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  1. DCAngelsFan

    Question about Matt Shoemaker

    aw, crap - I saw this and thought it was a bad joke. That sucks - I wanted to re-sign him, but more for sentimental reasons than thinking he was gonna bounce back. He seems a solid guy, his wife is a hoot, and he doesn't deserve this crappy luck. Sorry, Shoe
  2. Ah - it's hard to estimate velocity in an animated gif - he was spotting the fb well, and at 96, that's gonna dominate minor leaguers. Does he throw both 4- and 2-seamers? Some showed some pretty heavy sink. What looked like a change looked like a really good out pitch - might want to see more of that. Again, the gifs make it a little hard - but the stuff and command in that little sample looked solid. He should get a call-up soon - if only for the experience - and maybe more than that.
  3. Hope the Japan report is accurate, that'd be in time for the Baltimore series, (which I have tickets for), and Camden has that nice short porch in RF.
  4. DCAngelsFan

    4/12 Angels Vs Cubs(Trout Out)

    With wind gusts to 45 miles an hour - this is where pop-ups might land in the bleachers.
  5. DCAngelsFan

    Gary Gaetti (plus Von Hayes, and Spike Owen)

    That's why they invented El Yucateca habanero sauce - a little bit will put a nice zing on your dish - for a string cheese omelet, I'd just drink it right out of the bottle until your taste buds have been vaporized. Then throw the omelet away, and see if you have any dog biscuits in the cupboard. Should probably throw the string cheese away, to preclude the possibility of ever eating it again.
  6. DCAngelsFan


    If he throws in Trout's" cloning rights", well, get it done, Eppler ...
  7. Yeah, these guys couldn't reach those levels if they were soft or didn't care - there's just too much competition. It's definitely one of the downsides of "fandom" that so many take it as a personal affront and think its ok to insult players who aren't perfect. The only thing I'll ever "boo" is a lack of effort or a lack of class. Most of us have fallen short of the heights he's reached - (whether in baseball or in other professions) a lack of talent, an injury, bad luck, whatever. So, most of us can empathize - it's a little raw to hear him speak this way, but it's real and honest - thanks to you for writing this, and thanks to him for sharing. All that said, I'd like to buy him a beer
  8. DCAngelsFan

    Billy Eppler

    When DiPoto bailed, the team was looking at years in the desert - the future looked really bleak. I wondered what GM in their right mind would even want that job, as it seemed like there was no way to fix it - no prospects to bring up, or trade, no salary room to sign impact FA's, no international money to jump start the talent pipeline, just nothing. He's done a lot to get things this far - but he's still in a position where he can't afford many mistakes - we need him to outsmart 29 other GM's, especially in evaluating and drafting talent. Can't afford any Baldoquin or Pujols disasters. He's done well - better than I thought possible - but that's yesterday - he has to earn his paycheck each and every day.
  9. DCAngelsFan

    Bring back Scioscia

    Season over.
  10. DCAngelsFan

    Taking a NYC/DC trip in May

    Sadly true - basically, I stay away from DC to the extent possible from the Cherry Blossom Festival to Labor Day - the tour groups are unbearable. These aren't local bus trips, they're flying in from all over the planet, so they don't leave at 2:00 pm. So yes, best to take in those "landmark" places early in the morning before they can get those boorish children organized and onto the metro or a bus. (and the Lincoln is a common meeting point in the afternoons for bus pickups.)
  11. DCAngelsFan

    Taking a NYC/DC trip in May

    This - Holocaust and Changing of the Guard at the tomb of the unknowns - my wife is buried there, and when I visit will still watch the ceremony - I find it very moving. If you like the whole Air and Space thing, I recommend you take in the Udvar-Hazy instead of the mall musuem (if you have to choose one) - that's near Dulles - much better building, larger collection and less claustrophic. Could even do on the way out of town (they run shuttles from Dulles.) You said you were doing LOC - by the way, you can get a library card and actually go into the reading room - otherwise, you just look through the aquarium glass - https://www.loc.gov/rr/readerregistration.html - not a big thing, but you know ... There's a spot near the Tidal basin / Jefferson memorial that was (and still is) the Maine Avenue Fish market - called the Wharf - the fish market is there, and there's some relatively high end places to grab some food and take a break - not far from L'Enfant. Speaking of which, the international spy museum is building a brand new space at L'enfant, looks pretty awesome - ah, wait, it opens May 12th. Can still take in the original, very popular. Take a detour to Freer-Sackler, they have some cool Buddist art, and Whistler's Peacock room - kind of cool. https://www.freersackler.si.edu/exhibition/the-peacock-room-comes-to-america/ Shoot, the editor just ate a bunch of what I wrote. Hmm, visit Eastern Market or Union Market for some food shopping. Visit Great Falls park. Kayak the Potomac in Georgetown. Take in a Nats game. Catch some nightlife - lots of theaters and clubs - depending on your musical style - the federal area gets boring at night. Happy hour oysters at the Old Ebbit Grill. The botanical garden next to the Capitol is cool for a break, and the National Arboretum is nice, if you're into that kind of thing - great bonsai museum. Lot of people like the building museum, but haven't been. Anyway, lot of specialty museums and things to do. Check out the Washingtonian magazine for lists of restaurants - https://www.washingtonian.com/ - I tend to prefer the "Cheap Eats" list Oh, actually, this isn't a bad list of things to consider: https://www.washingtonian.com/2015/03/18/50-things-every-local-needs-to-do/
  12. DCAngelsFan

    Laser Eye Surgery

    I'm like the 1% who had problems - you know the microkeratome- that's the bit that flattens your corneas with a "glass", I guess, then cuts a flap with a laser? That glass scratched my corneas. You know how many people say they got off the table and magically could read the clock for the first time in years? I was so looking forward to that experience! Instead - I was practically blind - I wandered into the waiting room, and my ride was 10 feet away from me, and all I could see was a brown blur in the midst of a white mist. That night, I was in agony, my eyes were pouring tears, had two black eyes, both eyes completely full of blood, and in the sunlight, I couldn't bear to open my eyes - basically, was completely blind. They put soft contacts on my eyes to allow them to heal. That helped a lot - but I was in a rage for days as my vision wobbled at 20/100, and still hurt like hell most of the time. Eventually, my eyes settled in at 20/15 and the pain faded- yay, right? Well, the scratches and scarring are permanent - my optometrist says I still have 20/15 vision - but it's like looking through a dirty window. I can "see" well, sort of - but letters and such are blurry - will probably need an early cornea replacement. Oh, the trade-off can be trading correcting near-sightedness for far-sightedness. I now need reading glasses, and doing any fine work like with small tools or what have you? Forget it. They warned me - but it's a bigger pain than I expected. Probably would have been worth it if it wasn't for the other issues. But it's a pain not to be able to read something like a check without glasses (before I could just hold it up to my face.) So, most people, it's awesome - but for me, it was a mistake. I had relatively thick corneas, so that wasn't the issue. The surgeon had done like 10,000 procedures - it wasn't in the back of some guy's van. Your mileage will vary.
  13. Recently went to a concert that demanded e-tickets only. Was denied entry, said they were already used. No, didn't buy them off of craiglist or whatever, right from the venue, ticketed by ticketmaster. TIcketmaster provided refund + compensation a few days later when they admitted there was a problem with them - big deal - sold out show so wasted time and money on what was supposed to be a special occasion. I've had problems with almost every e-ticket-only show I've been to.
  14. DCAngelsFan

    Where were you when you found out?

    I found out indirectly when I saw this from Weave:
  15. DCAngelsFan

    Trout 12 years/$440 million! Its done!!

    Trout signing an extension has just deprived Heyman and others fodder for a couple of thousand articles in the coming 2 years - guess now they may have to write about, you know, actual things. Who's running the pool on these media types first use of "albatross" to describe Trout's contract?