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  1. Mike Scioscia vs Frank Robinson

    The story was Guillen was getting pitched inside and getting hit by pitches. He asked Scioscia for help, Scioscia did nothing , Guillen punched him. He wanted to remind Scioscia how it felt to get hit by baseball thrown by a pitcher.
  2. Mike Scioscia vs Frank Robinson

    I thought Scioscia kept things in the club house, did Scioscia run to Stoneman like a little bitch?
  3. Mike Scioscia vs Frank Robinson

    Yes, Guillen was a malcontent and should have been traded after the postseason. Scioscia didn't give the Angels the best chance to win in the postseason, which he has repeated in managing career.
  4. Mike Scioscia vs Frank Robinson

    I remember the 72 MLB strike , there is a park about a 1/4 mike from Edison International Stadium (aka Angel stadium) the KC Royals practiced there. The dimensions were bigger then Angel stadium. John Mayberry was lunching rockets out of the Airplane park. The KC players treated all the kids great.
  5. I always liked kinsler, teams need a player with an attude. I hope he pushes the Angels to the next level.
  6. Mike Scioscia vs Frank Robinson

    Can you blame Vlad? Women just trying to cash in on the MLB money.
  7. Mike Scioscia vs Frank Robinson

    The Angels were winning the game 3-1, after Robertson helped get Donnelly tossed. The Angels lose 6-3, this makes Scioscia a genius. I thought winning was important. Did you see Vlad laughing, I wonder what he was thinking?
  8. Mike Scioscia vs Frank Robinson

    You must want to be Mike's lover, you defend him every chance you get. I think Arte already has him roped and tied.
  9. Mike Scioscia vs Frank Robinson

    Donnelly not only was a cheat , but also a scab. He crossed the picket line when the ball players went on strike. I thought baseball was about winning once again Scioscia got schooled by Robinson, the Nationals won the game. Scioscia could have got an Angel player injured by his stupid stunt.
  10. Martin Maldonado, $3.9 million deal

    I really like Maldonado, I know he doesn't get a WAR number like Trout. I think was responsible for a lot of Angel victories. He is a solid catcher, and got abused last season.
  11. MLB HOF announcements are in 16 days

    Since Vlad retired as an Angel, Arte probably gives Vlad an incentive (money) to go in as an Angel.
  12. More Andrelton Simmons p0rn

    I was so happy to get rid of Aybar, what a steal. That was a great trade.
  13. I was writing about the 6 straight winning seasons , but that's ok. I hope Scioscia starts a new winning streak with the Angels.
  14. I am impressed with that stat, it's funny because Joe Maddon did the same thing with the Rays in a much tougher division. He also had a much smaller payroll.