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  1. Gameday: 9/20 Indians @ Angels

    Ready for this nightmare season to be over. This team looks dead
  2. Gameday: 9/20 Indians @ Angels

    Lol at the thought of these losers in a playoff game. Nobody reliable in the bullpen and a bad offense that can't do the little things. Fucking can't stand to watch them
  3. Gameday: 9/19 Indians @ Angels

    Fuck off with the MVP talk, what is his problem
  4. Gameday: 9/19 Indians @ Angels

    These guys are half asleep in the ABs
  5. Gameday: 9/14 Astros @ Angels

    This team just can't click at the same time. If it isn't a shitty bullpen, it's shitty starting pitching, and if it isn't one of those two it's the fucking offense. thats the nail in the coffin. 3 back now. No sense of urgency that they are close to the playoffs. 1 playoff appearance since 09, a 3 game sweep in the first round.
  6. They're Tired!

    They kinda suck ass again...
  7. Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Mariners 9/8/2017

    Don't blame the schedule, angels need to be winning games like this if they want to make the postseason. Doesn't look like it's happening, we can't win these must win games. And we expect to beat Cleveland?
  8. Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Mariners 9/8/2017

    Games like this ? This has been our offense all year the pitching has carried them
  9. Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Mariners 9/8/2017

    Trout is going to be shouldering some to the blame if the Angels miss the playoffs. We need production here bad and he isn't getting it done
  10. Why did Carlos Perez get put on the shit list?
  11. 5 games over .500

    They are capable of pitching well, we have seen it before. But I get what you're saying and I agree.
  12. 5 games over .500

    Need to get red hot like the Indians and D backs. A 12 game winning streak would really separate us from the crowd.
  13. Gameday Thread: 9/5 Angels @ A's

    This has gotta be getting old for Scioscia. If I was manager I would be screaming from the dugout to get some fucking outs
  14. Gameday Thread: 9/5 Angels @ A's

    Bedrosian, Skaggs, Middleton, Heaney, all suck ass.
  15. Gameday Thread: 9/5 Angels @ A's

    Wtf is Trout's problem tonight?