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  1. Blowtani

    Everybody knows I'm Scioscia's biggest fan, I think Mike knows Ohtani isn't ready for MLB baseball. He started Ohtani in two soft spots, trying to build his confidence. If he doesn't start off in AAA, somebody else made the decision.
  2. Gameday: 3/16 Angels vs Rockies

    Nice play by Kinsler.
  3. Ohtani B Game

    No Agreement from me.
  4. Ichiro and Bartolo

    Are you fatter than Scioscia (Bartolo) or Maddon (Ichiro) ?
  5. Ohtani B Game

  6. Ohtani B Game

    I was wondering why people thought this was such a great outing ? Pitching against a minor league team. The umpire was calling strikes out of the strike zone. Players were striking out oh hanging curve balls. Major league hitters would have been hammering those pitches.
  7. Gameday: 3/15 Angels vs Rockies

    That about sums up his Angels career, nice homerun.
  8. Gameday: 3/15 Angels vs Rockies

    Upton is going to walk a lot this year with Pujols batting behind him.
  9. Fire Scioscia

    Since the spit into three divisions, how many WS has Oakland , Texas , Seattle won. Astros have been in the division since 2013.
  10. Fire Scioscia

    Found your lost coffee mug.
  11. Fire Scioscia

    Everything being equal, the Angels need a hitter, would you rather get one that plays at PNC park or Coors field ? Over your head.
  12. Fire Scioscia

    Got to love Dusty Baker.
  13. Fire Scioscia

    I think it does, baseball has changed over the years. In 1979 the Angels won the west division american league. They had the 5th best record in the American league. I'm glad they got into the postseason, but they played in a weak division. Most of Bobby Cox's postseason appearances came after they spit the divisions into three. Montreal Expos 74 40 .649 0 $18,771,000 Atlanta Braves 68 46 .596 6 $44,100,972 New York Mets 55 58 .487 18½ $30,903,583 Philadelphia Phillies 54 61 .470 20½ $31,143,000 Florida Marlins
  14. Fire Scioscia

    I was waiting for some one to bring that up.
  15. Is Kinsler changing our minds?

    Justin Upton suggested that he should come to the Angels. He wouldn't have done that unless he thought he would help the team. He is my kind of player.