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  1. well_red

    Three favorite movies?

    Those are both good calls, kind of movie you leave on every time you see it on. I'll go with: War Games Heat The Hangover
  2. well_red

    Merry Fackmus

  3. well_red

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Must've been 5th street, off the 215. He was there for a while but eventually took off, maybe he saw security coming or something. After we spent the entire wait in the car dissing the fries, I have to say they were pretty good this time, not limp at all.
  4. well_red

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    @Stradling, does INO have a policy about people panhandling? I was at the one in San Bernardino last Saturday night and there was a guy on the curb in the drive-thru just hovering over the cars, staring people down. It was intimidating AF because, you know, San Bernardino.
  5. tough play there by cozart
  6. Can you imagine signing over 13 years of your life to Philadelphia?
  7. well_red

    I want to buy a dog ASAP

    it's such a personal relationship with a pet, take him to a shelter on his birthday and see if there are any dogs he connects with.
  8. Think we'll finally get a reprieve soon, but FML this winter has been non-stop. Supposed to drive out to AZ on Friday to see the game on Sunday!
  9. bounce back season? bounce back to what? it's gonna take one hell of a bounce to get back to 2011.
  10. well_red

    How overrated is Bryce Harper?

    there are literally no other sports that give out 10 year contracts. it is ludicrous.
  11. well_red

    WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    Crazy up here in Arrowhead, been pounded with rain and slushy snow for about a month now, got about 16" of snow early last week, then about 6" more yesterday. Pretty awesome but I could use a couple weeks of sunshine, instead gonna be a shit show later this week with a bunch of rain in the forecast.
  12. amazing headline writes itself:
  13. well_red

    The Sopranos

    Loved it, haven't seen it any in a while, saw the "fan favorites" list on HBO Now and watched through them. That Steve Buscemi-directed episode in the snow was amazing. Most of the rest, I don't think I would pick as my favorites, too much Melfi and just big things that happened. The amazing thing about that show was every little thing (like literally everything Carmela or Junior says, or Sil's whole thing, or Tony's interactions with his sister), not just the big plot events.
  14. well_red

    RIP Sears/Kmart

    Think it is more Home Depot, Lowe's, Best Buy than Amazon. That said, too bad Sears killed their catalog business right when ecommerce was getting going.