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  1. Gameday : 2/24 Angels vs Brewers

    EY, what up, man?
  2. Gameday : 2/24 Angels vs Brewers

    What me and my dad concluded was that he thought it would bounce off the wall and he’d get a clean catch off of that, but it didn’t.
  3. Gameday : 2/24 Angels vs Brewers

    One batter down. His elbow hasn’t exploded yet. Better than most Angels starters so far.
  4. Gameday : 2/24 Angels vs Brewers

    In honor of Ohtani, I got California Rolls to eat during the game. Let’s do this.
  5. Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

    Plan the parade.
  6. Gameday : 2/23 Angels vs Athletics

    Turned on the game. Suddenly felt much warmer in my house. Love watching these early spring games. There are some really terrible players. 100x better than I have ever been, but terrible in MLB.
  7. WTF is with this bleeping weather?

    Currently 29 degrees in Corona.
  8. Los Angeles Rams thread

    Hey. We did it. I just pray that Friggin Ficken can hold strong, and at least hit the extra point chances.
  9. Dick Enberg has passed away

    He was calling the Angels before my time. So I never really got to know him as we get to know announcers.
  10. Giancarlo Stanton to the Yankees

    I just feel bad for Marlins fans. I’ve seen a lot of Mariners fans overreact to not getting Ohtani, saying they have nothing to look forward to next season. Miami laughs at that.
  11. It’s messing with my rods and cones.
  12. He already knows how to get on our good side. Just mention Trout.
  13. I don’t know what to expect from these pressers, but they’re always so awkward.
  14. Eppler got louder applause than Sosh.