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  1. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    GA was a good hitter, but I just don't see him as the coaching type.
  2. Wanted: Angels hitting coach

    John Orton, the Jeff Mathis of the early 90’s.
  3. Red Sox dump Farrell as manager

    They already did.
  4. Joe Girardi?

  5. Joe Girardi?

  6. Angels Acquire RP Felix Pena; Gurka DFA'ed

    Whatever happened to Jesus Castillo, the guy we got from the Cubs for Joe Smith? Still in A ball?
  7. Hansen will not return

    Bret would be better than Vlad, he would teach Cron The Excellence of Execution. And he doesn't hit .300, put him in a Sharpshooter.
  8. Hansen will not return

    Apparently we also had an assistant hitting coach named Paul Sorrento.
  9. Hansen will not return

    Or Bret Hart.
  10. Bridwell vs Lackey rookie seasons

    Lackey regressed in his 2nd season (10-16, 4.63 ERA), he also pitched poorly for Boston in 2010 and 2011 before getting TJ. We'll see how Bridwell does. I would say as on right now he's penciled in as #2 behind GRich (before any offseason moves.)
  11. Terry Collins resigns

    "The Great Experiment"
  12. Hansen will not return

    Hatcher, Eppard, Baylor, Hansen.
  13. Terry Collins resigns

    If Bill Bavasi was still the GM, probably.
  14. Terry Collins resigns

    But will join the Mets' front office. I think Scioscia will be doing the same after 2018. For old times sake...
  15. Not sure what Joe Girardi’s contract status is, but Billy’s got Yankee connections.