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  1. I've gotten to the point that I look for any positive signs. The one thing I can come up with is the last week he looks like he is trying to go to right field a lot more. When he does that, because of the shift, he is a much better hitter. As far as how much longer he will do this, my guess would be next year will be his last year, or he will come back next year and if he has similar results, but has eclipsed the 3000 hit mark, I could see him announce that 2019 will be his last season.
  2. Dodgers get Granderson for Cash and PTBNL

    The only team I hate more than the Dodgers is Boston.
  3. Pujols has been terrible

    No you don't.
  4. They didn't seem to be bad pinch hitters.
  5. Yep, this was the defining moment. Not the three walk offs grand slams.
  6. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Well Nolasco is 6-12. Chavez ERA is almost a full run higher than last year and last year he pitched most of his season in a VERY hitter friendly ball park in Toronto. I put Ramirez in the category of overachiever, something that actually strengthens your argument. As far as cherry picking, I literally named just about every starter the team has on offense, minus catcher, and most of the important parts of the staff. So by cherry picking you mean all relevant players, then yes.
  7. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Over performers: JC Ramirez Bridwell Parker Petit Trout Simmons under performers: Cron Valbuena Escobar Espinosa Kole Nolasco Chavez Shoe- before injury Albert Injured: the rest of those assholes
  8. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    No what I took from it is you think more people over performed than under performed. Which I disagree with but I simply focused on the offense. I guess I could throw some lol's to pretend to make a more valid point.
  9. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Oh and MANY more offensive players have underperformed than have over performed.
  10. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Who's giving credit to the manager for Trout or Simmons? That's as dumb as blaming him for Espinosa and Valbuena.
  11. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    Bakunin would love that.
  12. Should Scioscia be in the running for MOTY?

    No, Espinosa and Valbuena have/had not performed as expected. They've both hit 30-60 points below what was expected. Cron started far worse than expected. Escobar and Calhoun are hitting 30 points less than last year. I'd say the offense under performed big time.
  13. Game of Thrones

    I totally get the pacing complaints but last night seemed like a good compromise. Sure the pace was crazy dumb, but we still got to see great dialogue that wasn't rushed. The Dany and Tyrion scene was awesome.
  14. Is it time to add?

    No I don't want bargain basement guys, I just don't want to be impulsive and get a Verlander that is overpaid, then not have that money to spend on free agency for players in their prime and not past it. I would prefer to try and trade for Stanton in the off season when you could include players that don't have to pas through waivers to acquire him. That being said I'd MUCH rather have Stanton than Verlander. What I DO like about Verlander is he gives you a guy capable of shutting down a team in a wild card game, just not sure that is worth $60 million.