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  1. Hansel Robles > Craig Kimbrel. Twice on Sundays.
  2. Billy_Ball

    Arm Mismanagement

  3. Billy_Ball

    Congrats Justin Bour

    Born in SLC!
  4. Billy_Ball

    What is it that Eppler/Ausmus see in Garcia?

    Spin never mind.
  5. Billy_Ball

    Trout slump

    He's due again. I feel for the White Sox.
  6. I wonder if Bemboom is this year's Francisco Arcia.
  7. Billy_Ball

    Baseball needs a mercy rule

    I remember when we beat the White Sox 19-0 and the Indians 21-2 in 2002. What a great year it was.
  8. Billy_Ball

    Look who's back!

    Blake Parker