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  1. I think he's the third best hitter on the team behind Trout and Upton. Dude had a .933 OPS last year including a .900 OPS on the road, so it wasn't just Cincinnati's bandbox.
  2. A case for Chris Carter

    He signed a minor league deal, so he's likely to start at AAA. Likely he has a date where he can become a free agent if not assigned to big league club. But last season, he played in the minors mostly. He's essentially a right handed platoon OF, similar to what they should be getting out of Luis.
  3. He had 83, batting leadoff, and only played 139 games in 2012. Add his month in AAA and you get 96.
  4. And he got royally screwed in 2012. He had a better season than Cabrera.
  5. Cron trade completed....

    We probably got to pick between a few guys, and now that there are fresh scouting reports from spring, they made their choice. Or maybe he was injured and they were seeing how he healed, could be any number of things.
  6. We don't need to Rush Barria. Two years ago, he pitched in Low A, and last year he went three levels, A, AA, and AAA. He has like 76 innings above A ball. A season in AA/AAA will help him. I expect the rotation to be Richards, Heaney, Shoemaker, Ohtani, Skaggs, and either Bridwell or Tropeano or Ramirez. If Ramirez doesn't make the rotation, he'll be in the pen. Ohtani, Bridwell, and Tropeano all have options so all likely will spend time at SLC.
  7. The last roster spot

    I don't understand why they'd go Marte over Cowart. Marte makes very little sense to me, but ok, whatever. I'm a notorious anti-Marte, because I feel a few limited weeks of initial success taint the player he is. I'm always against those type of players.
  8. The last roster spot

    I think Cowart would have got the Calhoun audition from 2013 if they weren't in the hunt for the second wild card spot.
  9. The last roster spot

    Although I doubt it happens, it's always possible that they send Ohtani down for April. Then Carter I assume gets his spot, Cowart is the utility guy and we have a more normal looking team.
  10. The last roster spot

    Isn't Pujols that Right Handed Power Bat? Cowart is likely to get the majority of the Ab for the utility guy, when the season is over. I think he, Walsh, Carter, and Fernandez all see time there though.
  11. Gameday: 3/15 Angels vs Rockies

    Me. Honestly the cream rises to the top. I can't remember a season where outside of one or two guys they knew who their best reliever was going to be in April.
  12. Ichiro and Bartolo

    I'm the same age Albert says he is, so there are very few Major Leaguers older than me now. And I was 22 when the Angels won the World Series. Time flies man.