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  1. Dtwncbad

    Farm System Trade Chips and Untouchables

    For the right impact player I might part with Gus Polidor or Terry Evans.
  2. Does he want to make more money or less money? How do you know? Did he tell you that?
  3. Sherman Johnson in the majors. Somewhere, a guy named Charles is smiling.
  4. Dtwncbad

    Wil Myers

    If Eppler trades any of the top talent of the farm, it has to be for cost controlled high producers in their twenties. Otherwise just keep them.
  5. Dtwncbad

    Wil Myers

    Top 1% of them.
  6. Dtwncbad

    Wil Myers

    Dude did you read your own cartoon post? It was replacing the quote from the idiot in the cartoon. But that's fine if you are having fun. I do think much of this is your panic if someone argues with JF, which is odd. But I mostly like your posts.
  7. Dtwncbad

    Wil Myers

    I just got an email. They re-ranked me after reading your input and I went up a tick.
  8. Dtwncbad

    Spending this off-season

    Before they could at least somewhat sell (to the fans and to themselves) that Pujols should be a mainstay in the lineup plan. Production problems aside, it is beyond ridiculous to take that position now simply from a health standpoint. No rational person anywhere would count on Pujols for even 110 games. You just can't.
  9. Dtwncbad

    Wil Myers

    I don't want to trade Cozart because the Angels would then need a Zach Cozart. . .
  10. Dtwncbad

    Wil Myers

    Yes I know what you meant. I scored in the top 1%.
  11. Dtwncbad

    Wil Myers

    Actually I scored in the top 1% on the first try.
  12. Dtwncbad

    Wil Myers

    The changing financial model (changing from cable) is critical. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. The one thing sports has over other programming content is people want to see it live, period.