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  1. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    OC Register: Angels Offseason Options: Sonny Gray

    I like Ramirez, but I'm OK letting Shoe go. Do we really only have $27M to spend on upgrades? Richards is gone, that's $7.3M right there. Kinsler is gone, so we saved at $5M from his salary. Valbuena is gone that's another $8.0M. 6 players under contract for 2019 will make ~$113M. The rest are arbitration eligible or league minimum. The luxury tax is: 2019: $206 million 2020: $208 million 2021: $210 million
  2. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    same here...
  3. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    A couple of weeks ago The Rams were wearing helmets with yellow horns, every other game they have been white. What's the deal?
  4. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Los Angeles Rams thread

    too cold...
  5. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Jean Segura?

    Dipoto was Angel's GM from 2011-2014. Grienke was an Angel in 2012...
  6. Are you forgetting Jo Adell? He most certainly will be ready come 2020.
  7. Also has a lot of passed balls to his credit. 2 last night one of which lead to a run. Oh they lost by a run. Realmuto via a trade would be a nice fit.
  8. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    OC Register: Angels Offseason Options: J.T. Realmuto

    Joe Mauer quit being a full time catcher at 28, and caught his last game at 30 (75 games). He has played 1B ever since, except for what may have been his last game ever. He caught 1 pitch and left the game on the seasons's final game in front of a cheering home crowd.
  9. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Hitting or Pitching

    Catcher, Corner IFer, TOR starter, and 7, 8 or 9th inning bullpen arms.
  10. The email from the manager of a Hampton Inn in Glendale, Arizona, stunned the Los Angeles Dodgers. A minor-league player recently signed by the team had been accused of harassing and then sexually assaulting a hotel housekeeper. The situation, the manager wrote, was “unacceptable.” “I guess for a few weeks now [the player] has been making remarks and asking her to go out with him,” the manager wrote in an email to a team official that was obtained by The Daily Beast. “She keeps telling him that she has a boyfriend and is not interested but he still keeps making comments.” The ballplayer, the manager wrote, would not take no for an answer. “On Sunday things elevated where she was cleaning another room and he came up behind her and grabbed her,” the email continued. “She pushed him back and he came back and grabbed her yet again. She told him that she wasn’t interested and that he needed to leave and he did.” As news of the 2015 incident spread throughout the Dodgers’ player-development staff, the club appeared to have little doubt about the housekeeper’s credibility or the severity of the incident, the email chain shows. The team quickly sent the player back to Latin America and released him from the Dodgers a few months later. But there is no evidence that the Dodgers notified Major League Baseball about the allegations. And just a month after the Dodgers cut ties with him, he was back in baseball again, with a minor-league contract for another MLB team.
  11. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Will the Angels try for a 6-man rotation again?

    I think it's hard enough to find 5 quality starters, (better than 50% chance of winning), let alone 6. Since the main reason for the 6 man rotation was to accommodate Ohtani, I think we should stick with a 5 man rotation. IMO
  12. Hideki Kuriyama is a Japanese former Nippon Professional Baseball player and the current manager of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters. That would really be going outside the organization. LOL Kidding
  13. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Astros whine about not being in prime time

    Didn't he finish second for the fedex cup?
  14. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Eppler is aggressive in November

    He blamed his slow start on the owners for holding out signing FA. he said he never had a true spring training.
  15. Arturo "Arte" Moreno is the owner of the Los Angeles Angels, which he bought in 2003 for $184 million. It is now worth $1.75 billion. Moreno's fortune stems from his billboard advertising company Outdoor Systems, which he sold to Infinity Broadcasting for $8.7 billion in 1999. 10 fold return on investment in 15 yrs. not too shabby. Buy us a Championship Arte.