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  1. GrittyVeterans

    How about all-in on Corbin?

    For all the talk about Kershaw being washed up, he’s got an ERA at 2.4 man, he’s going to get paid if he opts out. Could really screw the dodgers over
  2. GrittyVeterans

    Will the pitching health EVER stabilize???

    I think someone said it best in another thread: ”it’s probably time to stop rolling out the same group of injury prone pitchers and acting surprised when they get hurt every time” guys like Shoemaker, Tropeano, Meyer probably just need to be non-tendered at this point. If they go somewhere else and magically are able to stay healthy...fine. But we have got to move on to different options at this point. Time to part with Richards too. And guys like Skaggs, Ohtani, and JC Ramirez can’t be counted on for more than 130-150 innings Canning probably deserves a shot next season at some point and we need to sign a quality veteran starter too
  3. GrittyVeterans


    The sooner people realize this isn’t a contending baseball team, the better it will be for your mental health. i watch about 2 games per week at this point and the other time I spend rooting against the dodgers Scioscia will be gone in a month and a half...we’re in an awkward transitional phase right now I’m not saying stop watching, but if you’re still blowing a gasket after every poor decision or loss you will be in the ER by the time Sosh is finally shown the door
  4. GrittyVeterans

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    At least learn how to fight..
  5. The first pitch breaking ball in the dirt is something that is truly baffling
  6. Okay, he doesn't have it tonight. Time to take him out
  7. Big Anderson fan but man you can't walk a guy on 4 pitches there...
  8. Well, he's more versatile than Johnny G too. But yeah, unless he figures out how to drive the ball more regularly he's that type of player. Which is okay...but do we really have a spot for him with Cozart around?
  9. Sandoval will be in the majors next year at some point from what I saw of him in IE Not huge upside, but good enough stuff and he knows how to pitch
  10. Fletcher has been a mixed bag so far. I like his glove but he will need to hit for more power to stick in the league as a starter
  11. GrittyVeterans

    Please stop!

    The red unis are pretty brutal. It's sad because I really love our white unis and I feel like they are being worn less and less
  12. GrittyVeterans

    Worst possible debut for Ward

    He looks nothing like Wood as long as he’s lining balls all over the field
  13. GrittyVeterans

    Who Gets Called Up in September?

    OK, in my opinion he was past his expiration date by that point and should have been dealt with. I'm aware of the situation
  14. GrittyVeterans

    Who Gets Called Up in September?

    I’m talking about the final year of that contract, not giving him the contract regardless, Pujols just isn’t good anymore. Him playing every day sets us back next year right from the get go its frustrating
  15. GrittyVeterans

    Who Gets Called Up in September?

    Not sure what your point is And the last year he should have been moved on from in spring Training as it was clear we had better talent. Similar to Pujols