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  1. Your starter should be someone you are not afraid to face the top of the order.
  2. Dtwncbad

    Scioscia photographed eating in Hawaii

    I would be more impressed if somebody found a photo of Scioscia in retirement not eating.
  3. "The ball is not authenticated. It is worth nothing once fan left park." Well evidently it actually is worth more than a couple of signed jerseys to the guy that owns the ball.
  4. "Pujols was hitting .214 with a .696 OPS heading into Wednesday’s game, while Bour was hitting .169 with a .578 OPS." The baseball Gods are against the Angels on this. Ausmus lays the foundation for playtime being distributed by performance, which looks like Pujols will start to sit, but then Justin Bour can't hit his way out of a wet paper bag. I suppose when Pujols is hitting .169, Bour will be hitting .139 and Pujols will still be getting at bats.
  5. Thanks. I actually did not recall this 2003 thing. My statement of "I don't really see anybody in the baseball world saying Ortiz was a cheater" was a literal statement. When a certain group of players names come up, you hear PED. It very much appeared to me that Ortiz is talked about today without that cloud.
  6. Dtwncbad

    Sean Newcomb

    Sometimes you have to decide who you think is worth taking the risk trading. I love that the Angels have an actual list of prospects now compared to a few years ago when they had almost nothing. But my opinion is the list of untouchables is extremely short, leaving a good number of bodies I would be fine packaging for something that truly solves a problem.
  7. Dtwncbad

    Sean Newcomb

    He may be headed to the bullpen. At this particular point in time, he looks like nothing special. 1.43 career whip and 1.67 so far this year. Heck, Joe Blanton's lifetime whip was better than that. As bad as the Angel pitching staff is right now (team whip 1.37), you could actually argue the Angels pitching would be worse with Newcomb.
  8. Sorry you are so spun out on this. Your core argument was Ortiz was a cheater because nobody hits that well at 40. That's a stupid argument when lots of players have hit well at 40. You are fully comfortable saying Ortiz is a cheater based on that stupid argument. I believe you said "everyone knows it". . .or something to that effect. Talk about exaggerating. Funny I don't really see anybody in the baseball world saying Ortiz was a cheater. And when Ortiz gets inducted in the HOF no problem by all the voters who are very sensitive to cheating, what will you say then? By the way, I can't stand David Ortiz. I just have the discipline to not label him a cheater just because he mashed at 40 years old.
  9. TW at 28: 1.133 OPS, 205 OPS+ TW at 38: 1.257 OPS, 233 OPS+ HA at 29: .977 OPS, 179 OPS+ HA at 39: 1.045 OPS, 177 OPS+ Do whatever you want with WAR, but the reality is my examples show a couple of guys that did better in OB% and SLG% in their late 30s than they did in their late 20s. The point is seeing David Ortiz mash at 40 is not evidence he cheated. It is not. Sorry.
  10. Oh and actually Ted Williams was better at 38 than at 28. And Hank Aaron was better at 39 than 29. Look it up.
  11. You seem to have a very scientific method for detecting cheaters. I wonder why MLB hasn't employed you to get all this straightened out.
  12. Ted Williams and Hank Aaron too? I mean, it just isn't possible for a 40 year old to still be able to mash, right?
  13. I sometimes look at David Ortiz numbers over his last few seasons (age 38-40) and it kind of blows my mind. His last season at age 40 he LED THE LEAGUE in the following categories: Doubles (48) RBI (127) SLG (.620) OPS (1.021) He also had the following that did not lead the league: 38hr, .315 ba, .401 OB%, 164 OPS+. That was age 40 and he walked away. My guess is he could roll out of bed drunk at 290 pounds and outhit Pujols even if you sprayed mace in his eyes in the on deck circle. The Pujols decline is just sad. I do not hate Albert Pujols. His pride keeps him going but I just wish he had a different kind of pride. . .the kind that would make him retire rather than show this version of him on the field.
  14. Who will go down? I know someone who will voluntarily go down if it helps their career. Kamala Harris.
  15. MLB is looking closely at one of the home runs and may determine that it was an illegal homer. Evidently it traveled so far north it crossed the border into the US illegally.