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  1. TroutField

    Angels sign Luiz Gohara

    Pretty sure he had “exploratory surgery” to try to find out what was causing the shoulder discomfort. Hopefully cleaning up the tissue helps, but I’m not very hopeful.
  2. Dude grow up, acting like a coddled child. Millions of people abuse painkillers across America and function normal ass lives. He got a bad batch of oxy that was cut with fetanyl and died. I’m not advocating drug use or that Tyler should have been doing that as a professional baseball player with a lot of people that loved him, but popping an oxy is pretty minor when it comes to drugs... You’re treating him like he’s a criminal.
  3. It didn’t offend me lol I was merely stating that it was pretty fucked up to make weird assumptions especially when I’m sure plenty of players and their families read these boards. I have way more shit going on in my life than to worry about than what angelsjunky thinks enough to get offended by it. He’s a good poster that makes solid posts especially in the minor league forum. Seemed pretty uncharacteristic, IMO.
  4. Maybe Trout didn't know and wasn't participating in any late night partying, but Heaney? Before Skaggs death: 36.2 IP, 15 walks, 44 Ks, 5.40 ERA After Skaggs death: 34 IP, 8 walks, 44 Ks, 2.38 ERA Who knows, but that's quite a difference. this post right here Lou, not sure what else he could have possibly meant by this. And I’m the one with the lack of reading comprehension skills.. give me a break
  5. And what are you even talking about looking for a villain? If anything you seem to be the one trying to drag Heaney into this as a villain. I called you on your BS assumption that Heaney is pitching better since Skaggs died because he stopped taking drugs because his close friend died from taking drugs. All the explanations you give don’t make that any better. Im the one that looks silly for saying that’s uncalled for and completely baseless? If so then whatever, I’ll look silly. Normal people don’t go around assuming people doing better at their job must have gotten off drugs recently.
  6. That’s exactly what he said... lol he even confirmed that’s what he said in a later post...
  7. Leave it to angelswin to defend somebody that just assumed that Heaney is using drugs and may have had something to do with the death of Tyler Skaggs. This is a baseball message board, how does making baseless claims of drug use and possibly being involved in someone’s death coincide with any of the topics here? Facking ridiculous
  8. Backpedal all you want and throw the “self righteousness” part to make yourself feel better about making baseless absurd assumptions. Totally uncalled for, how is this cool on your website @Chuckster70 ?
  9. This site is toxic right now.. I’ve never seen it this bad. Blaming heaney for being involved because he has pitched better since Skaggs died, what the f u c k .....
  10. TroutField

    Players weekend uniforms

    Yeah the whole blacks vs whites thing wasn’t all that perfectly thought out
  11. TroutField

    Players weekend uniforms

    Really really bad
  12. TroutField

    Gameday Thread: 8/20 Angels @ Rangers : Game 2

    Leave it to Albert to ruin a solid day of baseball
  13. TroutField

    Angels scouting Kim Kwang-hyun

    lol the translation is awesome. In the 3rd time, he showed excellent crisis management ability by inducing the player to hit the Lotte 4th hitter Lee Dae-ho in the first and second base.
  14. TroutField

    Really hate Upton in the 4 spot

    Upton is a good player, very streaky and has been injured all year. He is the least of our worries
  15. TroutField

    Angels scouting Kim Kwang-hyun

    Care to translate the article