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  1. In a few weeks, some players are going to have to sign if they want to play in 2018. Pitchers can wait, but the other folks, especially Moustakas, Hosmer, Martinez, and Cain, are going to have to take shorter term deals in order to find a spot. LoMo, Frazier, Walker, etc. are all going to need to take shorter deals than they planned, I'm sure.
  2. Mike Scioscia vs Frank Robinson

    I re-read the story for this game and apparently Frank Robinson thought that Donnelly was using Sandpaper, but they didn't find any, but they did eject him for pine tar, which is technically illegal, but legal for batters, so it's possible there could have been a bit. The fact that he hadn't even thrown a pitch was what irked Scioscia and the Angels, because pine tar is common, and they were simply targeting Donnelly. Also Rosin + water = Pine Tar. And the pitchers have rosin bag. Robinson even repeated his baseless accusation after the game to reporters saying he stuck the sandpaper in his back pocket or gave it to Adam Kennedy. Apparently Mike said "I guess we'll strip search everyone of your pitchers too" and that's what pissed off Frank. And bottom line, Donnelly was targeted by Guillen, and Guillen was the "Source" of this info, because they got into it repeatedly as teammates, then three years later in the 07 season, they got into it again, and Guillen charged the mound. (Donnelly was with the Red Sox and Guillen with Seattle). Guillen admitted he was the source of the inside info, after the second brawl. And the funny thing is he only did it because Donnelly stood with Scioscia and the rest of the team, after Guillen threw that stupid temper tantrum and got suspended for the remainder of the season in 04.
  3. Not done? pure speculation

    Yes, If Archer is damaged, I wouldn't want him. But nowhere else is there a pitcher with that track record who is also that inexpensive. I wasn't watching a lot of TB Rays games in the last year, don't play Fantasy Baseball, so I don't always see news like this.
  4. Not done? pure speculation

    I'd also consider Krod, and Jake Arrieta if the price was right.
  5. Not done? pure speculation

    Angels Send Tyler Skaggs along with two prospects (one of Brandon Marsh / Jamai Jones) (one of Chris Rodriguez, Griffen Canning, or Jaimie Barria) to Tampa Bay for P Chris Archer. The Angels need an innings horse, Archer is it. Archer has had an ERA of around 4, but that's in the Trop, and on a mediocre team, but he also pitched 200 IP for the last three seasons, and also has struck out 734 batters combined in those three years. That's nearly 250 SO per season. He's under control for 2018 (6.25) and 19 (7.5) and options in 20 (9) and 21 (11). That's four years of control for basically 34 Million. Even if he's only worth 2-3 WAR per season, he'd be a solid veteran who gives the Angels probably 130-35 starts over four seasons for like 250k per start. They might get 1000 strike outs for 3.4k per strikeout. (Signing Darvish instead for instance gives you a guy who has only pitched 200 IP once, and would likely cost you like 800k per start minimum, and cost you 150k per strikeout.) Yes it would cost a top prospect or two, and a major league controlled starter as well, but the benefit outweighs the cost. Skaggs could be a very similar pitcher to Archer, except he hasn't proven it and will still cost the Angels similar dollars over the next 4 years, three of arbitration control. (Because the 4th season will cost $15M per likely, I'm guessing his arbitration numbers would be 2.5, 5.5, 8.5 and then minimum 15 in his first free agent year.) I"d also consider CJ Cron a throw in if the Rays would throw in someone like, say Jake Bauers, but I doubt they do that.
  6. I can't stand Kinsler. That said, he makes this team better. He is a legit second baseman, something we haven't had for three seasons since trading Kendrick prior to 2015. Still, this team's position player group will produce a heck of a lot more WAR than the 2017 team's 18.2 TOTAL. By Contrast, the Astros had 39.8 from the offensive side, the Indians had 27.6 and the Yankees had 29.5. This doesn't include pitchers. The Angels 2018 top position players figure to be: (BEST Single Season WAR in Career, from BBREF). Trout (10.8) Simmons (7.1) Upton (6.1) Kinsler (7.1) Calhoun (4.1) Cozart (4.9) Pujols (9.7 or 4.8 with Angels). Ohtani (TBD) Valbuena (2.6) Maldonado (1.7) Rivera (3.2) Cron (2.1) EY JR. (1.9) Cowart (0.3)
  7. I understand that Valbuena is frequently thought of as a bench piece, but with platoons at DH and 1B, I do think CJ Cron may not be the "starter" like he has been the last two years. PA at 1B in 2017: Cron 368, Valbuena 162, Marte 93, Pujols 25 PA at 1B in 2016: Cron 396, Pujols 117, Marte 95, Choi 59, Soto 1 PA at 1B in 2015*: Pujols 396, Cron 214, Navarro 36, Green 11, Krauss 11, Iannetta 2, Perez 1, Butera 1. If Pujols is platooning, then the split should be closer to 300 a piece between he and Valbuena, but that basically leaves out Cron entirely. Valbuena is the other left handed bat and was third on the team in HR last year, he's going to play. So is Pujols, and that leaves Cron out. The most I could see Cron getting is 300 PA, and that would mean Valbuena isn't producing and/or playing a bunch of 3B. More likely I see him getting maybe 200 PA. And since he has no options, that isn't a good use of a roster spot. * In 2015, Cron got the lion's share of the DH AB's.
  8. I think we may see a one or two year deal for an arm, but I doubt they're going to give anyone a 5 year deal. And that's what Arrieta and Darvish both want. They also said they don't want to give up a draft pick for a free agent, but if they could get it back the following year, perhaps they'd be open to that.
  9. 3 Games, 14 innings. He needs a full year in the minors. I missed the short call-up, sorry, but I stick by the September Call-Up.
  10. Barria starts in AA, AAA promotion, might see a September Call-Up.
  11. Astros acquire Gerrit Cole

    I actually believe Richards and Shoemaker both get to 175 and ERA's under 4. Ohtani, Heaney, Skaggs will all be around 140. Of course that changes if they grab another starter.
  12. Astros acquire Gerrit Cole

    Chris Archer is the perfect fit here. But I'd gamble on Arrieta or Darvish if they'd go for a 3 year deal. Doubt that happens, but three years is the perfect timeframe.
  13. Uniform options

    California Angels (33) is the name they've used the majority of their years, but the team name has started with Los Angeles (17) more seasons than starting with Anaheim (7). As far as Uni's, I love the Navy with the Red from the CA Angels days, obviously from my avatar, but I also like the new red alternate ones. If they just used the whites and grays, I think it's a bit boring. I'm in favor of the Oregon Ducks thing, with tons of different uniform choices. I'd say lets see four regular uniforms, say a regular home, regular road and an alternate for each as well. I'd make the Red Jersey with White pants the regular home, the Red with Gray the regular road, and the all white the home alternate. For the Road alternate, I'd go with the Navy Blue and Gray Pants, Red Halo on the Navy Cap. But they could keep the all Gray, do a "Los Angeles" one, wear a throwback to the 1978 or 88 or 98 Uniform, I'm fine with it all.
  14. Uniform options

    They have officially dropped the "of Anaheim" from their Name as of last off season. They are the Los Angeles Angels now. I understand that Anaheim has a special place in many hearts because that was the name when they won the Series in '02, but in reality how many of us actually live in Anaheim? And not Anaheim adjacent, but actually the city of Anaheim? My guess, is not many. Anaheim is the 5th largest city in Southern California, but Irvine and Santa Ana are right there too in terms of population. Even if you add all three of those plus Fullerton, Orange, and Tustin, you'd still be 1/4 of the size of the city of Los Angeles, and it's all the Los Angeles Metro area.