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  1. Gameday: 3/17 Angels vs Mariners

    Cowart never hit like crazy in the minors. And he’s good defense, not “maybe ok.” His only fault is he can’t hit ML pitching. At one point he couldn’t hit minor league pitching either.
  2. Fire Scioscia

    Don’t forget Maddon went 8-14 as interim manager in 1996, replacing John McNamara, who replaced Marcel Lachemann.
  3. 2017 Blake Parker
  4. Trout and Simmons don't have a hit yet

    Maybe Trout is turning into Salmon - start slow, heat up as the weather gets warmer.
  5. Angels sign trio of Dominicans

    Didn’t we sign 3 Russian baseball players in the early 90’s?
  6. Marte or Valbuena?

  7. Upton has something to say....

    Yes, a rebuild....from the Dipoto disaster.
  8. Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    Grahe had the oddest windup, like he was putting every square inch of his body into his pitch...and it only topped at 85 mph. He did have a decent 1992 as closer though (21 saves), but with only 39 Ks in 94 IP.
  9. Skaggs extremely overrated IMO

    And Scott Lewis!
  10. Extend Scioscia

    Hall of Fame Manager!
  11. Extend Scioscia

    Jake Jewell > Jake Arrieta