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  1. Canning looked rocky but pitched out of a jam
  2. LTBU Nice outing by Harvey. Fletcher continues to look impressive and Pujols had a solid game:
  3. Here’s another perspective.
  4. Yep he ran out of the base path to hit Lucroy
  5. I hope Lucroy is OK that collision was brutal.
  6. Good thing the All Star break is next week this team needs a couple of days off considering what happened with Skaggs.
  7. phew it sucks to give up those runs but hopefully the offense can get some back.
  8. Man that was a shot by Trout
  9. Nice win Trout, Calhoun and Ohtani had a great game
  10. JAHV76

    Tyler Skaggs, R.I.P.

    RIP terrible news
  11. JAHV76

    Belated Happy 93rd birthday Mel Brooks