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  1. This staff gives up a whole lot of homers, my god.
  2. I have been very disappointed in the job Ausmus has done thus far. A lot of bad decisions so far that have impacted a lot of games.
  3. Seems Ausmus just gave up on this game. Buttrey should have been in with a runner on 3rd and absolutely needing to prevent the run. Cole is at 30 plus pitches... very poor managing so far so far this year. Not a good hire, imo
  4. Cam Bedrosian was the pitcher of choice?
  5. Pujols at bats are absolutely pathetic.
  6. So we can hang tough with the Yankees AAA team, sweet..
  7. FUNDAMENTALS. Catching the ball on a 1 hop is little league shit
  8. Can’t even hold his shit together for 1 inning. Horrible pitch to Voit
  9. TroutField

    Do games count in April?

    This team is garbage and nowhere near even a wildcard. The sooner you realize that the better, hopefully 2020 we start to hit that upswing. I don’t see the prospects making an immediate impact, maybe 2021-2022 we actually start to become legit.
  10. TroutField

    Question about Matt Shoemaker

    The big league team has been decimated this year again by injuries.
  11. TroutField

    Cody Allen

    He’s looked like garbage since spring training, I didn’t like him being the closer then and it looks like an awful decision now.
  12. TroutField

    Starters ERAs

    With these starters we will be out of contention. by May
  13. Followed this one all night at work, my god this team is so frustrating to be a fan of... same shit different year. Allen is not a closer, I’m sorry... past his prime, has been isn’t going to cut it for a team with any playoff aspirations. How has Ausmus not picked up on that ?? Buttrey is your go to
  14. I wasn’t bitching if that’s how you took it lol