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  1. fanfromday1

    Top 50 Trade Candidates (MLBTR)

    I think Goodwin might be available as well, because Upton will be back fulltime by then. Adell may be ready by then as well. Don't know if anybody would want him but Cozart does have value as a defense replacement.
  2. fanfromday1

    Cahill, Harvey & Allen

    I thought of the 'Three Stooiges'.
  3. fanfromday1

    Can Ohtani throw at all this year?

    You could probably put Ohtani on the mound right now and let him just play catch with the catcher, and I would wager that he would probably give up less HRs in a game than Cahill.
  4. Do we have to post in Spanish today?
  5. My prediction would be that the Angels make the play-offs also, but are knocked off by the Red Sox in the wild-card game. I think the Yankees then beat Boston and advance to the World Series. In the NL, I believe the that the Nationals have the best 1-3 pitching in the league and will beat the Dodgers in the play-offs. Imo, Kershaw is going to have a significant drop-off this year and Buehler´╗┐ is a year or two away from carrying the team. The Nationals pitching should outclass the Yankees in the world Series.
  6. Well it's obvious that Mike Trout is going to break somebody's heart someday. Let's just hope it's not ours.
  7. fanfromday1

    No more "Disabled List"

    Stupid! They change the name of the 'Disabled List', but they don't change the team names (or mascots names) of some teams. Indians, Giants, Yankees, etc. Those names are already offensive to some people. In fact, even the 'Angels' name could be considered offensive to Atheist's. I just can't get behind the 'politicly correct' movement.
  8. fanfromday1

    Would it be unsatisfying in any way?

    If I had Arte Moreno's money and owned the Angels - that's what I would do. But I'd be bummed that I had to sell my yacht.
  9. fanfromday1

    RIP Eli Grba

    I was lucky enough to see the first home game the Angels played in Wrigley in 1961. Eli Grba pitched for the Angels against the Minnesota Twins that day. I went with my Dad. He was a huge PCL Angel fan (back in the Day), and I had attended many of those games with him as well. We sat right behind the 3rd base dug-out. I remember Steve Bilko tossing a ball into the stands just before the game started. It landed just a couple of seats away from where we were sitting. Dammit, I really wanted that ball. Sadly, we lost 4-2 to the Twins on our inaugural Home Opener in 1961. Ty Cobb threw out the First Pitch before the game. (I Have always wondered if that 'Ty Cobb' ball is in the Angels Hall of Fame).
  10. fanfromday1

    RIP Eli Grba

    A little known fact: Yes, Grba was the first ever player drafted by the Angels, but he was not the first signed by the Angels. That honor goes to Del Rice. Rice had been given his unconditional release by the Baltimore Orioles at the end of the previous season. So when he heard about the formation of the LA Angels baseball team he approached Gene Aurty and Fred Haney and offered his services. The Baseball Guide, 1972 edition. St. Louis: The Sporting News, p. 313. --- Rice became the first player ever to sign with the Los Angeles Angels expansion team. He played in 30 games during their inaugural 1961 campaign and was released as a player at the end of the season, but was retained within the organization. He played in his final major league game on 31 August 1961 at the age of 39.
  11. fanfromday1

    Angel freakanomics

    Letting Nolan Ryan walk because two 9-8 pitchers (I believe that was the number) could take his place.
  12. fanfromday1

    An optimistic view of Harvey and Cahill signings

    Every time I hear the names 'Harvey and Cahill' I can't help but associate them with Appier and Sele. A couple of journeyman pitchers who helped us win a 'wild card' spot in 2002. Hopefully they will bring us some luck, but I really don't think they are going to take us deep into the play-offs. At least not with the batting order we have now.
  13. fanfromday1

    The Most Tired Lines in AngelsWin History

    The old "Run-on-Contact' play!
  14. fanfromday1

    Do you think Dipoto would trade for Skaggs again?

    Dippy might fancy Ward as a trade piece too. Didn't they have a dance party when he was drafted a few years back?
  15. fanfromday1

    Qualifying offer/draft pick loss

    I kind of like this idea, but I think I would flip it around a bit. The team that loses the Free Agent gets the signing teams first round pick. However the signing team still gets a pick as a supplemental pick after the first round.