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  1. Hubs

    Revenge for '95

    No, they weren't. Barria was born in 1996. He's the only one that was born after the 1994 season. (Ohtani was born during 1994 season).
  2. Am I wrong, or do we see some significant returns from the farm system starting in September 2018 for regular roles in 2019? I think the Angels have been very veteran oriented with the position players over the last few years. We've seen the pitching prospects really develop and contribute, from Richards to Shoemaker to Skaggs, Meyer, to Heaney, Barria, Ohtani (does he count?) and Tropeano. We've seen relievers like Middleton, Bedrosian, and such make an impact. Yet the most significant bats we've produced in the last 8 years are: 1) Trout - Obviously. 2) Calhoun 3) Trumbo 4) Cron. Next would be people like Marte, Bourjos, Cowart, Navarro, Conger, Perez. The farm just hasn't given the Angels a good caliber starting position player since the first four above. Not compared to the starting pitching. We've been mostly a free agent and trade facilitated position player grouping since Aybar, Kendrick, Izturis, Morales, Kennedy, Molina, Figgins, Kotchman etc. in the early to mid-2000's filled out and then replaced the 1990's homegrown roster of Salmon, Anderson, Erstad, Edmonds, and Glaus. But I see talent at AAA in Thaiss, Fletcher and Ward who could all have regular roles in 2019. Hermosillio seems a bit overmatched, but not by a lot, and might be ready for full time in 2019. Renifigo is killing it at AA, as is Jared Walsh and Jose Rojas. And then in A-ball, Brandon Marsh, Jo Adell, and Jahmai Jones are all not exactly killing the ball, but definitely worth watching, soon. And Adell really has picked it up after a few rough games to start off the level. Even Baldoquin is hitting in A-Ball. I am very encouraged and can see Ward, Fletcher, and Thaiss filling roles that this year went to Marte, Valbuena, and Kinsler. And then in 2020, Adell or Marsh in Right Field.
  3. Hubs

    Crazy, maybe even DUMB trade idea..

    Thanks for defending me here, Lol. Taking on this kind of Salary commitment lessens the prospects they'd have to give back in a deal.
  4. Hubs

    Crazy, maybe even DUMB trade idea..

    Ian Kennedy even.
  5. Hubs

    Crazy, maybe even DUMB trade idea..

    Duffy is not having a good season, and he's got a huge velocity drop over this time last year. That could mean trouble.
  6. Hubs

    Crazy, maybe even DUMB trade idea..

    I don't think it's enough. They've reportedly asked for 4 prospects, two young ML ready and two further away, and that's just for Machado. Adding Jones and Britton means you're likely looking at two more guys from the Angels minors, and maybe even one more guy from the major league squad. And it needs more pitching. Adding in Barria and probably a guy like Canning is what it would take for those three. And I'd say heck no.
  7. Hubs

    Seattle Series

    The quirks of the schedule need to be fixed and fixed soon. I think adding two more teams and going to 16 in each division solves a lot of it, and there is supposedly real buzz about Portland getting a team soon. Assuming one West Coast (Portland, SLC, Las Vegas) and one Eastern (Montreal, Virginia, Memphis) expansion the divisions can quickly align by geography a lot closer, with most rivalries staying intact. I'd swap Tampa Bay and Colorado between leagues, because, Denver should've always been an AL city, and Tampa and Miami being in a new NL South along with the Braves and either Memphis or Washington makes sense to me. Colorado, KC, Texas and Houston will be a good new AL division. The AL West will be Oakland, Seattle, Portland and the Angels, with the NL West staying intact minus Colorado, the AL East staying intact minus Tampa, and the AL Central staying intact minus KC. The NL East will have to be split, with one team from the Central moving over, probably Pittsburgh, to join the Mets and Philies, especially if the 2nd Expansion team is an NL East team, because at least two teams are leaving the East in Florida and Atlanta. That way, the NL Central would be Cinncinati, Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee. This will help scheduling, because instead of 76 unbalanced division games, you'd go down to probably 54 intra-division games. Then it's another 72 games against the rest of the league. There are 12 teams in each league not in your division, so you play 6 games, against each team. For interleague, you go to 36 games, always use the DH, and allow 26 man rosters for interleague action. I'd play the same 6 weeks each year, two series of three games each. I'd always play the NL West, two teams at home and two away in alternating years, and then home and away against one of the other divisions. More importantly, this type of schedule allows the teams to be facing the same division opponent at the same time. When we play Seattle, Portland plays the A's. Then we swap. With eighteen games against division opponents, it allows 9 series to be in the first half and 9 in the second half, or at least as close as possible. We'd get 27 games in August and September that are division play, and 27 in April and May. When it's intra-league, it would be balanced. When we go to Texas then Houston, so do the A's. (And Seattle and Portland are hosting KC and Colorado). And AL East teams are facing AL Central teams. I'd like to split these series up so we get 12 three game series in each half. And the same for interleague play, I'd like to play the 12 AL/NL West games in May, and then the other 24 interleague games in July and early August. That way down the stretch, there's no interleague play. I'd also see if we could do 27 weeks plus a few days, meaning there would always be 6 games a week. Either Monday or Thursday off, and all series would be 3 game series.
  8. Hubs

    Shin-Soo Choo?

    Absolutely not.
  9. Hubs

    Seattle Series

    Can we stop shooting for the 2nd wild card spot? That's the lowest possible squeak into the playoffs. The Division is winnable.
  10. Hubs

    Kole Calhoun on 10-day DL

    He's better than McDonald. I still think he can be Macier Izturis with the bat.
  11. I saw an article saying Brandon Marsh for Zach Britton. I'm fine with he, or Brad Hand, or Herrera depending on the cost.
  12. Hubs

    payrolls, luxury taxes etc...

    Right now, Competitive Balance Payroll for 2019 is at 115.6 plus the arbitration guys. I doubt Shoemaker or Marte gets arbitration. The only ones that are likely to get a significant raise is Heaney (to around 2-3 M, and Skaggs to around $5M. Ramirez, Alvarez, Bedrosian, and Parker will make around the same or maybe a small amount, so maybe $15M for all of these 5-6 guys. We are close to that in 2020, and then in 2021, it drops significantly to around 60M (Trout and Simmons will need to be resigned, Cozart is also a FA), only Upton and Pujols are on the books for 2021. In 2022, only Upton is under contract. So, Sign Moustakas and Harper, resign Richards and keep the closer they acquire at midseason. Oh and resign Trout for $1M annually more than Harper signs for.
  13. Hubs

    payrolls, luxury taxes etc...

    I'd add Moutakas, Kennedy, and Herrera if the Royals would deal them and take back most of Kinsler's or Calhoun's Salary this year in addition to prospects. I'd try to hang on to Fletcher, Thaiss, Hermosillio, Adell, Jones and Canning. I'd trade most any other prospect.
  14. Hubs

    payrolls, luxury taxes etc...

    Cot's baseball contracts is usually pretty accurate. Some of the players listed at league minimum are no longer with the organization or are on the DL, so other players will either assume the same contract in their stead or be added at a prorated portion of the league minimum. So maybe 2-3 extra million for cap purposes.
  15. I know you're going BOS/NYY heavy for a reason, but with the Japanese vote, Ohtani is likely the DH. Martinez should've been listed as an outfielder, with 29 DH games and 25 OF games.