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  1. I actually think he should buy both FSW and Prime Ticket with Steve Ballmer. That way they can show all Angels & Clippers games, plus probably get the rights to both hockey teams, and both LA soccer teams. Hockey and Basketball overlap each other, but they also don't play every day. Hockey overlaps with baseball a bit, and basketball does as well for two weeks in April, but mostly the wealth of programming and live entertainment wouldn't overlap. I'd like to see a local sports half hour at 6 pm when no one is playing, but with two channels, it can likely always be on one of them. There's also nothing stopping them from renegotiating with cable to change the channels from two multi-sport channels to 3-6 single sport channels, at the same or similar $$ per subscriber. And while the future is streaming, it's also better to control those streaming rights in house. It could mean that the Angels move to the top 5 in terms of profitability from the 6-10 range they sit now. Yes that might mean more revenue sharing, but it means more revenue period as well. Lets also not forget that the Dodgers still aren't on cable on most of LA, and that the Angels are.
  2. Hubs

    Expectations for Skaggs and Henaey

    I think they would've had that 4 - 15 game winners in 2011 if their offense was as good as this one will be. They allowed 633 runs based solely on the strength of the top 3, who started in 100 games. But Santana only won 11-12 despite pitching to a 3.38 ERA and throwing 228.2 IP. Skaggs last season had a 2.57 ERA in the 1st 17 starts he made, and a 9.22 ERA in the next 7. He also pitched far better with major league veterans Maldonado and Rivera, versus Arcia and Briceno. <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script> Hopefully he will work well with Lucroy and Smith. Heaney was also worse in the second half, at a 4.64 ERA to a 3.78 ERA in the first half. He also didn't pitch well to Arcia. But did fine with Briceno. <script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>
  3. Hubs

    Expectations for Skaggs and Henaey

    My guess for Skaggs will be 17-8, 3.27 ERA in 29 GS, 177 IP. Harvey will be right around a 3.5 ERA and will manage 30 GS. He'll also go deeper in starts on the average than any of the other regular 5. 193 IP. He'll win 16 and lose 10.. Heaney will start 33 games with a slightly higher ERA, somewhere around 3.75. 200 IP. He'll win 15 GS, lose 8. Barria takes a small step back but still manages 27 GS and a 3.8 ERA. Goes 15-10. Cahill, Pena, JC Ramirez, Tropeano will manage to start 33 GS between them but with a combined 4.2 ERA. They'll go 11-12. Canning will come on late, start the remaining 10 games, with a sparkling 2.15 ERA and 8-0 record. He'll pitch 3 complete games.
  4. I saw one of your posts and was like, I didn't write that. LOL.
  5. I agree with this. The 13 pitchers then are Skaggs, Heaney, Harvey, Barria, and Cahill. Pena has an option and is first called on from AAA. Relievers are Allen, Buttrey, Cole, Robels, Garcia, Bedrosian, Jennings, and either Noe Ramirez or Justin Anderson. Curtiss, Jerez, and Hudson all have shots too. The 12 position players & DH are Trout, Upton, Calhoun, Pujols, Bour, Simmons, Cozart, Lucroy, and Smith. The three other players are likely two infielders and an outfielder. Fletcher, Ward, Rengifo, Bourjos, Hermosilio, Walsh, LaStella and maybe Lund.
  6. Pujols might have been 34. Trout is 28 this August. Big difference. Also, @East Coast Bias can you pick a different logo avatar? That's mine. HAHAHA.
  7. Hubs

    Angels in on Moose

    I think they'd have signed Cozart and Moose. Over Moose and Kinsler. They were trying to upgrade 2nd and 3rd. Think about where they were in December of 2017. The primary third basemen from the year before were Escobar and Valbuena, and at second, they had who? Espinosa had been a bust, and Phillips, Cowart, and Pennnington not much better. Only two of those guys were back in 2018, and both of them are now gone. (RIP Luis). But the team was looking for an upgrade at both positions, and in the minors, only Fletcher was nearly ready, and not knocking at the door offensively. Ward was still a catcher, Rengifo was a Tampa Bay Ray. So, it makes sense that they'd be looking for outside answers. Kinsler trade was proposed to them I believe it has been written, while the Angels were flying Cozart out for a physical. They have also said to have asked Cozart if he was willing to play 3rd, because if not, they were going to not go through with the Kinsler deal, which leads me to believe they were thinking Cozart-Moose.
  8. I’m an eternal optimist because being a pessimist is like praying for bad things to happen. Why live your life like that? The guys I’m excited about offensively who could make a real difference are Lucroy, Adell, Ward, Cozart and Bour. Adell is going to be here sooner than people think. I think Ward is going to surprise and hit himself into the starting 3B gig. The other 3 are as likely to repeat their 2017 seasons as their 2018. All good value adds. Pitching wise we got 27 total starts out of Richards and Ohtani and Richards wasn’t going deep into games. I think Harvey will give us what Heaney gave us last year and think Skaggs replaces what we lost in Richards and Ohtani. Then you have three solid pitchers to front the rotation. Barria slots into the 4 spot and even if he regresses slightly should also give you what they got in Heaney. Cahill isn’t my favorite but between he, Tropeano, JC Ramirez and Canning the fifth spot will be just fine. The addition of Allen to the pen and the dropping of dead weight arms will certainly help the cause. I think I’m a tad optimistic but at worse they give up 730 runs, at best it’s closer to 660. 850 runs is the ceiling for runs scored and that only happens with Cozart, Lucroy, Upton and Bour repeating 2017, with a Ohtani DHing at least as much as last year, and Adell and Ward breaking out. but stranger things have happened. Can see this team surprising and winning 95+ but I can see them collapsing and going .500 again.
  9. Blarg has a good point. Three batter minimum unless it’s a new inning. So if you swap in a reliever in the 7th with one out. And get two batters to end the inning, you can switch pitchers to start the 8th. The universal DH makes sense. When they merged league offices and got rid of league umpires and evened it out at 16... it’s time. Its time for expansion to 16 teams in each league. Either two divisions of 8 or 4 of 4. One of the new teams should be on the West Coast (Portland), and one of the current NL West Teams (Arizona or Colorado) would be moved to the AL. Angels/A’s/Mariners/Hipsters then Rangers/Astros/Royals/Rockies is the other new division. Rays move to NL and relocate to Nashville/Charlotte/Montreal. Infield shifts need to be regulated. And I like 26 regular and 28 active for the month of September but they should be able to call up the remaining 12 on the 40, even if they’re not active
  10. Hubs

    Angels ZiPS projections

    Which is why projections are basically meaningless except for fantasy baseball.
  11. Hubs

    Portland Baseball?

    Portland is 3 hours and 180 miles away from Seattle. That’s not that close. They are very much trying for an MLB team right now and the A’s or Rays would be easily moved there but they probably want an expansion team. They are a larger market than Vegas but the two are within 250-300k residents in their metro area. They are larger metro area than Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Milwuakee, and Kansas City. The only markets that have a larger metro area and no MLb Team are Sacramento, Orlando, San Antonio, and Charlotte. They could support a team just fine as long as the stadium had a roof.
  12. Hubs

    2018 Hot Stove League

    The only other SS I can think of that have started for the same club for three years are Carlos Correa, Corey Seager, Didi Gregorius, Trevor Story, Xander Bogarts, Francisco Lindor, Elvis Andrus. Jean Segura has been with two teams. It looks to me like Simmons is #1. By bWar, he's the highest, with Segura & Correa the other top three SS. Bogarts, Story, Lindor and Seager are next.
  13. I think you've simplified the situation nicely. The issue I have is that there are other outcomes. Say Kole is doing well, on pace for a 3 WAR season, but Adell is absolutely killing it in AAA, AND Bour is struggling, Ohtani isn't playing at DH every day. Then Kole would move to 1B likely, to open a spot for Adell. Too many likely different outcomes to do a simple chart.
  14. Machado fits, because the Angels are light at 3B, and this coming from the biggest Ward fan on this board. But there are teams willing to offer him more than the Angels. Chance = <5% Harper does not because the Angels have Adell in future plans for RF, as well as Marsh, and then like 10 guys in the OF after him. And the Angels are not going to spend 100M+ on 3 OF. (Trout 35-45, Harper 30-40, And Upton 28). Chance = <1% Kimbrel doesn't make sense because they just added a closer. Chance = <1% Keuchel does, on a one year deal especially, if he settles for that. Chance = 20-25%
  15. Hubs

    Trout free agency

    Uh you missed a few years. He’s earned that much now. He’s due nearly $70 in the next two.