You of all people know that though, strad.