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  1. Should we do more? (Add another starter)

    I’m usually on the hold onto your prospects side of things... but if you can get Stroman I think you gotta pull the trigger
  2. Next Move?

    Yeah good point I didn’t realize the difference in salaries. What I want Eppler to do is finish his bullpen and sign a starter like Sabathia and then trade Cron for whatever we can get. No sense blowing all of our prospects when we have a pretty solid team in place.
  3. Next Move?

    How about Calhoun/Skaggs/CJ Cron/ and Jahmai Jones for Christian Yelich. Then sign Darvish to replace skaggs. Jones wouldn’t really be needed because our outfield is set for the next couple years and Adell and Marsh are good prospects. Cron can be a buy low candidate for the marlins. Maybe add somebody like Chris Rodriguez to sweeten the deal and get a reliever back from Miami. EDIT: I’m perfectly okay with the offense as is, just throwing something out there. Yelich is a stud
  4. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    D-backs said they are willing to listen on any infielder not named Ketel Marte. I don’t really understand that... one of the best teams in the NL last year and now they are going to trade one of their stud infielders? With that... what would it take to pry Jake Lamb loose? He would solve 3rd for the Trout window
  5. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    There aren’t enough spots on the 25 for all of these moves. If we sign Cozart that about wraps it up for the the 25 man roster except for the bullpen and rotation upgrades if there are any.
  6. it was somebody from another major league org. I wonder who that was?.....
  7. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    Just sign Eduardo Nunez. No sense spending wildly (money or prospects). Adds some versatility to the infield and he can split time with Valbuena at 3rd. Just need to trade Cron and snag another bullpen arm and call it an offseason.
  8. I don’t mind rentals if you don’t have to give up legit prospects for them. We gave up a lottery pick arm that we can replace in the draft and a fringe starter/4th outfielder we would not have any use for with all of our outfield depth in the minors. I mean I would have rather gone with Cozart or Kendrick at 2nd, if Kinsler bounces back to a 5 or 6 WAR player we are all stoked with this trade.
  9. Angels on the “verge” of acquiring 3B...

    There are no impact bats up for grabs at 3rd unless you want to decimate the minor leagues for 2 years of Machado. I mean if there is any player worth blowing up the farm for it would be him.. but still. We better be confident we can beat houston
  10. Tony Watson?
  11. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    It’s on Twitter, it must be true
  12. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    It was an Olney tweet, he’s usually legit
  13. Tony Watson?

    Damn guys my bad, Saw Olney tweet it and posted it in the Hot Stove thread. Olney is usually legit
  14. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    It’s deleted now. Sorry bro
  15. The Official 2017 MLB Winter Meetings thread

    Well Olney has tweeted it as well. My bad