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  1. Do you think Mike Trout reads this? Does he know that there is light at the end of the tunnel? The farm has arms. If the Angels scuffle in July I hope we see some of them. The more the merrier. I like being entertained. See prospect getting a spot start is way more fun to watch than seeing the predictable Cahill or Harvey.
  2. Rollinghard

    Angels select Kyren Paris at 55

    I dont like either swing.
  3. Rollinghard

    Velocity is Strangling Baseball

    It is not the pitching that is the problem. It's the all or nothing batting approach. So....... OK, I got the solution! Any two Ks in a row is a third out. So if a pitcher strikes out two in a row to start inning that's three outs. If he strikes out the last two batters to end an inning then next inning teams would start with one out. Even if the inning ends with a K, if the next inning a batter leads off with a K that two outs. (has to be same pitcher) Speeds up the game and hitters approach would have to change. Ks would go down. WIth this much riding on not striking out the calling balls and strikes would have to be computerized. Solved another problem! Might even get to hear the chant again. Two out rally ,hit it up the alley!
  4. Rollinghard

    Kole Calhoun

    Goodwin lit the fire
  5. Rollinghard

    David Fletcher's Upside

    I posted this last year and some guys were less than optimistic. Will David Fletcher ever start in a MLB game? Started by Rollinghard, March 22, 2018
  6. Rollinghard

    The ball is juiced

    La Stella juiced? He keeps htting HRs mlb will be looking into his "supplement regiment".
  7. Rollinghard

    Lefties bunting against the shift?

    Glad I was able to inspire a good discussion. LOL Cole is done playing MLB in a couple of years. If I were his coach (or agent) he would be trying to make the adjustment and practice his push bunt out of the catchers range. It is not that hard. If he went 3 for 4 by bunting a few games the defense would have to adjust therefore opening up the right side. To Jeff Fletcher: Change pitching to solve baseballs boredom problem, how? Does anybody remember what a rally was? How fun it was to be at the park and the crowd going crazy. When good teams had multiple .300 hitters and line ups with BAs above .285.
  8. Guess I am talking about Calhoun. Goodwin could do it too, but he is hitting just fine. But if he did every once in a while it would make teams think twice about giving him an easy base hit. Calhoun is slumping. He is relatively fast. Don't understand why he cant bunt, slap, or just hit a ground ball the other way especially when they throw outside to him regularly. Why wouldn't he work on it a BP? Maybe he could extend his career. Who knows? What he is doing now is not working and he is going to find himself playing right bench very soon.
  9. I know he is great but I believe he would be greater if he swung at the first pitch more often. Pitchers are wisely getting ahead in the count by simply throw a fb over the plate. Trout needs to occasionally surprise these pitchers and drive that first pitch out of here.
  10. Rollinghard

    Bour's strikeout pitch in the ninth

    Halographic/ robotic strike zone would cause more strikes to be called. Think of the times when catcher setup for a slider on the outer part of the plate and pitcher throws a backup slider and catcher has to move his glove 12 to 14 inches. The ball would catch the computerized zone as a inside corner strike but would rarely be called a strike by the human ump. Umpires need term limits.
  11. Rollinghard

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Cole please
  12. Rollinghard

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Maybe Lucroy could give Calhoun some hitting lessons
  13. Rollinghard

    4/13 Gameday thread 11:20 AM

    Who is faster AP or Bour?
  14. Rollinghard

    Taylor Ward up, Justin Anderson down

    This just reminds me how much more work goes into managing a NL team.