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  1. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    The next big Sensation.... Former Indians and Phillies right-hander Frank Herrmann now pitches for the Golden Eagles and has watched Kikuchi closely as an opponent in NPB's Pacific League. Hitters had "no chance" against Kikuchi during his dominant 2017 season, Herrmann said, but this year has been different, perhaps due to Kikuchi's left shoulder woes. "When we have faced him, we have hit him pretty well, and that's with a heavy left-handed lineup," Herrmann told "The [velocity] and sharpness of the slider seems to be down from last year. The one positive I've seen from him is that is he's becoming more than a [two-pitch] guy, which he predominantly was last season. He will now flip in a curveball early in the count and uses his changeup to guys that [are] on his fastball. Last year, there was never a need to get away from the [fastball/slider] combo.
  2. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    The next big Sensation....

    He's 27 so unlike Ohtani he will be a free agent and will cost a lot more than what Ohtani makes.
  3. Ace-Of-Diamonds

    Please stop!

    The color of the uniforms is way down on my list of things to worry about this team ATM...
  4. Ace-Of-Diamonds


    Yea, he's just ahead of Vlad Jr. and Acuna, don't you know...
  5. Ace-Of-Diamonds


    Talk about FAKE NEWS
  6. When Seattle misses the playoffs again this year, be glad your not a Mariners fan.
  7. Ace-Of-Diamonds


    Trump may not be a rapists but grabbing women by their pussy or grabbing their tits or kissing them without permission is close enough that he shouldn't be talking. It is like the pot calling the kettle black of a maybe a more inappropriate word.
  8. Ace-Of-Diamonds


    He said African nations without specifying which, so left to interpretation. Also I'll prove he said all Mexicans are all rapists (exaggeration for effect, Trump does it all time) when he proves Omarosa is a dog.
  9. Ace-Of-Diamonds


    right, the entire African continent is no travel?
  10. Ace-Of-Diamonds


    Trump and Jesse have cheating on their wives in common and paying the other women off.
  11. Ace-Of-Diamonds


    Just like they care if he grabs women by their pussy, or black countries are shitholes, are that all Mexicans are rapists.
  12. Ace-Of-Diamonds


    And his supporters don't care that he's a racist.
  13. Ace-Of-Diamonds


    Instant Karma's gonna get you Gonna look you right in the face Better get yourself together darlin' Join the human race How in the world you gonna see Laughin' at fools like me Who in the hell d'you think you are A superstar Well, right you are