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  1. If only we knew the other costs associated with running a Major League Baseball team and the upkeep on the stadium.
  2. Stradling

    Post 2018 Farm ratings per Fangraphs

    Of course it occurs to me. It takes two.
  3. Stradling

    Post 2018 Farm ratings per Fangraphs

    Nor has the farm reached the point of making trades for players where you only control them for two years.
  4. The budget is artificial because you say so. We can pretend he sells 3 million tickets a year, but when it’s one of the lowest average ticket price in the league it’s not really as much revenue as you’d think.
  5. Stradling

    Post 2018 Farm ratings per Fangraphs

    This is why Doc talks about waiting until they have maximized their value. Guys like Marsh and the two drafted this year, all possibly have much more potential than the rating being given. Case in point being where we’re Adell and Canning and Rengifo ranked/rated last year?
  6. The difference is we don’t have to give up prospects for Trout or Simmons. If Realmuto was a free agent no one would be saying we should sign him to a TWO year contract.
  7. In the last twenty year the Red Sox and Yankees have combined for 2 rookies of the year, Aaron Judge and DUSTIN Pedroia. During that time Oakland has had 4.
  8. Stradling

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    Do you understand you argue on here with people that have no control over the fact that there is a budget? And then you get mad at us for having a realistic expectation of when we will be able to compete at the highest level based on the fact that there is a budget?
  9. Stradling

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    Yes, because it has nothing to do with the tax.
  10. Stradling

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    It isn’t my budget flop. Regardless we are getting a journeyman catcher.
  11. Stradling

    I hope the Angels go after Donaldson

    We aren’t throwing away 2019 despite how many times you want to say it. We just have on pretty good authority that the team has a budget. I personally want them to sign players that help them compete now, while not hurting the future. I am more in favor of spending money over prospects. I wouldn’t trade 2-4 prospects in our top ten for a player that is only controllable for two years, so because of that I don’t really want to entertain Realmuto, Bryant, Kluber because all of them will cost us a huge part of our future. We could squabble over which of those top ten guys it would cost us, but it is pretty easy to assume Adell or Canning would have to be included because those are great players. I would want Donaldson for a year or two over just about any other offensive signing. He is much better than Moustakas and he has a higher ceiling than Murphy. As for getting someone younger who would compete in 2021, how many younger talented 3rd baseman are free agents this year? I don’t want to sign a guy like Machado if it hurts the chances of signing Trout. I wouldn’t be surprised if Donaldson signs a one year deal to re-establish his value, but of course I could be wrong.
  12. Stradling

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I guess my point is I don’t think a single free agent has signed a major league deal with another team in the first week of free agency. I guess it isn’t out of the ordinary, but after last year where so many guys were left holding their dick in their hands I half expected a couple of quick signings.
  13. Stradling

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Am I the only one who feels as though it’s been a slow start to free agency?