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  1. JAHV76

    RIP Tim Conway

    Was that before or after he switched to decaf?
  2. Dang it sounded like Trout hit that one out. Damn marine layer.
  3. Bummer I was hoping they might sign him to an extension before the year ended. With this injury it’s doubtful.
  4. JAHV76

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    Nope Devo. I do regret seeing Hootie it was like listening to the same song all concert long.
  5. JAHV76

    5 Concerts and a Lie

    Oingo Boingo Squeeze Devo Fleetwood Mac Hootie and the Blowfish
  6. LTBU! Trout Ohtani go deep and Canning delivered seven shutout innings.
  7. Great performance by Canning tonight