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  1. Billy_Ball

    Random Angel players

    Bo Jackson Jason Grimsley Pete Coachman John Dopson
  2. Billy_Ball

    2018 All Star Selection

  3. Billy_Ball

    At Least We're Not The Mets

    I heard this guy helped contribute to their record.
  4. Billy_Ball

    41-40 halfway point

    41-40, half way to 82-80. Mike Scioscia’s first year was 82-80 in 2000. Scioscia has come full circle. Final season confirmed.
  5. Newcomb, huh? But better that we have Simba.
  6. Billy_Ball

    Sad Stat that explains a lot!

    Whenever the Angels go into extras I give it an automatic loss this season.
  7. Billy_Ball

    The Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread

    Popovich just got off the phone with Magic....