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  1. Hubs


    I agree Cozarts Walk year is a lot better than we saw in 2018, or so far this year but he’ll probably finish the year somewhere between a .700 and .800 OPS. That’s fine. Relax and remember that the Angels has basically nothing at 2nd or 3rd in the minors when they signed him as Fletcher hadn’t had a minor league season above a .700 OPS and he was the highest rated. Ward was still a Catcher, Rengifo was still a Ray, and Valbuena (RIP) was coming off a .199 average season. No one else who was a FA that season besides Moustakas has been a good signing at 2nd or 3rd.
  2. Hubs

    Kirby Yates

    Yates actually pitched one inning for us in April of 2017, after being selected from the Yankees the previous winter. He gave up 2 ER. They DFA’d him when they acquired David Hernandez from the Braves two days later.
  3. Hubs

    Ohtani update

    While I fully expect Ohtani and Upton to be in those spots, I think we'll find that they're reversed. Ausmus seems to like a LRLR lineup, like Scioscia used to back in the day. I also see Simmons hitting 4th or 5th nearly every start this season, so I expect that to continue. L Calhoun R Trout L Ohtani R Upton R Simmons L Bour R Lucroy L LaStella/Fletcher R Fletcher/Cozart Goodwin will continue to get starts while Upton is out for May, so L Calhoun R Trout L Ohtani R Simmons L Bour R Lucroy L Goodwin R Fletcher/Cozart L LaStella And Pujols will play too even after Ohtani comes back. L Calhoun R Trout L Ohtani R Simmons R Pujols L Goodwin R Lucroy R Fletcher R Cozart There are infinite lineups.
  4. Hubs


    I really hope he can get it together. His 2017 season in Cincinnati was amazing.
  5. Hubs

    Barria sent down

    The Angels Rotation Depth is currently: Cahill, Harvey, Pena, Skaggs, Stratton. IL: Heaney, Tropeano, Ramirez, and Ohtani. Barria (AAA), Peters (AAA), Canning (AAA, but not on the 40-man). Two other guys have made starts in AAA, but are not likely call-ups at this point. They have Suarez on the 40-man, but he hasn't pitched yet this season for AAA. Sandoval and Castillo are not on the 40-man, and neither is doing well at AA so far. Madero is also on the 40-man, but he's still at High A. I see why they grabbed Stratton for a wild left handed reliever.
  6. Hubs

    Barria sent down

    Stratton wasn't terrible in either start. Yes the M's got him for 4 ER in under 5 innings of work, but they were a hot team playing at home. Stratton had a terrible first inning, then did ok the rest of his appearance. Texas had 4 hits and 4 BB in 4 Innings, so that's not ideal, but they only scored 2 runs, on a mammoth Joey Gallo HR. Stratton is a cheap acquisition in the vein of Nick Tropeano or Patrick Sandoval, but one without options. At some point this year, he'll be DFA'd and probably sent to AAA SLC, unless he does really well, in which case he won't be a problem and everyone will like him. Right now, he's the 5th starter, and while Barria is probably a better option, should a pitcher go down or need extra rest, he's the 6th starter and that's good. Until Heaney is healthy or Tropeano is, in which case, they won't need Stratton.
  7. Hubs

    Will they get to .500?

    I think they are 6-7 after this series with Milwaukee, and then go to .500 against the Cubs. Either because they go 2-1 or 3-0. Should they go 1-2 against the Brew Crew, they'd be 5-8 and would need to sweep the Cubs in Wrigley, so then the Texas series becomes the .500 date. Bet they finish the first month (incl. March) somewhere between 19-12 and 16-15. After Texas in Arlington, they have Seattle and New York at home for 8 before going on the road to KC and then getting Toronto to finish the month.
  8. Hubs

    Who wants to go on Sunday!

    RF seats, section 240 Row E
  9. Hubs

    Who wants to go on Sunday!

    I'll sell them below face which I believe is $30 each. Say $25?
  10. I have (4) OF tickets that I may or may not be able to use. Anyone interested?
  11. Hubs


    I enjoy the site, I just don't need whiny little bitches commenting on my optimism. I too thought the 3.7% was someone quoting our playoff chances, lol. The Angels would have to go 94-62 over their next 156 games though to get to 95 wins. Season Over!
  12. Hubs

    Justin Bour's deal looks pretty good

    Thaiss may be ready, but I doubt he's here before September if everyone stays healthy. Bour also has like three walks in 21 plate appearances. Which means a .190 OBP, next to his .056 Average. If he say goes 4-4 with a 2b, a HR and a walk, in Thursday's game against Edison Volquez, (he's likely not starting tonight) He'd be 5-22, and right at last seasons BA, OBP, and SLG. It's not like they've been slumping for weeks. They've had a bad road trip. There are still 157 games left.
  13. Two Sunday OF seats, $25 OBO.
  14. Last I checked, the AL East last year, was 108 wins for the Red Sox, 100 for the Yanks, and 90 for the Rays. Jays won 73 and yes the Orioles had a 100+ losses. Drop the top two teams by 13 and 5, drop the Rays by 4, Add those wins to what the O's had. 95 Wins for the top two teams (Angels and Astros), Oakland at 86, Mariners and Rangers in the low to mid 70's. I actually think the Astros are going to be around 91-92, though, as opposed to winning the division by 25. I don't really like what they added offensively, and they lost a whole lot of pitching.
  15. One can choose to be optimistic and hope for the best, or live their life in a negative haze, being mad at the slightest aggravation. Which is a better way to live? It was a response to, btw, Canadian Halo's post. Which sounded as if Eeyore had come to life and was posting as an Angels fan/hater/complainer..