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  1. Hubs

    Terry Smith

    I was wondering why Jose Mota was calling the Radio Yesterday. I don't think Terry Smith stays after this year. Call it a gut feeling, but he's been broadcasting here since 2002, and did nearly 20 years before that in Columbus, plus more before that. Wikipedia doesn't have his birthdate, and he did have health concerns earlier this season. If he's been broadcasting for 40 years+, he's gotta be in his 60's or even early 70's. He started broadcasting in 1977, whereas Physioc started in 1983 and is 63 years old!
  2. Can't wait to sport my Jo Adell Rocket City Trash Panda jersey to the Big A.
  3. Hubs

    Shohei Ohtani Has New UCL Damage

    Okay my 2 cents, a lot of you drastically underestimate the time needed to recover from TJ. JC Ramirez had it in April and he will likely not pitch until August of Next year. When Garrett did his, he was guaranteed to be out all of 2019. He could've waited to the end of the year, and he still wouldn't be ready until 2020. When Ohtani was pulled in June, if he had the surgery then, he'd have been out as a hitter minimum until November. So it made sense to wait. As a pitcher a June TJ pretty much still puts you out for all of the following year, maybe you can be back by September 1. 15 months recovery minimum. There are guys who come back in 12, but they are rare. So 15 months from October is January of 2020. Same timeline as a pitcher, same as a hitter. Except now he's got two more months as a hitter under his belt.
  4. Hubs

    I Am Pumped Upton!

    In the next year, year and a half, I'd expect Adell to be up doing a year one Harper impression (He's not quite Trout-esque, but could see him being Harper esque). So, it doesn't really make sense now. Calhoun will already be playing 1st when Ohtani pitches/Pujols is at DH, I think, with Adell in RF from mid-season on. Ward is the leadoff guy. Ward (Possible .380 OBP+ in majors) Cozart (Same) or Fletcher (will improve) Trout Calhoun Upton Pujols Ohtani Simmons Grandal Then with Adell Ward Cozart /Fletcher Trout Calhoun Upton Pujols /Ohtani Adell Simmons Grandal
  5. The statement said he died this morning, and Mike's been gone since at least Monday. This whole thing is tragic and odd, no matter how Cox died.
  6. Hubs


    1B: Pujols / Fernandez / Cowart 2B: Fletcher / Cowart / Fernandez 3B: Ward / Cowart / Fletcher SS: Simmons / Fletcher / Cowart DH: Ohtani / Pujols Marte is hitting .205 vs. lefties, in 83 AB's. It's not like he's killing it. I'd be fine with Fernandez (0-3 vs. lefties) in the rare case that Pujols is DH-ing and Ohtani is off. FYI Ohtani, is hitting .175 against lefties, so it's not like Marte is that much better. I mean better, but not that much. Cowart also doesn't hit well against lefties. Pujols is hitting .198 against lefties. This team needs to hit lefties better.
  7. Fletcher is starting pretty much every game at 2nd, can also play SS and 3rd. Cowart can play all 4 infield positions and JMF can play three. All are versatile, and one of them may be sent down, though my odds on is that Marte is DFA'd.
  8. Hubs


    who was just called up. Fixed!
  9. Hubs


    I agree with the sentiments of the OP, but did he read a book or a wikipedia entry about Mike Trout or actually live through it? Trout was at AA for the year, then was called up when Bourjos got hurt. He played 14 games in July that year with a .492 OPS. But more importantly he hit 4-30 in his first 9 games. Then he turned it on, but in his next 15, he hit .356 / .423 / .756 (1.179 OPS), then slumped in September and October. The Angels weren't a contender, and had a lot of veterans in line for playing time, Bourjos and Trumbo were the best hitters. Torii was in RF and Abreu in LF/DH, we also had Wells that year. I believe Ward is closer in comparison to Kole Calhoun, who was called up in 2013, after spending a bit of time with the big club in 2012 (3 Starts). He like Ward was in his Age 24 season when he was called up, had played college baseball, like Ward. In an extended call-up in 2013, he played 58 games, starting most of them. Ward also is in his 4th minor league season, That's what I expect from Ward, and I expect it this week.
  10. I agree that Machado is a pipe dream as he is going to be heavily pursued and the Angels do have some interesting young players. But never say never. I like Matt Adams, as a lefty 1B/part time OF, and occasional DH, but the only way he signs is if they sit Pujols once a week. That opens up 27 starts for a lefty 1B. Then, he also plays 1B on the 3 days that Pujols is the DH (the day before Ohtani starts, Day of start, Day after Start) meaning 4 starts per week at 1B. Pujols then gets 2-3 starts a week at DH and 2-3 at 1B, meaning roughly somewhere around 135 starts between DH (65) and 1B (70). Austin Hedges fits. I think they may look to trade for an arm, but I like the two guys you picked. Though I do think only one is signed. Richards will be slightly more expensive, but I like the idea. Jon Jay fits. I'd actually lead off Ward, then Trout, then Calhoun hitting third. This is followed by Upton hitting 4th, Ohtani / Adams 5th, then Pujols hitting 6th and Simmons hitting 7th, Hedges/Briceno 8th, and then Cozart 9th. Rotation is: Ohtani, Heaney, Gonzalez, Skaggs, Meyer, Barria. (Tropeano, Canning, Suarez, Bridwell in AAA) I could see them signing a solid closer, then pushing Parker to set-up, Alvarez, Cole, Bedrosian, Pena, and Robles in the pen.
  11. Hubs

    2019 Bullpen

    Yeah, that's optimistic @mulwin444 I doubt that Ramirez will be back, but anyone who had it in June or Later definitely won't be back. Heaney came back in just over a year, 13 months, and pitched horribly and just 20 innings. He wasn't back to normal until Spring of this year.
  12. Hubs

    2019 Bullpen

    Tommy John Surgery recovery is at least 12-14 months, and can be as much as 18-20 months; so while JC Ramirez has a possibility of being ready to go by like the All-Star Break, it's just as likely he's out for 2019. This organization has always been cautious. Skaggs had his in August of 2014, missed 2015, pitched just 50 innings in 2016, then just 85 in 2017.
  13. Hubs

    2019 Bullpen

    FYI, anyone who had TJ surgery during the season in 2018, will not be available for 2019. Middleton is out until 2020, Wood is out, JC Ramirez is out. Jewell did not have TJ but that ankle injury is gruesome, he may not be ready by Spring Training.
  14. Marte has been worse than LVB over the last two months. 3 for 39, started 11 games and no walks. 1 HR. Valbuena started 12 games and was 5 for 39. 6 walks. 3 2b, no Hr.
  15. Nevermind, it's time to DFA Jefry Marte -- I'm sure. Trout being day-to-day means Marte is technically needed to be the 5th OF. Fletcher and Cowart have some OF experience, but I can see they want Trout healthy before they call up a new pretty much every day 3B. Marte has hit .094 in his last 28 days, no reason to keep him here, no way any one will claim him. So outright him off the 40-man and see if he wants to accept an assignment to AAA.