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  1. Roy Hobbs

    The Angels Mount Rushmore....

    He played for the Dodgers,that takes him off the list. I can forgive the Braves but not the Dodgers
  2. Roy Hobbs

    The Angels Mount Rushmore....

    Trout, Ryan, Fregosi and Salmon
  3. Choo is mostly a DH only 4 starts in the OF this year plus 21 million for this year and next
  4. Roy Hobbs

    Highway Bribery

    I would've let him have my account for that Trout bobblehead.
  5. Roy Hobbs

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Canning was not only not a top 100 prospect,he didn't even pitch until 2018.This was after the Yelich trade.You earlier mention Rengifo as part of a trade package,problem with that is he was still in the Tampa farm system.Stradling said there was no such thing as a overpay and he's right.You can keep saying the Angels should have made the trade but when you don't have the pieces it won't happen.You can lament over a missed opportunity to acquire Yelich, when if fact that opportunity was never there.
  6. Roy Hobbs

    Gameday Thread 4/15 Angels @ Rangers (Trout back!)

    This #42 guy sure sucks.
  7. Roy Hobbs

    Florida's Finest

    Wisconsin must be hard because that is a rough 46 year old.
  8. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    About time you won something.
  9. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    He probably does.
  10. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    This Tiger fellow seems pretty good.