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  1. Yeah he’s locked wouldn’t be surprised if he still got pitched off the plate there hoping he’d chase or walk
  2. Can’t believe people are pitching to Trout with the way he is hitting
  3. well_red

    Valbuena Needs to Go

    seems like the guys on the team like him, can't think of any other reason he's getting any play time. a shitty left-handed bat is still shitty.
  4. the batteries in trump's remote must've died last night and star wars was on.
  5. well_red

    Several Moves Today - None of which are good.

    my prediction from the end of last season may come true this season:
  6. well_red

    Tommy John Surgeries by team since 2014

    Jan 2014 to present, MLB pitchers:
  7. WTF is Woods doing here haha.
  8. well_red

    Season low point ?

    The low point was when someone put up a poll Dipoto vs Eppler.
  9. well_red

    Our Rightfielders this season

    I don't follow minor league ball but Blash has to be the biggest fraud I've ever seen take an AB in the majors.
  10. The new "Southern California" could easily swing republican and hence go 2 new democrats & 2 new republicans in the senate. Which in effect would just slightly lessen the impact of the existing 2 democratic Senators from California, right? Sure, California would have a much bigger voting block when they stand together, but i think overall it isn't necessarily a win for democrats. Anyway, I like the idea in spirit, but I find the boundaries totally convoluted.
  11. Yada yada yada...
  12. Meatballs for everyone
  13. This guy is serving up some meatballs