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  1. Dtwncbad

    Angel Pitching woes and free agency

    You really don’t think players care at all about staying healthy, playing well, building their career legacy with numbers, and being on the field to be a part of winning?
  2. Dtwncbad

    Angel Pitching woes and free agency

    That is rational and I agree. My question is whether this ridiculous streak of arm problems could actually get into the mentality of free agents irrationally.
  3. Dtwncbad

    Angel Pitching woes and free agency

    Why would they have to have previously been free agents for it to matter? If you observe pitchers in the Angel “system” are getting hurt at an alarming rate, maybe you hesitate to be a part of that system. Whether the players getting hurt came to the team from free agency or not would be irrelevant.
  4. Dtwncbad

    Jo Adell to AAA Salt lake

    They count where it matters, in demonstrating his skills and showing development. That isn’t erased. Even without the 2 homer night, he is now 9 for his last 28 with hits in 5 of his last 6 games. The strikeouts are a bit concerning but then again some of the best players in the majors strikeout 150 times a year now. This guy is legit.
  5. Dtwncbad


    Time to walk into Nordstrom with no sale going on and just buy what you need for the price on the tag. Sometimes that is the right transaction.
  6. Are we at the point where free agent pitchers may question whether they want to come to Angels, being spooked by this horrible pattern of every pitcher getting hurt here? I am not saying that would be rational or reasonable, but could this actually end up being a factor? Do GMs do any dirty campaigning asking agents if they really want to put their client into certain organizations that have an inexplicable volume of arm problems?
  7. Dtwncbad


    To me, the fact that the Angels need multiple pitchers isn’t a “problem” in pursuing Cole but rather increases the likelihood they will aggressively pursue Cole. The Angels really need him.
  8. I am not being a smart ass, but honestly I am way done talking about 2002. This team is overdue now for something significant and I personally find it sort of pathetic to be satisfied with one ring in almost 60 years. I obviously don’t expect to win the WS every other year, but it has been 17 years now. I expect this team to be a premium franchise that gets to a WS every decade or better.
  9. I do not have any particular objection to Los Angeles in the name. I get it from a national perspective. I live in Orange County and I think LA is a mostly a gross butthole but I don’t really care that Arte chooses the LA name. The reality is sports is driven by fans rooting for AND AGAINST teams. The Yankees and Red Sox thrive on being loved AND HATED. But given all that, my original foundational relationship with the team as a young fan was with the California Angels and I wish they would restore that name.
  10. Jeter was a helluva ballplayer, with all the rings to prove it. He got his hits, and kept his wits, with the press he’d never lose it. He was also another kind of player, just keep him away from your sister. He’d serve her a spritz, then reach for her tits, and she’d wake up with a blister.
  11. Well I would go with “Guy who they played at shortstop” over shortstop. . . AndI fully agree with the “popular” angle. He deserves his popularity. I just think there should be some mental discipline in separating the highest level of popularity with the highest level of greatness. Not the same. I have no problem with Jeter being more popular than a Larry Walker. It somehow bothers me (and maybe it shouldn’t) that it has translated into most people viewing Jeter as a way better ballplayer than a Larry Walker.
  12. I like your thinking. Jeter has like 8% more hits than Boggs and Gwynn. Hey, Don Sutton had 324 wins compared to Randy Johnson at 303. Man, that Don Sutton was a helluva ball player. Oh wait, that’s exactly how we look at Don Sutton, as a helluva ball player, and not the second coming of Jesus Christ or among the elite of the elite like so many view Jeter. A helluva ball player? Yes, exactly so he belongs in the HOF. The point is Jeter is way way overrated beyond being a helluva ballplayer. Larry Walker was also a helluva ballplayer. So was Jeff Bagwell. So was Eddie Murray.
  13. Dtwncbad

    Betts for Adell?

    Adell for one year of Betts? Jesus that would be stupid.
  14. Given the three output state of the game, where so much of the rest of the game is basically gone, I think it is much easier to be disengaged from the game when they are not wining. . . .at least for the older fan who remembers the past era. Maybe baseball is cashing in on the modern ADD 10 second video clip fan for now, but I am not convinced in the long run that this works out for the game overall. Baseball, to me anyway, is not a “highlights” sports the way football or basketball is. But whatever. I’m 52. I don’t think baseball is all that concerned with what I think.
  15. 3 hour experience versus tons of 10 second clips: As a three hour experience live, the game is way more boring now. But I don’t think baseball cares when the home runs provide 10 second clips being devoured by people addicted to their mobile phones.