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  1. WeatherWonk

    American League Playoffs Set?

    I sense some sarcasm over the award, eh? But I must say, the solid range of arguments in the "MLB has a bad baseball problem......." has elevated my opinion of AW; however temporarily it may end up being. People have generally stayed on subject without all the childishness. It's the best thread I have seen in my short time here. I never minded a little female pulchritude as a distraction, of course...............
  2. Soccer is popular because if you grow up in a poor country, all you need is ONE inexpensive ball and a couple cans to delineate the goals. It can be played in a street, a dirt lot or a grass field. It's also why basketball has become so big, internationally. One ball, one rim and net. Now, compare that to all the equipment and the specialized fields that are needed for baseball and football. And even hockey. Schools cant afford it. There's also a much greater chance of serious injury that schools are getting wise to, ESPECIALLY WITH FOOTBALL. I firmly believe the drop in attendance and viewing has more to do with how violent the sport is. The rise of equality for women has also contributed tremendously to the popularity of soccer at the youth level.
  3. I've come around, too. At first I said, "learn to hit it where they ain't!" but todays players are just interested in beating the shift by hitting it over the fence. But that's not easy with as good as today's pitchers are. I still like the idea of a reliever having to face a minimum of 2-3 batters. Speeds up the game and takes away this left on right and right on left matchup that all managers try for. I've railed on this many times, but I loved teams like the Cardinals of the mid 80s. Lots of team speed, great team defense, manufacturing runs. Of course, that was a product of playing on artificial turf. But taking walks, putting the ball in play, hitting behind the runner, stealing bases can still work.
  4. WeatherWonk

    American League Playoffs Set?

    I kind of figured that, given that we are in the same division. Generally, the same opponents, although I dont know if they always play the Dodgers the way we do. They have been playing the same patsies that we have been. They just got the Yankees and Bosox a bit later than us. Just looked it up. The Mariners will only have Cano for the final four games against us; assuming he returns on the date he is reinstated from suspension (Aug 14).
  5. WeatherWonk

    American League Playoffs Set?

    It's hard to be cheery about another team actually playing worse than us, with a tougher schedule. That's how we made up the ground.
  6. WeatherWonk

    American League Playoffs Set?

    We are .500 at home and five games above .500 on the road. That MAY be because we have played more bad teams on the road; I dont know. HFA could be an edge. Having better players is a better edge. How many of those games will the Mariners have Cano back, I wonder. Here's what will probably kill us, barring a significant trade for a bat. Trout will get walked even MORE with two. .250 hitters behind him.
  7. WeatherWonk

    American League Playoffs Set?

    It's amazing how beating bad teams fires up the Angel faithful............until we play an actual GOOD team. Now seven games below .500 against teams that are .500 or better when we play them. Now twelve games over .500 against teams below .500. I posted about this about ten days ago, when the Angels has played 7-10 more games against the bad teams. Since then, it has evened out. Little wonder we are 3-7 in our last ten games. Our schedule toughens in July.
  8. WeatherWonk

    The Official 2018 Major League Baseball Thread

    For the record, I am going to predict that the Twins are going to overtake the Mariners for the second WC slot. They are finally playing well, having taken series' from Cleveland and Boston in their last two. They go for a sweep of Boston today. They have a good lineup and an actual bullpen.
  9. WeatherWonk

    Would 90 Wins & No Playoffs Make You Happy?

    I would be happy, too, because of what it would mean, going forward. It would mean that we are on an upward curve. I would really be looking forward to 2019-20.
  10. WeatherWonk

    Extended invitation to my annual Riverfloat party

    I think the only GOOD hits since the 90s, continue to be bong hits. Remember when music was good and marijuana was illegal. Now, music is bad and marijuana is legal. Nothing runs smoothing in the 21st Century.
  11. WeatherWonk

    American League Playoffs Set?

    Jeez, blame it on something beside the weather. That is such a cop out. The bullpen, the lineup, Scioscia, the injuries......................anything but the weather. It's not like their flight made a tramatic forced landing, due to weather. It's not like they sat in airline seats on a tarmac for hours, due to weather. Most of these kids grew up in places like the tropics or Mississippi or New Jersey. They can deal with weather. Unlike Southlanders..............
  12. WeatherWonk

    Trout bat 2nd or Cleanup?

    It's simple. Trout bats second. With an OBP approaching .500, you have better odds at scoring with an guy on (Trout) with none or one out in 20% of the times he bats (first inning). If he hits third, even if he gets on, scoring a runner from any base is low percentage with two out. We just need to find good OBP guys at 9-1 in front of him.
  13. WeatherWonk

    The 2019 Prospect Problem

    And Graterol was just DFA'd. I'd say we have a looming hole at catcher, too, in 2019.
  14. WeatherWonk

    The 2019 Prospect Problem

    BB Reference has Maldonado only signed through this year and a FA in 2019. Is that incorrect?