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    This is a forum for those who want to air their grievances with the way Sosh manages the bullpen, the lineups and the overall game. Seek council and vent here so that you do not kick your dog, yell at your kids and/or wake up with a poo poo face.

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    This is your Clubhouse to release all of your pent up frustrations on everything from Players, Management, Ownership, Competition, Former GM's, Former Players, Bad Trades and Frosted Tips!

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    Hey guys & gals, taking a page out of our old forum years ago I have decided to create a club for us to post links to threads or to a certain post that is worthy of being in's Hall of Fame. So what defines a Hall of Fame worthy thread or post? Hilarious back and forth, or a comedy gold post that's buried in a large sized thread. A fun thread when the Angels made a signing or trade that delivered some epic back and forth. A thread where certain people made bold statements that later turned out to be the complete opposite. Lastly, a thread that brings back fond memories of one of our lost AW brethren, a proud moment for one of our members or anything interesting that you feel is HOF worthy.