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  1. I feel like Anderson is about to hit the rookie wall as far as his work load goes. He's been used a lot
  2. Some bullshit calls to strike Trout out
  3. I mean, this guy is awful. I get what Scioscia is doing here. But probably time to get him out
  4. When we had good bullpens, a guy like Noe Ramirez would be our mopup man. Now he's our 2nd best right handed reliever.
  5. Kole is driving the ball to the middle of the field. Looking good
  6. Parades is an Akeel Morris/Oliver Drake type pitcher. Just an awful pitcher at this level that we're rolling out there
  7. He’s been using that as the low end of his future for months. Also said George Springer (a 5 WAR player) is on the low end of Adell’s upside too...LOL
  8. GrittyVeterans

    Valbuena Needs to Go

    They gave him a shot, I’m fine with that. Even though I disagreed with it what I don’t like (and I know we agree on this one) is how long the leash is for this player compared to other guys. His overall numbers weren’t good last year. I understand what you’re saying about seeing if he could sustain his strong 2nd half but the end of May should have been his leash. We’re almost in July now. his underlying numbers are as bad as his slash line. He’s not walking much and striking out more than anyone on the team. There’s no bad luck involved on this one, he’s just trash if he could field his position well (like Kole) it would be less of a problem. But he sucks there too
  9. GrittyVeterans

    Barria, Lamb, Pena

    Richards isn’t moving to the bullpen with Ohtani out. Wasn’t happening before he went out and it’s even more unlikely now. We don’t have enough high upside pitchers to make a move like that
  10. GrittyVeterans

    Barria, Lamb, Pena

    Lamb should definitely be a swing guy coming out of the pen who can give us some multiple innings. Not sure about Pena
  11. Thaiss’ swing has a bit of Daniel Murphy in it. Particularly the finish
  12. GrittyVeterans

    Valbuena Needs to Go

    I’ve been saying it since last year, this guy needs to go. He’s terrible and just gets worse and worse everyone complained about Yunel Escobar but this guy is10 times as bad
  13. Been watching Trout since he was 19 and I’m still stunned by how good he is
  14. GrittyVeterans

    The "Poor Mike Trout" perception & reaction

    Well they clearly don't have the pieces to be a winner now. Trout is having a historic season and we still don't look like a playoff team. I mean, would anyone be surprised if we finished right at .500 or even below it? I wouldn't at this point I don't disagree with the rest of your statement
  15. GrittyVeterans

    The "Poor Mike Trout" perception & reaction

    It's not that he isn't having fun. It's that he could have fun elsewhere and potentially be in a better position to win championships. He's going to make 40 million+ no matter where he plays and he will have his family with him wherever,. Again, it's all going to be about putting a competitive team out there 2019 and 2020. Can't miss the playoffs those years