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  1. Los Angeles Rams thread

    Shot themselves in the foot.
  2. Can they just figure out how to stop our pitchers from needing TJ surgery?
  3. Gameday 162 Mariners @ Angels

    Watch some football, watch some hockey, if you have to watch some basketball. Don't read the inevitable, “Angels are wasting Trout” articles.
  4. Last Game

    Only thing I’m looking forward to right now is the start of hockey season.
  5. Still hoping the twins lose every game remaining.
  6. Los Angeles Rams thread

    Thursday's game was somewhat similar, but it was more demoralizing than last Sunday. Gurley looks great so far. Hopefully last year was just a sophomore slump, and he can really reach his potential this year. With him going, and the receivers actually catching the ball, I like our offense. Goff looks sharp, mature, and strong. Hopefully Sammy isn't hurt. The defense looked bad. The frigging niners were having their way with us. The niners.
  7. Los Angeles Rams thread

    That Gurley TD where he hurdled that other player and reached out with one hand to break the plane of the endzone was spectacular, though. Overall, Sunday's game wasn't a win, but I think they played (with the exception of penalties) fairly well. They came back and tied it up, but couldn't push for another score, or stop Washington from scoring. It wasn't a completely demoralizing game, is my point.
  8. Gameday: 9/19 Indians @ Angels

    Beauch is a lefty. Maybe he can retire and sign with the Angels.
  9. I feel like this was the Angels' attempt to show Vlad and the HOF how much he meant to the Angels, and how great he was. Because he's most likely going in, and we need a player in there with an Angels cap.
  10. Yeah. You never knew if that pitch that was way outside was going to be crushed for a homer. Every time he loaded up and took a huge swing (which was a lot), there was always a very good chance it was a goner. I've never heard a crowd "oh" and "awe" on a swinging strike like I did for Vlad.
  11. Los Angeles Rams thread

    He's reported to practice, finally. Still not playing tomorrow.
  12. I wanted Vlad jr just because he's Vlad jr. Didn't expect him to be a potential superstar in the making. PS. I hope they start calling him little daddy Vladdy.
  13. Dear Baby Jesus

    Dear Lord baby Jesus, lyin' there in your ghost manger, just lookin' at your Baby Einstein developmental videos, learnin' 'bout shapes and colors, let G-Rich save this team, and drag them into the playoffs. Let him pitch the game of his life in the wildcard game.
  14. Gameday: 9/2 Angels@Rangers

    Gotta string a bunch of wins together the way the Twins are playing.
  15. Gameday: 9/2 Angels@Rangers

    Wait. Is Jose Molina on the coaching staff?