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  1. Roy Hobbs

    Brad Ausmus Named Angels Skip

    Brad Mills managed the Astros a few years back
  2. Roy Hobbs

    Decision on Next Manager

    Is out-of-the-box thinking doing something that's never been done before if that's the case he's the youngest head coach in NFL history so it has never been done before. You say it's inaccurate but only according to you you don't know, you think you know but you don't know. In that case it's just your opinion and as they say opinions are like assholes everybody has one and they all stink.
  3. Roy Hobbs

    Decision on Next Manager

    I'm sorry that statement upset you so much. Instead of out of the box I should have said forward-thinking that way your panties wouldn't be in such a bunch
  4. Roy Hobbs

    Decision on Next Manager

    Yes he is and I am not saying all retread managers are bad or should never be hired. I would just like to see a new approach , my problem is I have no idea who that is.I think Eppler has done a great job so far so I have no doubt he will make the right hire.
  5. Roy Hobbs

    Decision on Next Manager

    That's more like head up your ass thinking
  6. Roy Hobbs

    Decision on Next Manager

    I wasn't comparing football coaches and baseball managers. I was talking about out-of-the-box thinking about hiring the youngest coach in the NFL not a retread. You need to be more like Barrett, that guy has some good input.
  7. Roy Hobbs

    Decision on Next Manager

    You could argue that but you would be wrong, look up the definition of retread.Learning other things for some time? It's barely been a year since his contract wasn't renewed.His 64-98 2017 record speaks for itself, along with his .000 playoff winning percentage and sub .500 regular season record.If those aren't the numbers of a retread I don't know what is.
  8. Roy Hobbs

    Decision on Next Manager

    I have said before that I'm not a big fan of Ausmus.I would rather not have a retread manager.The one thing that sticks out for me is I remember reading an article that said he sticks with slumping veterans too long, that's kind of a red flag.I have no doubt he is a class guy but after 19 years a completely different approach would be nice.I look at what the hiring of Sean McVay has done for the Rams.I have faith in Billy Eppler and if he picks Ausmus so be it, he knows more than me.
  9. Not to be that guy but as Roy Hobbs I need to point out that Jimmy Dugan was in A League Of Their Own.
  10. Roy Hobbs

    Decision on Next Manager

    I think he already has a job
  11. Roy Hobbs

    Managerial announcement coming when?

    I think Hunter's statement that black Dominican players are "imposters" might prove to be a bigger problem than a squabble with Pujols.
  12. Roy Hobbs

    Decision on Next Manager

    You just described Scioscia
  13. I'm a little heartbroken,you're one of my favorite posters
  14. No real bad guys, so a guy who is suspended 75 games for domestic violence is not a "bad guy"