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  1. John Stellman

    6-Man Rotation?

    Mike Scioscia wants a 6-man rotation down the stretch. Why limit it to 6? Let's get every starter on the 40-man rotation involved. You can never have enough pitching right? Throw as many candidates out there as you can. We're not going anywhere. There's nothing at stake. So what if Weaver has to go 2 1/2 weeks between starts. There might be some surprises out there. I'd rather find them now than in Tempe next spring. No time like the present to hold the auditions.
  2. John Stellman

    Achter down....Ortega up....

    That's all I needed to hear. Is it to early to give Arte my deposit for 2017 season tickets?
  3. John Stellman

    Angels Outright Johnny Giavotella To Triple-A

    He has a major league heart but minor league ability.
  4. John Stellman

    In case anyone was wondering...

    Actually, I wasn't. But thanks anyway.
  5. John Stellman

    Hamilton placed on unconditional release waivers.

    More agony for Arte.
  6. John Stellman

    Daniel Nava traded to the Royals

    What took so long???
  7. John Stellman

    Matt Shoemaker is fun

    He's the Angels No. 1 starter!!!
  8. Move Cowart to 2nd. I like Escobar's bat at the top of the lineup. .
  9. John Stellman

    Is CJ Cron a keeper?

    Maybe the ingenious Eppler can find another 3-headed left fielder!
  10. John Stellman

    Puig Claimed Off Waivers

    Remember back in the day when Dodger fans argued that he was superior to Trout! Where are those delusional crack heads now?
  11. John Stellman

    Good grief....

    Tebow's cheaper!
  12. John Stellman


    Skaggs went MIA. Send out an APB!
  13. John Stellman

    Remember The Outrage?

    Why am not surprised?