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  1. Pujols Documentary

    No I didn’t watch it.
  2. Pujols Documentary

    We sure needed another Albert hater. Dude is to Albert as AnaheimBob is to Scioscia. I’ll put my Albert is his age logic and put it against what other people think about his age any day.
  3. Next Move?

    Flop I just can’t see a scenario where they make all the necessary moves it would take to solve first base. It would require trading Cron and probably Valbuena. They are believed to be only carrying four bench spots. So a catcher, 4th outfielder, a utility infielder and your first baseman.
  4. Next Move?

    Yes he is thinking long term which leads to the question, if he was shy about spending money to complete the team, why get Kinsler on a one year deal? Then turn around and get Cozart? Could have saved $11 million this year.
  5. Next Move?

    Or you don’t trade for Kinsler and you just sign Cozart and run Cowart/Valbuena at 3rd.
  6. Next Move?

    Except why stop here? You don’t pay Kinsler for one year to then ignore the bullpen or a fourth outfielder. If that was the case they would have not signed Cozart.
  7. Should we do more? (Add another starter)

    McPherson was good, just had a damaged back.
  8. Angels hire Eppler as GM

    The only teams that scare me in the AL are Cleveland and Houston.
  9. Should we do more? (Add another starter)

    Very few people here are big on trading our better prospects and most people on here over value our prospects. Jam Jones could be as good as Mcutchen or he could never make it. Our problem was, we had very few decent prospects. Now we have a handful, maybe even enough to go get a young ace and still have a few.
  10. Should we do more? (Add another starter)

    I assumed he meant people who are willing to gut the farm for a pitcher. I would probably send three top ten guys for deGrom
  11. Angels hire Eppler as GM

    Dodgers, Astros, Indians, Cubs, Nationals, I guess Red Sox. Nationals need a bullpen but other than that it’s a really good team. If the Yankees get a couple decent starters (I think they will), they could be very good.
  12. Can Angels win World Series?

    Ok I won’t. Don’t assume we have to win the division first in order to win the WS.
  13. Can Angels win World Series?

    Why? One has little to do with the other. Six times in the last 20 years a WC team won it all. I like their chances at the WS this year better than winning the division.
  14. The Official 2017-2018 Hot Stove Thread

    Says the guy who is usually wrong. Remember when you said Cozart wasn’t going to sign here because he’s a short stop. Seems like only yesterday (because it was).
  15. Can Angels win World Series?

    That’s why I put the little plus sign after 85 wins. I truly believe we will win more games but that pen has as much of a chance to be a real problem as it does to be average. What I can’t see from the current group is it being a strength.