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  1. I fully understand. Except I also think his market is dwindling and what he ends up signing for just might be low enough to consider.
  2. Please list the 200 inning 1.25 whip starters available for $5m. I get your point but you are not being realistic in the market.
  3. If a guy pitched 280 innings would you care if he led the league in hits allowed?
  4. So don't give him 6 years/$150m? OK dodged a bullet there. Thanks.
  5. I don't know how you can say this. He would be the Angels #1 starter, their "horse" 200 inning guy with a very respectable era. He may not be a Cy Young type anymore but he would be far and away the rock of the rotation here.
  6. For the record my question is about paying Keuchel the proper amount and not handing out a stupid contract. He clearly wasnt worth what he (or his agent) thought he was worth. He is a durable reliable starter. Durable and reliable is pretty attractive when you look at this staff. So the question is do the Angels get more seriously engaged in trying to land him at the right price.
  7. Might as well get started now right? I don't want to see him in a Yankee uniform at 41 chasing Bonds. Extend him.
  8. So much more is now known and settled. Does finishing the Trout project change anything at all in terms of considering somebody like Keuchel?
  9. Dtwncbad

    Why is optimism so hard?

    Pure negativity is annoying, for sure. But unrealistic blind optimism is a bit of an eye roller too.
  10. Dtwncbad

    Why is optimism so hard?

    I can only speak for myself. I am not miserable or pissed off. I am way less excited about 2019 than I could have been. On a message board it is pretty natural to dig into what is right and what looks like an challenge. But there is some fatigue over some problems (like for me the starting pitching). The fact that people stick around through the fatigue is actually evidence of having long term optimism. Otherwise I think they would just quit following the team.
  11. Dtwncbad

    Optimism for this season

    You are correct. But at this point we really don't know where he draws the line. Until we see it, it continues to be a concern (for me anyway).
  12. Dtwncbad

    Optimism for this season

    I agree Bour was a good pickup. But the downside to 1B may not be Bour being terrible. It might be Pujols being healthy and hitting .232 with a .274 OB% and getting most of the playing time because he is "on pace for 90 rbi!"
  13. Dtwncbad

    Optimism for this season

    Having optimism for this season is a tough assignment. The starting pitching looks like a MASH unit, and many dont have patience for this specifically because of last year. There are still major question marks at RF, 1B, 2B, 3B and C. Question marks are much more digestible if the floor isn't a disaster. I think the floor on 3 of the 5 is possibly a disaster (RF, 1B, 3B). And the finite window of Trout on paper (with no extension done) is now basically in our face. There is no question the overall condition of the entire organization is better now than a couple years ago, but in terms of optimism for THIS 2019 season it is very easy to not be excited at all. There are just too many reasonably predictable negatives that will result in a reasonably predictable 80-82 win season. I guess the upside is if the planets align and the Angels have a great season it will be an unexpected treat.
  14. Dtwncbad

    AND he's done.

    Super lame.