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  1. Trumped Kushner warned that his friend Wendi Deng Murdoch may be a Chinese spy
  2. Not done? pure speculation

    No one of an upgrade to Cron or Luis will want to share time with Pujols at 1B.
  3. Trumped

    Donald Trump said 's***house' and not 's***hole', claims White House source 'That's not going to make a difference to anyone,' says National Review editor Rich Lowry -------------------------------- Oh That's very different, never mind... Gilda Radner
  4. Trumped

    Trump: 'Senator Dicky Durbin' lying about DACA meeting ---------------------------------------------------- Trump calling anyone a liar is hypocrisy to the max.
  5. Manny Machado

    I prefer hot French bread that I can cut on my own.
  6. Luxury Tax Tracking

    I know but he won't be taking up a roster spot.
  7. Trumped

    Why does he say any of the stupid shit he says?
  8. Luxury Tax Tracking

    Even if the Angels have to pay him, it will still be better than him playing 4 more years. I'm sure for less than a million or two dollars, we could get more benefit from another player than a 40 year old Albert.
  9. Luxury Tax Tracking

    you're probably right, as long as his legs hold out. Although I think Arod was in better shape than Albeit is and he retired early.
  10. Trumped “President Trump said, I’D probably have a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un of North Korea. I’D — I’D — I’D — NOT I!” Sanders wrote. You be the judge Judge did he I or I'd, I listened several times and he says "I" IMO.
  11. Luxury Tax Tracking

    Maybe but he must have more money than God already. He can barely walk let alone play baseball. He left $60M on the table when he signed with the Angels over the Marlins. They offered him $300M. He is worth north of $140M according to
  12. Luxury Tax Tracking

    Or if Pujols decides to quit embarrassing himself and retires after this year then we can afford Darvish and more.
  13. Luxury Tax Tracking

    He lies all the time. You think he didn't say what he said about Haiti and Africa. He said he didn't say what was recorded for the Hollywood reporter in that bus. He said it was doctored, even after he had already said it was just locker room talk and apologized. He said he never met or assaulted those women. I don't believe anything he says. As far as the tax reform goes it is the biggest since the Reagan administration according the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.
  14. Luxury Tax Tracking

    Going over the Tax by say $5M would cost $1M, which isn't so much but the second and third years it gets a lot worse. Unless Pujols retires early Arte can't really afford to go over and be able to bet back under before it gets real expensive just ask the Dodgers and Yankees.
  15. MLB Network ranks shortstops..

    #Chuckster70 Looked up last season ranks by WAR for shortstops and it seems the Angels now have the 3rd and 4th best from last season. That is neat! *********************************** Simmons was in the top 2 in WAR until he slowed down a bit in Aug/Sept.