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  1. Lol at Pujols needing a “recharge day” 2 and a half weeks through spring training.
  2. Tough Decision Time on Ohtani ?

    Lol kudos to salty ass Jeff Passan for 1. Jumping to all those conclusions based on 11 at bats in spring training after not playing baseball for over a year and 2. Finding a scout dumb enough to say you can’t learn in the majors. (Apparently everyone has to be fully developed before being put in the majors).. why does Jeff Passan hate the Angels so much?
  3. Yeah well according to you Trout is going to have a sup .700 ops... troll
  4. Ohtani B Game

    But the reality is he is 2 starts into his first Spring training, what was your expectation?
  5. Gameday: 3/2 Angels vs Cubs

    Then why are you littering a bunch of threads with negative shit about Trout?
  6. Ohtani B Game

    Why does everybody think we signed a fully developed ace? He is a 23 year old with impeccable stuff, he is going to go through control issues especially when he hasn’t pitched in a year due to injury. If you’re an angel fan and don’t get pumped up by these clips in his SECOND outing in SPRING TRAINING and instead want to focus on the negative, like a few elevated pitches... it is what it is i guess.
  7. Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

  8. Video of an Ohtani BP HR

    This shit has me pumped!!!
  9. Looks a lot like Felix Hernandez.
  10. Brandon Marsh Prospect Article

    So our HOF center fielder gets pushed out of his natural position at 31 years old? Yeah...ok
  11. Worst article on the Angels ever written

    I mean it is a pretty spot on article. He didn’t really throw any shade that wasn’t true. And I don’t think it was an article that was meant to trash the Angels, just kind of put a spotlight on everything Angels fans have been through throughout the years.
  12. Spring Training Travel - Advice for Newbies

    I’ve only been once and plan on going again so I don’t have much experience. But when I went I sat down the 1st base line right by the exit of the locker room and got a ton of autographs. That’s where all the players come out on the field, even the pitchers. Not all the players stopped to sign, but I got Shoe, Richards, C.J. Wilson, Sherman Johnson, and a couple others. Where to stay kind of depends on your budget. There are a ton of hotel options in the area.
  13. Tyler Chatwood...

    It has been discussed all offseason but the job Billy Eppler has done so far is nothing short of phenomenal. At the end of the 2016 season I looked at the organization and I really didn’t see us having any other choice but to trade Trout and start again. We had no farm, nobody to help contribute at the major league level, no cash to buy our way out, and zero trade chips other than Trout. He has added an influx of minor league talent, developed high ceiling pitchers for literally league minimum or waiver wire claims, and now we are on the uprise. I was so blinded by Dipoto
  14. Things have gotten quiet...

    We kind of have a crowded pitching staff right now but if they want to bring in a starter what about Jason Vargas?