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  1. Stradling

    Ohtani Medical Update from Angels

    And his legs, just to be on the safe side.
  2. Stradling

    Ohtani Medical Update from Angels

    This really has nothing to do with the Angels.
  3. Stradling

    Would you trade Jo Adell for Noah Syndergaard?

    I’m not trading Adell for a 30 year old pitcher. A 25 year old, maybe.
  4. Stradling

    Official 2018 MLB Trade Deadline Thread

    Yea, Cimber looks better, a ton better.
  5. Stradling

    Would you make a move for deGrom?

    I believe that if they had a true ace they would have won more than one World Series. It always seemed like we would be going up against a Clemens or a Pedro and we would be doing it with Erv or Washburn. You can go through a season and win a division without a stud starter, but it is much more difficult to do so in the post season. Which is why a healthy Ohtani and Richards was a must this year if everything else went right.
  6. I think today is the day. They’ll start tomorrow with Fletcher at 3rd. In the next week and a half you’ll see Kinsler traded and Ward will be called up. If Albert doesn’t heal up quickly he will see a ton of time on the bench in the 2nd half and we will either get to see much more JMF or we will see a nice healthy dose of Marte. I could even see a scenario where we give up basically nothing for Moustakas and play him to see if he fits with the club, then decide to pick up his option or work out a better deal.
  7. Stradling

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    Last year Eppler didn’t upgrade at the July 31st trade deadline because the team wasn’t really playing well. He then upgraded on August 31st deadline. He said something to the effect of, the team played well enough that they deserved to be upgraded. That’s what they need now, they need to deserve being upgraded through a couple of good weeks of play.
  8. Stradling

    Taylor Ward is hitting .390 in Salt Lake

    Why are you unhappy over Cron? We didn’t trade him for your narrative (a veteran), we traded him for arguably a top five prospect in our system.
  9. Stradling

    Is Angel Stadium # 1 in baseball for opposing fans?

    Is a registered trademark of StradlingCorp
  10. I would literally tell the league to fuck off and I would get a lawyer.
  11. Stradling

    Taylor Ward is hitting .390 in Salt Lake

    Or you are continuing your streak of being wrong for 6 years. They are signing these guys to short term deals to hand over the job to the kids when they are ready. You don’t see it because you have repeated a narrative that hasn’t been true under this GM. Keep banging that drum.
  12. Stradling

    Get your Cancer Signs ready for tonight

    “Fuck Kolten Wong’s Mom” -some edgy dude on AW
  13. Stradling

    All Star Gameday Thread 07/17

    He’s had plenty of chances lately and hasn’t come through.
  14. It would be a lot easier to agree if he didn’t pretend to be a SS and if he wasn’t a rental.