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  1. I’d do Suarez, Ward, and another prospect in the top 20 for Stroman.
  2. TroutField

    Under .500 at the ASB. Still buyers?

    This team does not have the pitching to go on a decent run. I don’t trust anybody in the bullpen, honestly. Buttrey and Robles are our most trustworthy arms and they can be kind of shaky at times.
  3. TroutField

    Brad Ausmus on the collision at homeplate

    Other than his Handling of the pitchers he’s been good. His bluntness has been nice
  4. TroutField

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Astros 7/7/2019

    This entire bullpen really blows.
  5. TroutField

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Astros 7/7/2019

    Yep I’ve always liked them but they acted like a bunch of douches today. Pretty easy to dislike now.
  6. TroutField

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Astros 7/7/2019

    F*ck the entire state of Texas. Get the F*ck out of there, boys.
  7. TroutField

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Astros 7/7/2019

    F*ck Marsnick, what a dirty ass slide.
  8. Cam has been very good this year. That pitch that was hit out wasn’t terrible but it shouldn’t have been left up with an 0-2 count. Oh well we will still win.
  9. Wow that’s terrible. The results seem moot at this point.
  10. TroutField

    Fan Grief?

    No I haven’t, my wife was confused why I was letting somebody I had never met affect my day so much. I had to explain to her that I have followed Skaggs since he was drafted and you follow this team so closely day to day you really get close to these guys and get to know them. I didn’t know him personally, but it felt like I did.
  11. TroutField

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    I was really hoping I would wake up and it would all be a dream.RIP Tyler. It was an honor to have you with the Halos, and you represented this organization well. He was about to turn that corner and turn into a dominant TORP. This feels like a gut punch. Like many have said, baseball is so meaningless at this point. Yesterday I was obsessing over the wild card hunt and overanalyzing the 7 games until the break. Now the playoffs don’t feel important
  12. TroutField

    It’s all coming together

    So no celebrating hot streaks but feel free to make whatever thread you want that’s negative okay this is an inconsistent team, they have been all year. They are exactly what a .500 team is.. they get hot for 3-4 games but don’t have the pitching or consistent hitters to sustain a decent win streak.
  13. TroutField

    It’s all coming together

    Sorry typing on my phone
  14. Full Lineup together for the first time all year. Pitching seems to be improving, Canning is blossoming... Middleton should be back in 3 weeks. wow it’s actually exciting to be an angels fan during the season for the first time since 2014!
  15. TroutField

    Come on people.

    Oh... ohhhhh..........