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  1. hangin n wangin

    So you're telling me there's a chance... Bauer.

    I love Bumgarner, but if we are going to sign him, we need to tread lightly. He has decline written all over him. He's still solid, but he's probably not going to be worth whatever someone gives him. I would rather sign Cole or Wheeler.
  2. hangin n wangin

    So Cal Sports

    That knee stuff is scary for Gurley. I have a bad feeling things are going to go pretty sour for him going forward.
  3. hangin n wangin

    Matt Thaiss Promoted

    How often do you see Thais playing and what kind of numbers could he produce??
  4. hangin n wangin

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    This is Facking brutal. Just brutal. And just such bull shit.
  5. hangin n wangin

    "The Best Player(s) In Baseball"

  6. hangin n wangin

    Barria will start on 6/26 against the Reds.

    I'm not complaining about the move at all. I just didn't realize he was getting blasted in the minors too. It's a bit disappointing considering what he did last year.
  7. hangin n wangin

    Barria will start on 6/26 against the Reds.

    Barria is getting shelled in the minors too. WTF.
  8. hangin n wangin

    6/25 Gameday thread Reds at Angels Pujols batting 6th!

    Who’s starting tomorrow??
  9. hangin n wangin

    Cahill in AAA tonight for his 1 rehab start

    Geez. This guy is making Blanton look like Jesus.
  10. hangin n wangin

    Angels farm ranked at 21

    How are the Mariners # 5? What kind of soy boy beta cuck stuff is that?
  11. hangin n wangin

    Alex Curry

    She's so silly.
  12. hangin n wangin

    A's at Angels 6/6 Gameday thread Skaggs on the mound

    I really like that Skaggs is hitting 94 with his fastball.
  13. hangin n wangin


    I seriously don't even care. Just GTFO. He's worthless. I have picked up my dog's shit , thrown it in the trash....and it had more value than Cozart. Good bye, sweet idiot.
  14. hangin n wangin

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ A's 5/29/2019 (No Trout)

    Hansel you stupid Facking twat.