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  1. The Boogie Man

    Relief Pitching

    Yep. I don’t trust the bullpen but statistically they aren’t as bad as we think. We absolutely need a closer.
  2. The Boogie Man

    Relief Pitching

    Dude you must not read Fletchers stuff because he has zero issues criticizing the team. Hell in the post you quoted he criticized the offense.
  3. The Boogie Man

    Predict Today’s Line up

    I was way off and today’s line up will piss people off, win or lose.
  4. The Boogie Man

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Eppler is trying to improve the team. When he was talking about the draft he said “the process will direct them who to draft”. My belief is they have set a value for each player they are interested in, and “the process will dictate who to pull the trigger on”.
  5. The Boogie Man

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    Oh I would absolutely give up minor league talent for a front of the rotation starter like DeGrom or Syndergaard. Will they Angels, I have no idea. With health I think Ohtani is an ace, but he was an unexpected surprise signing. I am hoping Canning will be that type of pitcher, but I’ve read on here he is more likely a solid number 2 starter. I’m not the guy that has all of the minor league numbers in front of me or the adavanced knowledge of how our guys are doing compared to their peers or at their age, but it certainly seems as though our farm is coming in hot and has made huge strides. This year, I would be adding arms that could be used for this year and the future if I was going to add at all. If I was Eppler and I had a game plan that involved getting back to developing our own talent and use that talent to either build the current team or traded for pieces to build that team, I would stick with that plan and not panic and overpay for a rental. I would pay for a rental, but not with anyone that has the upside of being an everyday starter in the near future. What would really suck is trading someone like Canning (plus a few more prospects) and get Syndergaard only to have him be injured like the rest of our starters. It just seems like the pitchers with electric stuff have a very short life span these days. I truly don’t know what the answer is.
  6. The Boogie Man


    I disagree about moving Kinsler out of the leadoff spot. To call him a .280 OBP guy, while true over the course of the year, he’s been over .220 for the last month. Now he has been in a funk the last week or so and if that continues then maybe you make a change. I like the old days when Scioscia would bat Aybar or Kennedy in the 9 spot, someone with decent on base skills and some speed that turned over the top of the line up. So I would bat Fletcher 9th for now. But I say this because I prefer Trout batting second. I like the idea that he bats with one or zero outs in the first inning. If they decide to walk him with one out in the first inning he can steal second. I wouldn’t mind Cozart leading off but it has to be after he finds his stroke again. In June before the injury he was around a .200 OBP.
  7. The Boogie Man

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    I see your point, this is a rebuild. It takes years to build a farm. That being said when you have that many injuries what are you supposed to do? You can’t really replace them all, without continually mortgaging the future. They’ll trade for some bullpen arms as long as we stay close, when the price comes down. I don’t really want to argue whether that’s the right thing to do or not. None of us know what the cost is, but I can tell you that as of now Eppler sees the price as too high. As for replacing Figgins or Howie, well I’m pretty positive our replacements for Figgy out produced Figgy in Seattle. Also they sold high on Howie and got a very good young starting pitcher. They created one hole but got back Heaney, nothing wrong with that.
  8. The Boogie Man

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    I totally get what you are saying but last year the pen was pretty good using Billy’s method. This year with Middleton the pen looks different. You are absolutely right though this was a pen where everything had to go perfectly. Then pick up players at the deadline to complete the pen, just like Jerry did in 2014.
  9. The Boogie Man

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    In our top five the guy I am most willing to trade is Jam Jones. I would trade him in a package for Hand or possibly Iglesias. Someone under control for the next couple of years. I also would like to get Jesse Chavez back as a long man out of the pen. Someone on a different forum mentioned Tyson Ross, he is having a good year, might be able to get him for a starting role.
  10. The Boogie Man

    Unusual Baseball Trivia

    And Albert has never struck out 100 times in a season. Think about how deep he used to go into counts and how many pitches he used to take. Now think how much he’s slowed down. It’s pretty impressive.
  11. Because it’s a swing and miss pitch while his fastball is straight and appears to have very little movement. He also doesn’t appear to know where it’s going. Just watch how often Briceno had to stab at the ball because he was missing his target at 98.
  12. The Boogie Man

    Should Mike Scioscia Be Fired Poll

    Yes but dude definitely likes attention. Have you seen how he has his team dress on road trips a couple of times a year? I think it’s cool but it’s certainly more of a look at us kind of attitude versus Mike.
  13. The Boogie Man

    Predict Today’s Line up

    I’m going with this: Kinsler Simmons Upton Albert-DH Valbuena-3rd Maldonado JMF-1st Kole-CF Fletcher-RF It feels like a Trout day off
  14. The Boogie Man

    Relief Pitching

    Yes but last nights game was entirely on the offense. One damn run. Justin Anderson isn’t pitching the ninth if we have a one run lead. Unless Parker wasn’t available. I saw the end of a game in a bar and couldn’t hear if they said anything like that.