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  1. GrittyVeterans

    Wake the F UP Eppler

    I’ve always had the opinion they have to go on a deep run either this year or next year if they want to re-sign Trout. i don’t see him agreeing to a deal until the team proves they are more clearly headed in the right direction. Having a good farm system is great but Trout is 27 now so it needs to start translating to wins really soon
  2. GrittyVeterans

    Why the Angels won't sign Yasmani Grandal

    The trouble is we have Fletcher,Cozart, Calhoun as regulars already right now. If you don’t get a catcher that can hit, you go into the season with potentially 4 below average hitters in your lineup. That is not ideal obviously. I love David Fletcher but on a contending ball club he’s the worst hitter among your starters and batting 9th every game i know they’re probably expecting bounce backs from Kole and Cozart, but we need an insurance policy and Ramos could have been just that
  3. GrittyVeterans

    Matt Wieters

    Could we do worse? For sure, but he’s about to be 33 and hasn’t posted an OPS+ over 90 in the last 3 seasons. It just will feel weird to not get Ramos at that price only to end up with an inferior/older player in Weiters If you can get him for 1/$4M and then use the $6M savings on bullpen help...okay, at least I get the logic there. So far I just don’t understand the motives
  4. GrittyVeterans

    Why the Angels won't sign Yasmani Grandal

    Lucroy put up -0.7 WAR last year and will be 33. We have seen this movie too many times as Angels fans. Old players who haven’t produced on either side of the ball in recent history is not the answer
  5. GrittyVeterans

    Why the Angels won't sign Yasmani Grandal

    Lucroy and Maldonado were TERRIBLE offensively last year and are old. We need to do better than that. Hedges would be fine
  6. GrittyVeterans

    2018 Hot Stove League

    First of all that’s complete BS. But if it were true for some reason, Then they should have signed him day 1 of the offseason. i also disagree that Maldonado coming back is a good thing. He’s way worse than Ramos/Grandal and IMO you can only get away with a starting C that bad offensively if every other hitter in your lineup rakes. Which isn’t the case for the Angels
  7. GrittyVeterans

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Why? The team needs a catcher in a bad way and for a 2 year commitment that was a great fit. You don’t go into a season with Briceno at starting C if you are trying to make the playoffs I’m sure they’ll get somebody but that was a golden opportunity to get a good player and not have to make a long term commitment to him
  8. GrittyVeterans

    2018 Hot Stove League

    the path to contention is getting harder. I hate to be dramatic on December 16th, but there were some options for reasonable prices that we should have been all over IMO. Id love to know what’s eppler’s plan is
  9. GrittyVeterans

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    My bad then. Totally misunderstood your post
  10. GrittyVeterans

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    Never said they purchased good teams. They have smart people running the show and have deep pockets. It obviously works my point stands
  11. GrittyVeterans

    Bryce Harper to the Dodgers?

    Dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox. The 3 teams that do whatever it takes to try to win every year i hate them but am a bit jealous
  12. GrittyVeterans

    2018 Hot Stove League

    More reason why we should be in on Realmuto.
  13. It’s amazing what happens when you get rid of Sosh sensible decisions being made...It’s going to take a while to get used to this
  14. GrittyVeterans

    Justin Bour has agreed to a deal with the Angels

    We need a catcher in a very bad way still.
  15. Both of you probably need a break from the board Maybe you guys can go to the mall and talk it out over a chai latte while getting your nails done. For the sake of all of us, just take it somewhere else