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  1. Yea, I mentioned the other day that everyone shits on Upton’s defense, which has caused them to sour on Upton all together. Last year Upton’s dWAR (baseball reference) was -.4, this year so far Goodwin this year in 40 or so games is -.90. So Goodwin is much worse defensively than Upton according to defensive metrics that no one trusts.
  2. Do more research on the farm. Most have us 10-15. Keith Law the one who in 2015 claimed we had the worst farm system of all time has us ranked 7th. Now you might think I’m being a super fan paying attention to the Keith Law ranking. My point isn’t that we are 7th in his eyes, it’s the fact that he has no bias one way or another, he used to think we were the worst, now he thinks we are well within the top ten. So yea. As for the “they aren’t 22 years old”, how many teams have a bunch of 22 year olds on the major league roster? Also I’m in favor of trading those guys this year, guess what they won’t get for them? 22 year old major league pitchers.
  3. This should just be the go to post for next off season when someone is wondering why we didn’t go after who ever will be next years Eovaldi or Lance Lynn.
  4. It is for this regular season. It could be for this post season as well. My point is he isn’t the pitcher he was and they know that and they gave him a contract paying him to be that guy still. It is similar to Kobe’s last contract, except the Dodgers are good.
  5. Stradling

    "Tickets Sold" - 34,177 Monday night

    Ok, I am not sure who has done that, but ok. I remember once saying someone about 714 Tickets buying all the tickets out by the foul poles. Last year you could literally buy season tickets from 714 tickets. I haven’t looked this year. It is completely possible that last year they bought a ton because of the Ohtani affect.
  6. La Stella-30 Calhoun-31 Albert-39 Smith-31 Goodwin-28 so one old guy
  7. Give me a fucking break. One guy in that group is old.
  8. And it probably wasn’t well spent money, but it beats losing him I guess.
  9. I think he will start a game or two a week. I think he will pinch run from time to time. I think he will be a defensive replacement most nights that he isn’t starting. That may create a chance for him to bat late in a game if a lead isn’t held. My belief is unless you bring in another veteran, there just isn’t enough playing time to replace him with someone from our minor leagues, because that person may have better numbers, but they would still benefit more from getting every day playing time.
  10. They had the chance to start him twice last week when Kole was on paternity leave and he didn’t start. The team knows exactly what he is at this point. Rengifo who has the same batting average (basically) is starting ahead of him.
  11. That is a pretty stupid quote. That isn’t a dig at you at all beatles, it just is inaccurate. The last part makes it sound like the Angels will know tomorrow when he will be back. They aren’t going to know until he is healed and making progress doing baseball activities.
  12. Stradling

    Are you kidding me?

    To me those two sentences are not mutually exclusive. We may not have a replacement that can equal his production, but it doesn’t mean he can’t bring a piece that combined with what we do have to replace him doesn’t make us a stronger team next season.
  13. Stradling

    What's your best lineup with Simmons out?

    Fletcher Trout Ohtani Lucroy La Stella Albert Kole Rengifo Goodwin
  14. Stradling

    Silver Lining - Luis Rengifo

    So is he hurting the franchise playing once a week? When the alternative is bringing up an actual prospect and stunt their development
  15. Stradling

    "Tickets Sold" - 34,177 Monday night

    Probably the easiest “guess the OP of all time”. Which is saying something since this place used to have @halothunder.
  16. Stradling

    Silver Lining - Luis Rengifo

    Why do people keep saying this? What if he starts twice a week now instead of the one game he started last week. Hell he isn’t starting today when Rengifo traveled today or last night to get here.
  17. Your comparison would be a lot more accurate if you included, sometimes you buy a snickers and inside the package is a piece of shit. Because yea, that is what free agency has been like for starting pitchers. Kershaw was never a free agent. Corbin has 5 3/4 years to prove the trend continues. Morton doesn’t really count because we aren’t talking about short term deals. Lester qualifies. Greinke does so far and did with his Dodger contract, but the remainder of that deal will be awful as he is still owed about $125 million for the next three years after factoring in the deferred money.
  18. For the most part. I think it was an 8 year deal and he had a three year run where his WAR was 0 -.6 1.2 But for the life of that contract he had a pretty good WAR 27 or so.