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  1. jgimondo


    Most people wish he would retire, this post was about he still goes out there and gives his all to win. You should respect that.
  2. jgimondo

    Trevor Rosenthal

    Too bad , thought we could do the same .
  3. jgimondo

    Trevor Rosenthal

    I would like to see the Angels sign him to a minor league deal and see if he can recapture what he had. Any thoughts?
  4. jgimondo

    Angels Acquire RHP Drew Hutchison

    Dave Chalk
  5. jgimondo

    Angels Acquire RHP Drew Hutchison

    Rick Burleson, Orlando Cabrera , Dich Schofiled,, Gary Disarscina, Bobby Valentine.
  6. jgimondo

    In Defense of Eppler

    Correct look at the Yankees , they have more players hurt and are winning.
  7. jgimondo

    Three aces in 2020

    Fletcher is no where near Simmons quality of play in the field.
  8. jgimondo

    Keep Kole!

    He is not worth $14M , he bats .240
  9. That's because every year pitching is what kills us, we need pitchers!
  10. jgimondo

    Wilfredo Tovar DFA'd

    Stella wont be getting any DH starts Ohtani will get those.
  11. He needs to be fired , he is a terrible manager.
  12. What does that have to do with anything?
  13. He always has a dumb look on his face.(Ausmus)
  14. jgimondo

    When Ohtani arrives...

    Who is let go when Ohtani comes back?
  15. jgimondo

    Brad Ausmus

    Time for A CHANGE!!!!!!!