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  1. The last roster spot

    Carter isn't versatile. He only plays 1B sort of. They need someone to play 3B, 2B and 1B.
  2. Trumped

    Trump campaign consultant took data about millions of users without their knowledge
  3. Blowtani Shohei Ohtani still ticketed for majors with Angels March 17, 2018 at 3:23 pm | UPDATED: March 17, 2018 at 3:58 pm TEMPE, Ariz. — While Shohei Ohtani has struggled to put up the spring training numbers to match his talent, it seems the Angels are still prepared to give him a shot to show what he can do in the majors. Despite the results he’s gotten as a pitcher and hitter, the Angels are still planning to start Ohtani in the major leagues, according to a source...
  4. Blowtani

    You just described the 2018 Angels and Anaheim Stadium. Plus most of the ALW are pitcher's parks.
  5. Blowtani

    Bridwell was lucky last year.
  6. Blowtani

    With any luck Ohtani gets out of the second giving up 1 ER. He was extremely unlucky with every hit in the inning except for the HRs. He looked like he was shaken from the first HR and then those weakly hit balls just kept finding holes. It had to be frustrating for him, Hopefully he will learn from this moving forward.
  7. Blowtani

    Exactly, he looked like Darvish in the World Series, and we all know how bad he is.
  8. Countdown to regular season opener

  9. Today: Five Bold Predictions for 2018 season

    How old are you that you remember those days?
  10. Today: Five Bold Predictions for 2018 season

    Report post Posted just now J C started 24 games last year, with 147 IP. He came out of the pen only 3 times. That's closer to 3/4 of season as a starter.
  11. The last roster spot

    Marte is competing for a bench job, but the Angels seem more likely to fill out their three-man bench with an infielder who can handle second base, such as Kaleb Cowart, Jose Miguel Fernandez or Nolan Fontana. Marte, who plays first and third base, has been slowed by a groin injury this spring but has batted .529 (9-for-17) in nine Cactus League games.
  12. Countdown to regular season opener

    not my favorites
  13. Trumped

    Seems like they are trying to undermine the Mueller investigation. Trump seems scared, but keep drinking the kool-aide.
  14. Trumped

    Why wait until now to fire him then.