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  1. Michael Taylor's diving catch tho.......sure, the Nats aren't playing with urgency.
  2. Why not Howie

    It was joke. Just restating what was said back then about him and his .367 batting avg in the minors. I know (and prefer) what kind of consistant career Howie had.
  3. Curse of the Wonderdog is his old handle?
  4. Rob Fukuzaki sucks Dodger Dogs........

    If it sweats, Fred will show it to you!
  5. To be fair Kazmir did pitch well after Reagins traded for him (2-2, 1.73 ERA in Aug/Sept 2009) and won the division. But then he lost his slider and velocity, and we know the rest.
  6. Parker Done Didwell

    Eppler's peanuts better than Dipoto's. (Mike Monster, Chris Volstad)
  7. 2014 Sweep

    Remember the final week sweep of the A's in 1995?
  8. Parker Done Didwell

    Find of the Year
  9. Seattle Mariners

    Dumb and Dumber
  10. Seattle Mariners

    No wonder Scioscia didn't let Servais on the field uniformed during his tenure (supposedly Servais was upset at Mike over this.)
  11. Seattle Mariners

    Revenge for 1995!
  12. This Team Could End Up Pretty Special After All

    Well, this team does lead baseball in come from behind victories and I'm sure injuries have something to do with the record.