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  1. Stradling

    Ticket Exchange

    This shift is two dimensional, much like the strike box.
  2. Then my advice would be play baseball better.
  3. Seriously, next time you are off, go to work for 4-5 hours, just hang out. You can’t leave, just hang out. Maybe even do everything you would regularly do to get ready for work.
  4. That isn’t a day off. Ok, Saturday, go to work, hang out for 4-5 hours. That is your day off. I am defending against really stupid arguments, in this case it has to do with your jealousy of what they make.
  5. As uth said this is something collectively bargained, what they make has no bearing on any of this.
  6. But they are millionaires so none of that matters to people who live pay check to pay check. I guess.
  7. Oh ok. So the Angels wanted to have a day off, at home, their first day off at home this season, and they are bitches. Got it.
  8. How do we know they have no problem with it?
  9. And you are simply a dude who adds nothing. Congrats. Edwin Jackson, man, Edwin f’ing Jackson.
  10. Fuck off dude. It has nothing to do with being a kiss ass and it has to do with people complaining about the money they make. It is simple jealousy. You don’t like my opinion ignore me old man.
  11. Stradling

    5/23 Angels vs. Twins - make up game

    Much better.
  12. Stradling

    Angels Sign Matt Harvey

    If only we would have signed Eovaldi like a big market team.