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  1. I said both were ranked #1 by, that's all. Not disputing your baseball America claim. Mike Trout, OF, Angels No. 1 on 2011 Top 50
  2. Shohei Ohtani was #1, pretty sure Trout was at one time also by MLB at least.
  3. Only mushrooms I like are magic...
  4. Tomorrow we break the .500 curse...
  5. but you can get to bed at reasonable time...
  6. Trout 2B 2RBI 4-1, Now Ohtani makes it 7-1 Angels...
  7. l loved Napster, a got a lot of my music catalog with it...
  8. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    Tovar won't be released until Simmons is back.
  9. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    If one of them goes on the IL bring up Ward...
  10. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Cesar Puello DFA'd

    Fletcher or La Stella can play 3B until Cozart can be the backup. Also Rengifo can play 2B if La Stella plays 3B...
  11. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Gameday Thread: Angels @ Rays 6/16/2019 10:10 AM Start

    Ϝuck the umpire