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  1. Angels#1Fan

    Skaggs hurt?

    If Skaggs is indeed injured is anyone surprised?
  2. Angels#1Fan

    Angels Trade Candidate: Ian Kinsler

    You'd probably have to package Valbueno with Kinsler to land DeGrom. lol
  3. Angels#1Fan

    Angels Trade Candidate: Ian Kinsler

    Don't hurt yourself. Remember to see a doctor if you have an erection that last for more than 4 hours.
  4. Angels#1Fan

    Angels Trade Candidate: Ian Kinsler

    I'm sure we'd get a BIG haul for Kinsler in a trade. {rolleyes:]
  5. Angels#1Fan

    Home Run Derby

    I honestly don't like being negative, but I think I'd like to nominate this thread for the dumbest of the year.
  6. Angels#1Fan

    Even if we're not contenders...

    This^^ I keep trying to tell everyone that there's no help coming.
  7. Angels#1Fan

    One of the Mets’ Aces

    In the last 15 years how many true number one starters have come out of the Angels minor league system?
  8. Angels#1Fan

    One of the Mets’ Aces

    "One in the hand is worth two in the bush".
  9. If it wasn't for bad luck....
  10. One should never hate, however I had an intense dislike for Josh Hamilton.
  11. It's very common in todays modern game for the starters to only go around 100 pitches. And there is a reason most managers follow this practice these days. Can anyone imagine the outcry if Scioscia ( or any other manager) left a few guys in for over 100 pitches a couple of times and one of them gets hurt? You'd never here the end of it on this board from the vocal Scioscia haters who are actually in the minority here. Barria was obviously done for the night but the haters just have to place the blame at Scioscia's feet.