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  1. Dtwncbad

    Rosenthal: Angels looking to shed payroll

    I am not sure Brantley is going to get more than a 2 year deal.
  2. Dtwncbad

    Rosenthal: Angels looking to shed payroll

    Say hello to Michael Brantley?
  3. Dtwncbad

    Rosenthal: Angels looking to shed payroll

    I dont read this as ownership trying to pull back on spending. I read it as the team honestly visiting each contract to make decisions, where efficiency does matter. When is it not a good idea to take a hard honest look at what contracts are worth what they are producing?
  4. Dtwncbad

    Kris Bryant??? Yes please!

    Epstein said it is virtually impossible to envision trading Bryant, but just made the point that the organization doesn't really operate with the concept of having a player be "untouchable." There is literally no story here. Bryant is not getting traded and he is not being shopped and he he isn't even "available" in any context close to reality.
  5. If I got to choose how to spend $30m this offseason, I would start with new carpet upstairs, replace the kitchen counters, and paying off credit cards.
  6. Dtwncbad

    Kris Bryant??? Yes please!

    But not 100% wrong. . . And that was the tongue in cheek point.
  7. Dtwncbad

    Kris Bryant??? Yes please!

    Trade for a premium player? Angel fan: "No way. Too expensive in prospects." Trade for a mediocre player? Angel fan: "No way. I wouldn't trade ANY good prospects for a player of that level." Trade for stopgap player? Angel fan: "No way. No prospect is worth that."
  8. Dtwncbad

    If Eppler traded Trout...

    And what if it meant you could land Trout in a follow up trade with the other team picking up most of his salary!?
  9. Could the Angels pull off getting Corbin, Teheran, and Realmuto?
  10. Dtwncbad

    If Eppler traded Trout...

    So the discussion is comparing the "cost" of fixing the deficiencies? How about keeping Trout and "shoring up" the deficiencies with money? Trade Trout and save a couple million in luxury tax penalty or keep Trout and spend a few million dollars?
  11. Dtwncbad

    The PERFECT Trade

    Pujols for Freddie Freeman. Beat that.
  12. Dtwncbad

    Angels showing interest in Wilson Ramos

    Brian McUsedTo, but now Brian McCan't.
  13. Dtwncbad

    Taylor Ward

    I wasn't before because i typically reject older players but after taking a closer look I would be stoked. But hopefully like a 2 year deal, if possible.
  14. Dtwncbad

    Taylor Ward

    Except. . . You can do MOST of that and still rationally decide to put something proven and reliable at 3B (or "solve" another questionable position instead) because the team does have enough talent to possibly win. I may be wrong and that's fine, but Taylor Ward (to me) is not the level of prospect that you should be willing to suffer through bumpy times to get to his potential. The ceiling is too low. We are not pro scouts and even they are often wrong. But we do see what we see as fans. I see Ward maybe maybe being a "passable" starter in the majors. If I could improve my chances of contending by putting something better at third, I do it. I just really really doubt that Taylor Ward is going to be a player I regret not having.
  15. Dtwncbad

    Taylor Ward

    Ward very well may end up being a decent major leaguer. I am not pulling against him. My issue with Ward is how he fits this exact Angel roster right now. We know 1B sucks and that probably won't change. We know how hard it is to get offense from catcher. We know that RF is potentially a problem with the Jekyl and Hyde act last year and other evidence of fade. We know that Cozart is a question mark and is under contract and is going to play, and may not be a plus offensively. With all that, it just isn't the time to run Ward out there every day and cross your fingers that he he is passable. It's nothing personal. It just seems like a bad idea to just trust ANOTHER position to chance. I want fewer question marks offensively on this team, and that by default means I don't want the Angels to roll into 2019 with Taylor Ward as their primary plan for 3B. Now if some other significant move happens that changes one of the "given" question marks I listed before, then maybe having the unknown outcome of having Ward at 3B will be digestible. But right now as things sit today? No. I don't want Ward at 3B.