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  1. GrittyVeterans

    Pujols Is Done.... Less Than 200 AB's In 2019.

    It sure would be nice to find a Max Muncy or a Chris Taylor. It does feel like it's been years since we've had a surprise player come out of no where
  2. GrittyVeterans


    He is a huge douchebag. He has openly admitted he isn't interested in fully hustling even BEFORE he got his lifetime deal. Imagine how bad it is going to be when he gets 9/300 guaranteed I wanted him, but it is an easy pass at this point. Teams should seriously proceed with caution on this guy
  3. GrittyVeterans

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    Spoiled by our 79 win team, indeed
  4. GrittyVeterans

    F**ck Everything :-(

    Boston is easily the most spoiled sports town there is, but I'd still rather have them win than the douche canoe Dodgers
  5. GrittyVeterans

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    Dodgers are extremely fortunate to be the big fish in a small pond over in the NL
  6. GrittyVeterans

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    I hate to say it but the Brewers will now likely lose the series
  7. He’s fortunate to have been drafted by an AL club. I expect him to be a 1B/DH mostly and an unmitigated disaster at 3B
  8. GrittyVeterans

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    Cain is completely lost. People are piling on the dodgers players but the Brewers have a few guys who are almost as disastrous right now
  9. GrittyVeterans

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    I’d love to be optimistic about the LA douches losing this, but the Brewers have squandered opportunity after opportunity themselves.
  10. They screwed it up so bad with Scioscia’s 10 year deal that they are making damn sure they don’t do that again i like it
  11. GrittyVeterans

    Jean Segura?

    I’d take him. He’d be an enormous upgrade and a nice leadoff hitter
  12. GrittyVeterans

    The Official "Official 2018 Playoff Thread"

    I’m starting to wonder if Kershaw can even opt out and get a better contract. Best days clearly behind him, velocity down, huge playoff failure. i no longer see the upside to signing him