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  1. Stradling

    Farm System Trade Chips and Untouchables

    It’s basically over valuing every prospect we have.
  2. Stradling

    Farm System Trade Chips and Untouchables

    This is ridiculous.
  3. Stradling

    Should the Angels allow Trout...

    Salesmen compete against each other on the same team. Players compete with each other against other teams.
  4. You’re completely ignoring that last years lock down pen pieces are this years busts. It’s the most volatile part of any roster.
  5. Stradling


    These two are great, you are giving yk too much credit.
  6. Stradling


    It would be like watching old man yells at clouds and you would probably be the cloud on most days.
  7. Stradling


    It would be like the odd couple but only one of them would be entertaining.
  8. I would love to have a lock down pen, but those are developed not bought. In addition getting a couple more outs a game from your starters helps a ton, not to mention a few more runs a week. I’m not over complicating it, it’s a shitty stat. We have four less holds than Houston, and 12 more than Oakland, that’s all you need to know about those stats. If they want save percentage to mean something, especially considering one inning pitchers get blown saves in the 6th inning when they would have never got a save, then at least divide blown saves by save opportunities instead of adding saves with blown saves and doing the math.
  9. Looking at the YTD stats the A’s score half a run more per game than the Angels. Also 2 more outs from the starters is a huge deal. That is one less time per game on average that you are going to your 6th inning guy. It is probably three more times a week you are seeing Cam or Noe. I don’t think either team has that guy that basically gives your bullpen the day off. No one that you can count on to give you 7 strong innings most times out. When you have that guy you use your pen different the day before and the day after that dude pitches. Also when we show stats like 20 more k’s or 20 more walks, that is whatever when you are this deep into a season. That is essentially one more k and walk every 8 games. Also save percentage is a horrible stat. The team has 24 blown saves, how many save opportunities does the team have? 145. So that isn’t really 43% blown saves. I am not saying it is good or it shouldn’t be upgraded, I am showing that it is a confusing and terrible stat. Plus of those 24 blown saves, how many of those games do you think we won? 8. Once again, I am not saying it couldn’t improve, I am just saying that when we throw out stats lets just understand what we are looking at. Boston has 20 blown saves and the Astros have 19. It is a bad stat to measure a bullpen.
  10. Stradling

    Farm System Trade Chips and Untouchables

    Untouchable- Adell Trade only for a long term young stud- Canning Trade Chips- everyone else That being said I’d like to see our two most recent draft picks and Maitan here for another year just to see if they blow up into big time prospects, in other words don’t sell low.
  11. Stradling

    Spending this off-season

    This thread is my opus. It has had so many twists and turns.
  12. Stradling

    Spending this off-season

    It is about as rational as spending as much time on here while talking shit on the team. Here you go:
  13. Stradling

    Spending this off-season

    Do you go onto other fan sites and tell them about your love for other teams? That would be pretty cool.
  14. Stradling

    Spending this off-season

    Us lemmings? Dude we are in an Angel Fan Website, sorry we discuss Angel things and we aren’t crying twats about it.