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  1. He basically committed to spending a lot of money when he approved the trade for Upton.
  2. You are not lying. But he is not as good of a player offensively or defensively than the guy that this thread is actually about.
  3. Says the guy that wants Hosmer, who is worse defensively and offensively.
  4. Except Hosmer isn’t as good and will be almost as expensive and is worse defensively. Oh and he could get six years.
  5. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    I heard rumors he was retiring but not sure how true that is. Also whether he pitches depends on if the Cubs start to hit or not.
  6. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Lackeys last pitch in the majors?
  7. The Official 2017 MLB Playoffs Thread

    Exactly what I thought of.
  8. World's Shortest Books

    If memes are how you try to win a debate, well you already lost.
  9. World's Shortest Books

    I also didn’t see Lincoln get shot, but it happened.
  10. World's Shortest Books

    Except it happened