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  1. Roy Hobbs

    Gameday Thread: 6/22 Blue Jays @ Angels

    Jim Mora once said "You think you know, but you don't know", kinda like the rest of us
  2. Roy Hobbs

    Unusual Baseball Trivia

    I think it was Ron Hassey,I know he caught Dennis Martinez's perfect game.I was lucky enough to see that game and the best part of it was it was against the Dodgers.
  3. Roy Hobbs

    The Official F You, Mike Scioscia thread!

    Well I'm glad you guys didn't think I was Bob
  4. Roy Hobbs

    Fire mike scioscia and the GM

    I was scolded for using too many down votes, after that I didn't use them anymore.I also wasn't down voting everyone just a few choice individuals, and I did use them too much that night.It may have whiskey induced.I kind of feel honored that you guys think I'm some long time poster.The truth is like I said before, I've been an Angel fan for 55+ years and been reading this site since 2004.I would be happy to be called a super fan, I had season tickets for over 35 years and I watch almost every single game.
  5. I can't believe how good that felt, Kole is a player easy to root for
  6. All things considered,that's probably about as good a lineup as you can get right now
  7. Roy Hobbs

    This season sucks so far

    You are right about investing a lot of money in the bullpen being risky.I was just reading about the Rockies bullpen and how they invested a 106 million in three players.Their bullpen has given up 60 runs in 18 days.I think all it shows is there is no right way to do it.It comes down to having the right players and those players playing up to their capabilities no matter how much they make.I do know that this bullpen is unbelievably bad and it is so disheartening when the bullpen comes in.I have no idea what they can do about it.
  8. Roy Hobbs

    This season sucks so far

    Props for using chasm on a message board.
  9. That's gold, Jerry, gold
  10. It must be hell to be you,to hate a team that you are supposedly a fan of.You never let an opportunity pass to say something negative about the Angels.I hope you enjoy being a bitter little man.
  11. All I see is Boston and New England shit in that picture.What kind of Angel fan does that.You can never trust a guy named Dick.
  12. I understand now.You are in a safe place now......Well maybe not
  13. Another great throw by Fontana
  14. Valbuena is not playing first,JMF is and he should have had that