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  1. Hubs

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I realize this but I wouldn’t be as scared of giving up a second rounder as I would of a first. Still they’ve done well in the second round for a while.
  2. Hubs

    2018 Hot Stove League

    I’d do three years for eithe Grandal Or Ramos. It makes sense. Losing a second round pick go sign Grandal isn’t ideal but he’s a better defender than Ramos and a better pitch framer. Second round picks can be Chevy Clarke and they can be Griffin Canning, so there’s no guarantee that will be a good player.
  3. Ausmus said yesterday that Trout is likely hitting 2nd. 1 Calhoun/Cozart 2 Trout 3 Ohtani 4 Upton 5 Pujols/Bour 6 Simmons 7 Grandal/Ramos 8 Ward or Fletcher/Calhoun/Cozart/LaStella 9 Fletcher/Calhoun/Cozart/LaStella And When Pujols and Bour both play, 1 Calhoun/Cozart 2 Trout 3 Upton 4 Pujols 5 Simmons 6 Bour 7 Grandal/Ramos 8 Ward or Fletcher/Calhoun/Cozart/LaStella 9 Fletcher/Calhoun/Cozart/LaStella When Smith or Briceno do the Catching, they likely move down to 8th, and one of the 8th guys moves up to the 7 Spot. Same Thing IF we have a 4th OF starting over Calhoun, That guy will hit 9th.
  4. We don't know how negotiations were going in trade discussions. He may have been in on one or more of the names who have moved or have been rumored to move but the teams were too far apart in value. It's like the game show Deal or No Deal, sometimes the banker (Eppler) is so far away from what the contestant (Team trading player) wants, but its actually pretty fair and makes sense. Later on, the contestant may get a better deal or a worse deal than was offered. And this goes for Free Agents as well. People say the Angels never offered Moustakas a contract last offseason, but then some do say he was offered, but even the Cozart deal would've been better than what he ended up with.
  5. Position players I think we still need a C. That's realistically the most value you can add, for the least amount of money / prospects. I think it will be Cervelli via trade or Ramos via free agency. Ramos was the clear #1 choice for me, but now think he may be looking at a team where he can play some 1st/DH. I'd also like Grandal of course, despite what people think he may be failing at in the playoffs last year, he's the #1 FA catcher. This blog has him somewhere between 10-13 AAV over two or three years. I also wanted to look at Marwin Gonzalez, partly because the Angels would be taking him away from the Astros. But with the addiitons of Bour and LaStella, this is obviously not in the cards. And maybe a better bat in RF, but again, Bour seems to take this away. Perhaps Fletcher is the 5th OF? My thoughts on being complete in the OF -- This means that they think Adell is pretty close to seeing the majors, at most he's up by mid-season 2020. And if not in line for a starting job either late this year or early next. Or they think Calhoun is back to healthy and productive. They also must like the three 4th OF candidates a lot. Also, as far as a lot still to be done... The #1, #2, #3, #7, #11-19, #21-23, #25, #27-#32, #35 & #39 of the top 40 FA on that 131 FA list are still available. That's half of the top 40, and the vast majority of the free agent class.
  6. I pulled that from MLB trade rumors because I remember it happening when the Angels got someone via non-tender a few years back. Maybe Ben Revere? Granted, Bour has a decent year and he's likely due somewhere between 5-7 M which may be too rich for the Angels depending on his role.
  7. Hubs

    What about a Cozart for Gray deal?

    I agree, ettin, too many here do not. Especially on the negative side. That was my point. You are very even keeled at this and tend not to do it. You at least look at an entire history of a player. Too many believe that whatever a player did --- especially when they sucked last year -- is what they're going to do again, or get even worse. A player has an shoulder injury we don't know the extent of, Like Cozart did, though he was pulled after he aggrevated it, and struggled in his first two months here, then was injured. Kinsler struggled in his first two months here, then got hot with the bat, and basically ended up being the same player he was in 2017. Upton didn't hit here like he hit in Detroit, but he's going to be better than the 2.5 WAR he had here in 2018. Cozart may never be a 5 WAR player again (also because he's not playing SS for us), but he's not going to give them a negative WAR season. Saying he's going to be at .700 OPS means that the great year he had essentially never happened, though all we have is a small sample size saying it won't continue. I also don't think he's going to play more than 120 games because he almost never does. But I will take 54 starts at both 2B and 3B and 12-15 at SS. That would put him at the 120 range. And give both Fletcher and Ward 108 starts at 2nd and 3rd, respectively. LaStella becomes less valuable as a lefty pinch hitter with Bour on the Roster. And it's not like the Angels need his versatility.
  8. Hubs

    What about a Cozart for Gray deal?

    I know, I was using contract value and your $9.5 M number you used in the primer. :)
  9. This chart was updated to reflect losing Cowart and adding Bour. Angels still 4th in Batting WAR, 24th in pitching WAR.
  10. I'd love Trevor Bauer to go with Justin Bour and Peter Bourjos. And F*ck it, sign Michael Bourn to a minors pact again too. LOL.
  11. Hubs

    What about a Cozart for Gray deal?

    Assuming a player is going to be the exact same as he was the previous year is always laughable on here, particularly when he has a history of success, but then sucks. Yes, I do the same thing when it's a positive year. Cozart will be better than in 2018, if not to 2017 level he will be better than most believe. Upton will also be better. And I think Bour returns to his career numbers, one reason why I liked the guy last off season when they were looking for a lefty bat off the bench (before they signed Ohtani).
  12. Hubs

    What about a Cozart for Gray deal?

    You’re assuming what to get these surplus values? Cozart will not be a 1.5-2 WAR player for the next two years he should easily outpace that. And Gray could also be anything from 2-5 WAR and is paid the equivalent of 1 WAR. i know I’m optimistic on both guys but why be pessimistic, don’t you want to see guys do well?
  13. His range isn’t great but the fielding percentage is ok. He also has no versatility. He should be roughly the same as other 1B we’ve had in recent years who aren’t Albert Pujols who still could win a GG at 1st if he played enough. (Or if he doesn’t as evidenced by Rafael Palmiero’s infamous win over Erstad).
  14. Should a non-tendered player sign with a new team, that team secures control of his remaining arbitration seasons until free agency. For example, Turner has four-plus years of Major League service time after his excellent 2014, meaning he still needs two more years of service to qualify for free agency.
  15. Hubs

    What about a Cozart for Gray deal?

    I’d actually consider Fletcher for Gray. But ya I don’t think Cozart for Gray works primarily bc Cozart has two years left and Gray one.