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  1. Billy_Ball

    Super ghey

    Brad Ausmus is still hawt.
  2. Billy_Ball

    Ty Buttrey Appreciation Thread

    YES WE CAN.....believe it's Buttrey!!!!
  3. Billy_Ball

    Dipoto vs Eppler

    Yeah, GMJ was Stoneman's last big signing. But the Sean Rodriguez for Scott Kazmir trade wasn't so great (Reagins.) Acquiring Haren wasn't bad, but he traded Corbin in the process (or, Dipoto - the DBacks Interim GM at the time - took him from us, however you look at it.)
  4. Billy_Ball

    Dipoto vs Eppler

    So you're saying Tony Reagins was a great GM? 2007 94-68 2008 100-62 2009 97-65 2010 80-82 2011 86-76
  5. Good article. Baseball is secondary to that kind of stuff. Experiences are priceless.
  6. Billy_Ball

    A note of gratitude to Eppler

    Why did you include Eovaldi in Eppler's "missed out on" list? He had similar career numbers to Cahill but was more expensive. And like Cahill, he hasn't done crap either this year. Unlike Cahill, he'll be making making $68 million over 4 years. And Lucroy hasn't been the greatest, but hasn't been crap either. And why didn't you mention that Eppler never traded Adell, Canning, Marsh, Barria, Thaiss, Walsh, etc.....? Eppler's made some good moves and some bad ones (esp. starting pitching). But to just focus on the bad ones and say he is a horrendous GM is stupid.
  7. Billy_Ball

    The Great La Stellino

    Tommy La Stella > Overrated Bryce Harper
  8. Billy_Ball

    Scioscia photographed eating in Hawaii

    He was eating Hawaiian Loco Moco with extra gravy and rice.
  9. Billy_Ball

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Nice Howie!
  10. Brian Goodwin in studio on The Jim Rome Show yesterday
  11. Billy_Ball

    Brad Ausmus interviews....

    "Cody and Cozy are not where they need to be." - Scioscia
  12. I like Buttrey, but if they go with him as closer immediately, I just hope he doesn't turn into Jordan Walden.
  13. Billy_Ball

    Cody Allen

    Cleveland saw the writing on the wall when they traded for Brad Hand and made him their closer.
  14. Billy_Ball

    Cody Allen

  15. Billy_Ball

    The Matt Harvey Experiment

    Matt Kazmir