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  1. I’m fine with that. So then Harvey and Cahill are back in the rotation if that’s the plan.
  2. Sure bring up Barria and Trop and Suarez but that’s about it. The rest aren’t ready.
  3. And just like that Barria has an ERA above Harvey’s.
  4. The universe that thinks Barria is an answer.
  5. I’m ok. Hey were one injury away from rushing someone to the majors. You’d also think both Canning and Suarez are on innings limits.
  6. #WeNasty

    Send the Guru Packing!

    Haha. Slappy being Slappy.
  7. Well Harvey can’t be sent down. We have zero depth.
  8. #WeNasty

    Why Upton should move to 1B.....

    When Marsh is ready we should move Upton to 3rd base. Trout can take some reps at SS he played it in high school. Fletcher could log some gritty innings on the mound. Ohtani is obviously the closer, when he isn’t hitting or selling tickets at the gate. We can probably lure Juan Rivera out of retirement to play some more 2nd base. Yep, it’s all coming together, our extremely bad take line up.
  9. #WeNasty

    Dude in the dugout behind home.

    I’m pretty sure it’s Bjorn Nitmo
  10. Until we acquire another arm or two. We simply don’t have the depth. If Harvey is released that means either Cahill or Barria is starting. What if there’s an injury?
  11. You are ridiculous Scotty. Kole is having a really good year this year, you know this. My comment was based solely on next year and whether or not he will provide an upgrade next year. You might also remember that I said I would trade Kole or let him walk at the end of the season. When Trout took over for Abreu he was batting about .200 and appeared to be a shell of his former self. I don’t think anyone really thought Trout was going to be worse than Abreu. If you want to argue this stuff with me go right ahead. I will argue from a point of common sense and you will argue from a point of over valuing certain prospects because that is what you do. Sure Adell might be a stud next year. Hell he might even outperform Kole’s numbers this year, but the smart money says he won’t burst on the scene at 20 years old hitting 35 home runs and playing the same level defense as Kole.
  12. I’d trade Thaiss way before I trade Marsh.