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  1. Angels#1Fan

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    I agree with just about every thing you said but we just can't be afraid to make some kind of move, otherwise we just stay where we are and more time just passes with a marginally talented and injury prone starting rotation and bullpen. I wish I knew the answer also because the frustration level isn't getting any better at this point. I'm afraid the season is spiraling towards another mediocre finish that will leave the Angels in the middle of the pack without any good draft picks that can help in the future. BTW..I wouldn't be interested in any high priced rentals either. That usually winds up being a waste.
  2. Angels#1Fan

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    Strad, over the course of a couple of years we have lost the equivalent of an entire starting rotation that was already devoid of a true # 1. We haven't had a true number one starter since Weavers last good season several years ago. Richards was supposed to be that guy but it hasn't worked out. It's no ones fault for some of the injuries to our rotation but there comes a point that in order for the franchise to move forward a move needs to happen. It's been rumored that the Mets are shopping DeGrom and Snydergaard..will the Angels make any effort to land one of these guys? Will we "stand pat" a while longer? For those that say we can't weaken the minor leagues by trading any more talent, I say WHAT TALENT? Are we afraid to give up some minor leaguers for a proven ML starter? I realize the problems with our entire pitching staff can't be addressed all at once but DO SOMETHING. We are treading water with people that can't go more than 5 innings due to either pitch counts that are a result of injuries or pitchers that just plain and simple aren't good enough. Our bullpen is killing us in the late innings. This just can't continue to go on as is.
  3. Angels#1Fan

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    This We've known this for quite a while and done virtually nothing to address it.
  4. Angels#1Fan

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    Strad, when our pitchers started dropping like flies a couple of years ago we got virtually nothing in the way of replacements or help. Shoemaker went down twice..who did we get? Heaney went down..who did we get? Trop went down..who did we get? Skaggs went down..who did we get? Street went down and was replaced by Bedrock and then he went down and was replaced by Bud Norris a blowout patch that actually pitched ok for a short time and when he became ineffective there was nothing! Even the most casual fan knew that our bullpen was suspect during the off season, so what did the organization do to address this glaring problem? Answer..nothing. The Angels did just what they've been doing..they stood pat with a crappy bullpen that is burying us with many late inning blown games so far! Richards went down a couple of times, who did the front office go out and get to take his place? Ohtani went down what has the front office done to address this? Answer, the same thing they've been doing for several years when players go down..nothing! Etc Etc Etc. Chone Figgins left..who replaced him at third base? Answer..several years have passed and we're still waiting for a third baseman. Howie Kendrick was traded for Heaney who did we get to play second base? Answer no one! We've tried to replace injured players or players that left with minor leaguers that were a part of one of the worst systems in the league at the time that were of little or no help at all. During the off season the starting rotation had many question marks because of so many players returning from TJ surgery..what help did we get? Answer none the Angels stood pat with an injury plagued starting rotation. And on and on it goes. OK, you're right we did sign Upton.
  5. Angels#1Fan

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    Sorry Lou but the track record says there's no help on the way. The last several years we've watched as our pitching staff was decimated and all we got was Ricky Nolasco. The writing is on the wall. Hope I'm wrong but I think all we can hope for is another blowout patch.
  6. Angels#1Fan

    06/23/2018 GDT - Scoiscia died. All noobs in lineup

    I'm not. It's been the Angels MO for several years..there's no help coming guys.
  7. Angels#1Fan

    Should Mike Scioscia Be Fired Poll

    Love him or hate him, Scioscia is, imo, the best manager the Angels have ever had. I would however like to see a change but not just for change sake. I'd like to see someone from within the organization or perhaps a former Angel player or coach as the next manager. Just throwing some names out there: Erstad Percy Ebel..(I know he's a former Dodger but he's been here a long time) Wally Joyner Bobby Grich Jack Howell Bengie Molina Jose Molina
  8. Angels#1Fan

    Should Mike Scioscia Be Fired Poll

    Thank you AnaheimBob.
  9. Angels#1Fan

    Times Article and Eppler

    Someone has to do it.
  10. Angels#1Fan

    Unusual Baseball Trivia

    @Angel Oracle Babe Dalhgren
  11. Don't worry the front office will bring in the calvary to save us just like they did the last couple of years. They care about putting a good product on the field for the fans that support the organization.
  12. The team from Mexico gets more attention here than team USA! The whole soccer thing is a mystery to me. I get that it's popular in other places but geez..
  13. I know what you mean, I just can't get into soccer. I actually tried to some years ago but it just bores me to death. I'll never understand soccers popularity.
  14. Nothing, and I mean nothing is as slow as a soccer game. Baseball is played at the speed of light compared to soccer. You could sit there all day at a soccer game waiting for a team to actually score. That's why I don't buy some of the reasons that have been floated about speeding up baseball and it's impact on attendance. Soccer is (next to hockey) about as boring as a sport can get. At a hockey game I get sleepy just watching them skate on and off the ice every 5 minutes and pray there'll be a goal before it's bedtime. "Hey, ice the puck", "put some head on it". lol
  15. I have a friend that has had season seats at Anaheim for a couple of decades and the last five years he's had to sell off close to half of them because he can't afford the seats anymore. And as you said some of those games are a tough sell. When you add in $10.00 or $8.00 or whatever for a f'n Coke it gets to where I feel that I'm being ripped-off. I had access to the Diamond club at one time and it was $50.00 a plate!!!!!!!! Who are they trying to kid? $50.00 for some potato salad and piece of chicken? Take your wife and two kids to that a couple of times a week. lol No more.