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  1. BaseballMom

    Thoughts and Prayers

    Hey, I was nice to you after I was mean to you...But seriously...again, I am sorry.
  2. BaseballMom

    Hi everyone. Old Hippie Chick here

    Thanks for all the responses, they are much appreciated. Hey, EYJr just homered...awesome! Where was I? Yeah, thanks you guys for the responses and I promise that I will also try to do better myself. Love you all, well most of ya! Oh @Geoff Do you take bitcoin? Unless you have reviewed your policy regarding seniors, because I will take that discount all day long.
  3. BaseballMom

    Thoughts and Prayers

    LOL...And it wasn't in response to you either. But I still am going to take credit for bringing dickwad back.
  4. BaseballMom

    Thoughts and Prayers

    Lol. Nothing from you obviously since you are such a dickwad. See @Glen I am bringing it back This is obviously not in response to @Jason
  5. BaseballMom

    Hi everyone. Old Hippie Chick here

    Thanks for your response. I truly appreciate it and am so sorry for your loss, I can't even imagine that pain.
  6. BaseballMom

    Max Muncy

    This is why women don't post on this board. just sayin'
  7. Hi everyone, I have been a long time member/poster, even if my post count doesn't say so. I know some of of you in person, a lot of you only online. I am in a quandary here. I am what is known to some here as a Libtard, some as an emotional female, some as just a regular beer drinking Halo fan. There are times that members of this board may actually live through some of the topics that are posted in this forum. I have tried to "take the high road", but have found that to be hypocritical, to say the least. I would ask that if someone posts something personal that has happened to them within the subject matter of the thread, that you remember that the person is real. I am not just a screen name or avatar. I am a real person who is a Mom and Grandma. I understand if you choose to respond with memes or videos to posts, but if someone posts about real events that affect them personally, it makes a huge difference if you respond with your true self instead of your "interweb" self. I know that some of you are rolling your eyes right now. I only ask that you respect me as you would your best friend, brother, sister, etc. Because that is what this board has professed to be. Family. #Angelsfam @Chuckster70
  8. BaseballMom


    Of course they do. Trump totally supports LGBTQ. My step sister, who lives in Texas and has a gay son and is a Trump supporter, told me so!
  9. BaseballMom

    Thoughts and Prayers

    And what message are your trying to send? My granddaughter was put on lockdown last May at her elementary school during this shooting. Of course my posts about that were lost because of some weird interwebs malfunction. She was a Facking emotional mess. Were you trying to be supportive? And yes, I am an emotional wreck about this subject. Since your wife is a teacher I would expect you to be as well. Yes, I will throw a fit all Facking day long if I want.
  10. BaseballMom

    Thoughts and Prayers

    Seriously? This is supposed to make me feel better? I hope your kids or grandkids are never in any danger from anything. I am Facking done here
  11. BaseballMom

    Thoughts and Prayers

    My granddaughter started middle school this past week. In a school where there was a shooting last May. She was a little nervous to say the least, but she had a good day and a good beginning to the year. Thanks not to the right or the left, but her teachers, police and community coming together to make that happen. I get that this forum is all about "my side is the right side", but can you all Facking once have a conscience and realize that people that you Facking know are going through this shit? I know that I am just a Facking libtard to some of you, but others I have met in person. Thoughts and Facking prayers? F*ck that shit Ok...done. Carry on
  12. BaseballMom

    The pessimistic thread

    The Vent Thread lives again! AO approves.
  13. BaseballMom

    What are you doing for the 4th of July?

    My daughter and her boyfriend took me to BeachWood Barbeque in Seal Beach for lunch....Nice beer menu and bbq menu. Seal Beach is what Huntington Beach used to be. Then we introduced him to the Posse Bar right by my house. It's a First Responder Bar that has at least 10 TVs devoted to sports and has a picture of my Dad (in his Marine uniform) on the wall. All in all, one of the best 4ths I have experienced. I hear loud outbursts all over the neighborhood, so all I will have to do is walk outside to see fireworks.