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  1. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    Looks like they canceled this weekend,that's probably the best thing. Adam dodged a bullet,no harm no foul.See what I did there.Tank will now have to sit out next week to even everything up.This keeps everything fair. @Homebrewer @Tank @Adam @Lou
  2. If he's lucky he got to sample it from the tap
  3. Roy Hobbs

    RIP Peter Tork

    Peter Tork with the opening act for the Monkees. The truth is stranger than fiction sometimes.
  4. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    I got the same notice, in the end they got it fixed so it's all good.
  5. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    Now they have the right course but I'm still locked out
  6. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    I thought they were playing at the Mexico course but it says the Puerto Rico course is the one we are using.Something is very wrong,none of the golfers are playing at Puerto Rico.
  7. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    WTF 5 AM and my roster is locked? 4 of my players withdrew and I can't replace them.The 1st round doesn't start for 4 hours. @Homebrewer @Tank @Lou @Adam
  8. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    You probably could use a week off after the beat down you took last week.
  9. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    You're a good man
  10. Roy Hobbs

    Workshop pros

    You definitely get what you pay for.I was an auto mechanic for 40+ years and broke plenty of vises.I would recommend a steel vise over the cast iron ones as the cast iron will break,I never broke a steel vise.The steel vice will probably be around a $150 but it should last a lifetime.The Wilton 11106 looks like a solid choice and it comes with a lifetime guarantee.This vise is probably more than you need but that is part of the fun of tools.
  11. Roy Hobbs

    Marciano Museum

    I was disappointed that it wasn't about the great Rocky Marciano.
  12. Roy Hobbs

    Random Thoughts Thread

  13. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    I think it was some rookie, who now is up to 30 minutes of glory.
  14. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    I think four weeks left in the segment and 5 tourneys for homebrewer and tank and 4 for the rest of us
  15. Roy Hobbs

    Fantasy Golf 2019

    You can start 4 players that have withdrawn, or what Lou said