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  1. Jay

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    We're kind of doing a lot of that this offseason... giving guys a second chance.
  2. Jay

    Angels sign Cody Allen

    I liked what little I saw from Middleton last year so we'll see if he can stay healthy.
  3. Yes it will be fun... except for the bit about being 14 GB
  4. Jay

    Team has gotten worse?

    I think the amount of improvement is less than the margin of error on this calculation.
  5. Jay

    Lozano's Had Enough (Press Beat-down!)

    Yeah, Lozano didn't actually deny there is an offer from CWS he just said something about the reporting is wrong. Who knows where the 7/175 came from but I see no reason to make it up. I do however see why Lozano would complain about it. On the other hand, rumors of a low offer coild work in Manny's favor because it could cause other teams to join the bidding.
  6. Jay

    Lozano's Had Enough (Press Beat-down!)

    That picture says more about Nats fans than it does about Machado.
  7. Still a lot of money although less than many suggested.
  8. Jay

    Heyman on Trout, not good...

    Quick, give this man another shot of kool-aid
  9. Jay

    RIP Eli Grba

    No the game was at Baltimore
  10. Jay

    Jo Adell Comps

    I try to stay away from the minor league thread. That's where all the AW brainwashing begins.
  11. Not crazy about Machado but it would be pretty exciting to get Harper on the team. Trout/Harper would be fun to watch and the media would eat it up.
  12. I read this on mlb.com today 5 potential mystery teams for Manny, Bryce https://www.mlb.com/news/bryce-harper-manny-machado-mystery-teams/c-302668828 Angels not on the list. If the Angels are going to be a mystery team I would prefer that they are in on Harper.
  13. The Angels need to do more than just pay Trout they need to show that they are a top-tier team deserving of having a player of his caliber. What I've seen the last several years is a second-rate team that by some miracle has the best player of his generation. A total mismatch. Normally you would expect a player of Trout's caliber to be playing on the biggest stage under the brightest of lights. Angels seem to be hoping that the team develops into something good by taking a passive approach but that could easily fail. Yeah, to get Trout to stay in Anaheim may very well cost $500 million.