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  1. Trout will probably have a higher OPS and more home runs than Bellinger by the all star break. Amazing player
  2. Wow Trout. What a shot
  3. lol at Lucroy's -0.9 WAR
  4. There's no guarantee he continues to get bigger. In fact, it could be some "baby fat" that he can burn a bit off with some hard offseason training
  5. Lucroy is not a good player, I'm ready to move on
  6. It's nice having a lineup that is 6-7 players deep. In past years, we have become too accustomed to having only 1 or 2 productive hitters in there.
  7. GrittyVeterans

    The Billy Eppler appreciation thread

    Valbuena was a huge miss as well (RIP to him), but I agree that Cozart's 3 year deal is by far the worst move he's made.
  8. GrittyVeterans

    The Billy Eppler appreciation thread

    He's a good GM. Time will tell if he can parlay it into a WS contending team
  9. GrittyVeterans

    You guys need to vote in La Stella & Ohtani

    Him and Trout would be neck and neck for the team HR lead all season probably...
  10. GrittyVeterans

    You guys need to vote in La Stella & Ohtani

    The crow tastes delicious indeed. He's now probably deserving with this recent hot streak. Absolutely love Shohei
  11. GrittyVeterans

    Why I’m Optimistic About this Team

    I’m optimistic about 2020 and beyond. This is an obvious tread water year and it has been since they Made Harvey and Cahill the big acquisitions the 2019 team isn’t “bad” but it’d be a big surprise if they made the playoffs
  12. Extremely excited about Jackson and Knowles its early for both of them but I love the upside
  13. GrittyVeterans

    Cody Allen DFA'd

    Angels need to trade for a reliever immediately, I am worried we are going to blow out Buttrey's arm at this rate
  14. GrittyVeterans

    Going For It... Blues Style

    Not a good enough team to go for it with yet. I’m hoping next year and the following year is the time we decide to go that route