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  1. This ump has a trapezoid as a strike zone, and I love it.
  2. Go for three in a row! edit: oh wait, it’s Kinsler...
  3. Span’s name has the word “nard” in it.
  4. At least this ump is consistently bad.
  5. Kenny

    Gameday Thread: 7/10 Mariners @ Angels

    This is the first game I’ve watched in a long time. Do I actually have to watch every single game for them to win?
  6. Boo that man! Leake, not Shohei.
  7. Today! Today! Is it too late to enter? Today!
  8. Like I said. 12 run lead is the most deceptive lead in baseball.
  9. I hope I can find one of those ponchos at a swap meet.
  10. The Yankees and Red Sox, please.
  11. Is twelve runs enough? Or should I say, “two...welve”?