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  1. He needs to be fired , he is a terrible manager.
  2. What does that have to do with anything?
  3. He always has a dumb look on his face.(Ausmus)
  4. jgimondo

    When Ohtani arrives...

    Who is let go when Ohtani comes back?
  5. jgimondo

    Brad Ausmus

    Time for A CHANGE!!!!!!!
  6. jgimondo

    Gio anyone?

    Not gonna happen!
  7. They are not worse than Borjous and Bour.
  8. jgimondo

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    Bob Oliver man was he big and Ken Berry was fast in CF.
  9. jgimondo

    Somewhat Forgotten Players You Miss

    Dave Chalk SS,3B #7
  10. jgimondo

    Billy Eppler

    Its time he makes some valuable moves, start with cut Goodwin and bring in a veteran 4th outfielder!
  11. jgimondo


    Goodwin doesn't belong on a major league roster, there has to be a veteran outfielder we can get to be a 4th outfielder till Upton comes back?
  12. jgimondo

    1-6, but....nothing's changed

    I don`t understand why everyone is whinning, Eppler did nothing to improve the roster from last year! Why are you expecting anything better that 2018.
  13. Damn that`s funny.
  14. jgimondo

    Things we learned from opening day

    Our offense sucks like last year
  15. jgimondo

    Bullpen issue

    With the trade of Jerez and cutting of Jennings , the Angels have no Lefty in the bullpen. To me this seems like its going to be an issue?