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  1. fanfromday1

    RIP Eli Grba

    I was lucky enough to see the first home game the Angels played in Wrigley in 1961. Eli Grba pitched for the Angels against the Minnesota Twins that day. I went with my Dad. He was a huge PCL Angel fan (back in the Day), and I had attended many of those games with him as well. We sat right behind the 3rd base dug-out. I remember Steve Bilko tossing a ball into the stands just before the game started. It landed just a couple of seats away from where we were sitting. Dammit, I really wanted that ball. Sadly, we lost 4-2 to the Twins on our inaugural Home Opener in 1961. Ty Cobb threw out the First Pitch before the game. (I Have always wondered if that 'Ty Cobb' ball is in the Angels Hall of Fame).
  2. fanfromday1

    RIP Eli Grba

    A little known fact: Yes, Grba was the first ever player drafted by the Angels, but he was not the first signed by the Angels. That honor goes to Del Rice. Rice had been given his unconditional release by the Baltimore Orioles at the end of the previous season. So when he heard about the formation of the LA Angels baseball team he approached Gene Aurty and Fred Haney and offered his services. The Baseball Guide, 1972 edition. St. Louis: The Sporting News, p. 313. --- Rice became the first player ever to sign with the Los Angeles Angels expansion team. He played in 30 games during their inaugural 1961 campaign and was released as a player at the end of the season, but was retained within the organization. He played in his final major league game on 31 August 1961 at the age of 39.
  3. fanfromday1

    Angel freakanomics

    Letting Nolan Ryan walk because two 9-8 pitchers (I believe that was the number) could take his place.
  4. fanfromday1

    An optimistic view of Harvey and Cahill signings

    Every time I hear the names 'Harvey and Cahill' I can't help but associate them with Appier and Sele. A couple of journeyman pitchers who helped us win a 'wild card' spot in 2002. Hopefully they will bring us some luck, but I really don't think they are going to take us deep into the play-offs. At least not with the batting order we have now.
  5. fanfromday1

    The Most Tired Lines in AngelsWin History

    The old "Run-on-Contact' play!
  6. fanfromday1

    Do you think Dipoto would trade for Skaggs again?

    Dippy might fancy Ward as a trade piece too. Didn't they have a dance party when he was drafted a few years back?
  7. fanfromday1

    Qualifying offer/draft pick loss

    I kind of like this idea, but I think I would flip it around a bit. The team that loses the Free Agent gets the signing teams first round pick. However the signing team still gets a pick as a supplemental pick after the first round.
  8. Isn't a 'Free Agent' an 'Oxymoron'? Why don't they just call them 'Currently Unemployed Ballplayers'? ('CUB"s' for short).
  9. fanfromday1

    Kris Bryant??? Yes please!

    Your right 'EG', those were some difficult years. But you know what, I don't look back at it that way. I still have some fond memories of those years. We had some really fun players to watch. Jim Fregosi, Dean Chance, Nolan Ryan, Frank Tanana, Brian Downing, Devon White, Wally Joyner, Jim Abbott, Bobby Grich. And there were a lot of memorable games too. Some 'No Hitters', some fantastic 'come-from-behind-wins', and even some great personal performances by individual players. I even enjoyed watching some of the 'All-time Greats' come thru our stadiums to play us. Great Memories, but some really awful Teams.
  10. fanfromday1

    Taylor Ward

    I think they should give Ward a chance. If he doesn't work out you still have the trio of Cozart, Fletcher and Rengifo (and possibly Jones) to fill in and rotate around the infield. Then next year make a run at Arenado.
  11. fanfromday1

    Seattle considering full rebuild...

    Hey! It's the Hudson Valley Renegades. Don't be disrespecting them. My great-nephew pitched for them last year. They won the NY-Penn League with a pretty good team. And I'm sure that Tampa Bay organization doesn't want anything to do with 'Jerry D.' either.
  12. fanfromday1

    Brian Dozier?

    I don't think he is going to get a lot off offers, so why not wait until just before spring training and see if he can be had for a lesser price. Or maybe even a minor league deal.
  13. fanfromday1

    Trout Extension vs Trade Trout

    I believe that it will involve more than just one team if we hope to get adequate replacement for Mike Trout. Just a hypothetical example: The Angeles trade Trout to the Phillies for Hernandez and a good minor league pitcher. The Phillies then trade a player(s) to the Reds for Eugenio Suarez who is then sent to the Angels to complete the Trout trade. (Since this is only a hypothetical example the Phillies and Reds can work out their own agreement on who the player(s) would be that they exchange to complete their end of the trade).
  14. Several posters here on AW have been advocating that the Angels sign Bryce Harper. I’m not opposed to the idea, because he would fill a significant hole in our offense and would fit nicely in right field. However, many opposing posters point out how his possible mega contract could affect any other acquisitions the Angels could make. And I agree with this last point as well, because several other teams are going to be in the hunt for Harper which is going to drive up his potential worth. One of those teams, I believe, is going to be the New York Yankees, because it has been rumored that the Yankees have coveted him for years. However, at the present time the Yankees have a full outfield of very good players. Judge, Hicks, Stanton, McCutchen, Gardner, and even Jacob Ellsbury (presently on the DL). I have even seen statement saying that Bryce Harper has mentioned he would also like to play for the Yankees. Back in June or July of this year, when the Nationals were playing at Yankee Stadium, Bryce Harper even shaved off his beard amongst speculation that he was auditioning for the Yankees. So, if both Harper and the Yankees have such admiration for each other why don’t we step in and help them achieve that outcome. Let’s take one of their outfielders off their hands. Personally, I really like Hicks. He’s a switch hitter, can play all three outfield positions, is only 29 years old, and he’s a local Southern Californian from San Pedro. But I don’t think the Yankees are going to want to trade away their best centerfielder. Now, how about some out-of-the-box thinking. What if we traded for Giancarlo Stanton. He would be a lot cheaper than Harper, and he was the talk of this board last off-season. Many here came up with several different scenarios about how the Angels could fit him in under our salary cap. Is there a reason that those scenarios wouldn’t work this year? Getting Stanton would also take a large chunk out of the Yankees payroll and would free up enough money for them to make a better offer for Harper. If we were to relieve the Yankees of such a large portion of their payroll, by taking Stanton off their hands, we may be able to get him for a substantial discount. Word is that they will be looking for some pitching this off-season. Would a left-hander like Skaggs, plus a couple of low-level minor leaguers be sufficient?
  15. fanfromday1

    Question regarding Pujols

    Just some 'Out-of-the-Box' thinking here, and I'm sure it won't be a popular idea, but what if the Angels offered Pujols a new contract with a '1' year extension. Something like they did with Upton last year. Give him a contract for an additional year at a very low amount that would lower his average salary over the next few years. Then just keep him on the team as a pinch-hitter only. Would something like that offer the Angel sufficient salary relief ?