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  1. Guess I am talking about Calhoun. Goodwin could do it too, but he is hitting just fine. But if he did every once in a while it would make teams think twice about giving him an easy base hit. Calhoun is slumping. He is relatively fast. Don't understand why he cant bunt, slap, or just hit a ground ball the other way especially when they throw outside to him regularly. Why wouldn't he work on it a BP? Maybe he could extend his career. Who knows? What he is doing now is not working and he is going to find himself playing right bench very soon.
  2. I know he is great but I believe he would be greater if he swung at the first pitch more often. Pitchers are wisely getting ahead in the count by simply throw a fb over the plate. Trout needs to occasionally surprise these pitchers and drive that first pitch out of here.
  3. Rollinghard

    Bour's strikeout pitch in the ninth

    Halographic/ robotic strike zone would cause more strikes to be called. Think of the times when catcher setup for a slider on the outer part of the plate and pitcher throws a backup slider and catcher has to move his glove 12 to 14 inches. The ball would catch the computerized zone as a inside corner strike but would rarely be called a strike by the human ump. Umpires need term limits.
  4. Rollinghard

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Cole please
  5. Rollinghard

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Maybe Lucroy could give Calhoun some hitting lessons
  6. Rollinghard

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Who is faster AP or Bour?
  7. Rollinghard

    Taylor Ward up, Justin Anderson down

    This just reminds me how much more work goes into managing a NL team.
  8. Rollinghard

    Rojas over Ward for 3B?

    I am going with Rojas. His body language says " let's do this shit". Ward???? Reminds me of ..... Brandon Wood ouch
  9. Rollinghard

    Thunder Thaiss

    Matt Lord of your Thaiss.
  10. Rollinghard

    The Los Angeles Angels of Newport Beach?

    Traffic would be and absolute nightmare. It would be an hour to just get to the freeway after the game. The current location provides very good access to multiple freeways and minimal traffic. Well, comparably speaking anyway.
  11. Rollinghard

    The biggest thing I notice this Spring....

    Maybe the players have been Ausmusized and have denounced Scioscialism. Born again.
  12. Rollinghard

    Brett Hanewich Nice interesting article. Hopefully he develops. Guys that throw 100 mph dont grow on trees.
  13. Rollinghard

    Upton on MLB Radio re: Ohtani

    If Upton falters........
  14. Rollinghard

    Cameron Maybin

    Maybin has something that Angels don't have. A WS ring. There's value right there. He is a well spoken gentleman and a good presence in the clubhouse. He is a good size guy that has always been coached to " put the ball on the ground and run" and now is working to increasing his launch angle. I just like the guy. But I like EY jr. too. I like to be entertained. Doubles and triples. The risk is minimal and upside could be significant.
  15. Rollinghard

    Cameron Maybin

    I have no idea how much he would cost for 2 years. But he is hitting in off season with same hitting coach that help JD Martinez. Taking a new approach to hitting. Who knows? Take a flier. Puts pressure on Cole in spring training and then we trade him.