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  1. well_red


    I'm sure a great businessman like Arte would jump at the chance to leave the second largest media market in the country.
  2. Saw this on kaggle the other day (a data science / machine learning competition site), I was surprised that there wouldn't be a more "insider" way of finding analytics talent: https://www.kaggle.com/jobs/19140
  3. shook for a long time! https://twitter.com/CalebJHull/status/1068578660444180480
  4. well_red

    Seattle considering full rebuild...

    Dipoto's gonna need to pull out the big guns for a full rebuild:
  5. well_red

    Meyer shut down....

    Just like fire season is now year-round in California, so are Angel's pitcher injuries.
  6. Yeah, I can't see downtown LB working at all, nor most other parts due to the difficulty just getting in to most parts of LB during rush hour. Just seems like there is a lot of empty land down around PCH/2nd Street and Seal Beach, and the nexus of the 405/605/22, but yeah, some is a wildlife refuge, some looks like oil wastelands, that big Boeing facility, etc. Who knows just blabbing.
  7. well_red

    Kick Joe West Out of Baseball

    Thread is a fail because i misread it as "Joe Buck"
  8. Long Beach would be awesome, huge city, very diverse, has some character, lot's of freeway access. Also Seal Beach would be great because still in OC, again near freeways, and of all that relative empty Navy land, but probably not for sale. If you are going to build a new stadium I think you are better off going for a unique socal beachy experience and make it a destination rather than a situation similar to the existing suburban stadium.
  9. Fullerton is a craphole? Huh?
  10. well_red

    Moving to Colorado. Tips?

    I lived in Boulder for 4 years after school and loved it, intended to move back but kinda got settled back here in California. It's changed a bit and now seems more of an extension of the SF techy type world, but I definitely had a great time in my late 20's living near Pearl Street. My favorite area to live was North Boulder up by Breadworks, pretty chill and away from the craziness of the University. Personally I like the laid-back suburby feel of Boulder, but I have some friends who love parts of Denver. It's true about the weather, it can flip on a dime. Warm sunny days are usually no more than a few days out. I got by with a little 2wd fine, without chains, including daily driving to Denver for work for a year, though I mostly stayed in Boulder. That said I'd get a 4wd if you can afford it. Definitely find something outdoors you like, I usually had the ski pass for the Breckenridge resorts, went up every two weeks or so with friends/coworkers and would rent out a place. Tons of great hiking around, RMNP is amazing, lots of cyclists torturing themselves up the canyons. Ground central for rock climbing.
  11. well_red

    peeing on the toilet seat pros

    one of the revelations of parenthood, night lights in bathrooms are amazing things. also, if you have issues with touching the seat in your own bathroom, maybe you should clean your toilet more often.
  12. well_red

    And in Fast Food News Part 2

    Posting because clearly a lot of interest in In-N-Out here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/chloesorvino/2018/10/10/exclusive-in-n-out-billionaire-lynsi-snyder-opens-up-about-her-troubled-past-and-the-burger-chains-future/
  13. ??? What in the serious F*ck? She was born to farmers in Oklahoma and worked her way in to Yale for law school. She worked at EEOC FOR Clarence Thomas, so if that's such a shithole "government worker" job then how did he get nominated for the Supreme Court? She was already a professor when the hearings took place. But you're right, she needed to fabricate a sexual harassment allegation to get anywhere, she's clearly just opportunistic.
  14. well_red

    What to do for two evenings in LA?

    The Standard Hotel downtown has a great rooftop bar and a general cool vibe. If you are in the Hollywood area then a trip to the Magic Castle is very LA though you need to know someone to get in, at least that's how it used to be. Getty has nice grounds but the art is meh, better bet is to go to the LACMA or MOCA. For beaches I think Venice is a bit touristy, depends on what you are looking for, but the Abbot Kinney area has a lot going on if you can stand the hipsters. Highland Park is pretty close to Pasadena and has a lot going on.
  15. We need to get Kavanaugh on a that Access Hollywood bus with Billy Bush