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  1. stanick88

    David Robertson

    I’d rather us get Robertson, Kikuchi, Grandal, and trade for Arenado. But I know that’s a warm piss in the wind. But what I do know is that there are “rumors” about us being interested In Keuchel, Robertson, and Harrison ( all pretty recently), so there is hope we may sign another player or two.
  2. stanick88

    25-Man Roster (Updated 12/28)

    I understand that rengifo is the new hot pet prospect for everyone, but he hasn’t Had MLB success yet. So why is everyone ready to pencil him in to start when people like fletcher have already had success at the MLB level. Fletcher is like an after thought around here, which I dnt get. Give the dude a chance, as he can be our spark plug like he was at the end of last year. I think Fletcher may surprise people, win a starting infield job with us, and have a solid year with the glove and bat.
  3. stanick88

    How about all-in on Corbin?

    Sign Keuchel; trade for Arenado; sign a smaller bullpen arm; trade Cozart for whatever we can get for salary relief; and then watch us be contenders again.
  4. I am also in the “let’s get machado” camp. Based on Fletchers numbers/spreadsheet, we have about 62 million room before we hit the tax threshold. And we know Eppler likes to have about 12 million extra cap to work with. That would give us about 50 million to spend. I know our actual payroll will be about 12-20 million more, so this would require moreno to push his actual payroll higher than he normally does. But with 50 million we can still sign machado, a sp (someone like Lynn) and solid reliever and still have about 12 million before the tax penalty threshold. Translates to: we have money to spend if we chose to. Also we can free up more by trading Cozart(if we sign machado) and not paying arbitration on shoemaker or others. That would give us more money to spend.
  5. stanick88

    Scioscia NOT stepping down

    That roster was kinda pathetic. To blame a lack of post season success on a manager when He has a roster like that is sad. The fact the angels made the playoffs that year with such a roster should be celebrated. Name a manager who would have had post season success with the roster the angels have had in the past 5-7 years? And tell me how that’s Scioscia’s fault again?
  6. And the angels would be back to having one of the worst farm systems of all time. And then imagine how shitty that would be if Harper left in the off season. No need to gut the farm. I am all for sending prospects for one impact player like Arenado (who has hinted he would like to come to the west coast). But for someone like Harper who will assuredly test the market and likely sign with who ever offers him a brinks truck full of cash, that would be foolish. Especially since Eppler has waved the white flag and signaled this season is over. If we are to get Harper it would make sense to go after him in free agency where it would not gut our farm.
  7. And if he didn’t come back out for the 8th you guys would be all over mike scioscia for taking him out. Can’t win with some of you guys here.
  8. Almost seems like Dontrelle is an angels fan. I am enjoying listening to him announce this game.
  9. stanick88

    Question about Heaney

    What about him pitching and his actually delivery of pitches baffles you that he doesn’t get hammered? It does not baffle me at all.
  10. stanick88

    Realistic Off Season Signings

    I like that idea and I hope we kick the tires on trying to sign him.
  11. stanick88

    Realistic Off Season Signings

    And if Donalson was to get hurt, that’s why we would have Cozart as utility and Thaiss/Ward should be ready for their cup of Major League coffee (If they haven’t already by that point).
  12. stanick88

    Realistic Off Season Signings

    Why? He would have a fairly reasonable price tag, he is friends with Trout, and it would improve our offense and allow us to sign other pieces. I do not see Moreno allowing us to go very far over the tax to become contenders. I know Donalson has injury concerns. But a comprobable contract to Cozart would allow many other signing. He could even split time at first with Pujols. If we are set on not trading our prospects ( As the consensus on here feels we should not, even though for the right trade I would) what other options do we have to put a contender on the field immediately. That is the purpose of this thread, to discuss what we can do to make us contenders in one offseason.
  13. What realist off season signings can we make in this upcoming off season that can make us contenders right away. Off the the top of my head, what about Dallas Keuchel, josh Donaldson (Have fletcher play second, and move Cozart to an uber utility role) and add a bullpen piece. And of course after we do that see, if we can lock up Trout for life. I know that would take significant money and I haven’t looked at potential numbers to see if something like that is even likely. But I think there is a possibility to make such moves. Please discuss with your opinions and projections.
  14. I think even Blash would have had a better at bat.