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  1. Jay

    Trout and then what?

    Now that Trout is locked up I feel a lot better about the future. Need pitching though.
  2. Jay

    Why is optimism so hard?

    Let's hope the team starts winning so we can prove your theory.
  3. Jay

    Why is optimism so hard?

  4. Jay

    Why is optimism so hard?

    So were you still optimistic in August?
  5. Jay

    Why is optimism so hard?

    As long as you are realistic about expectations, then you can be optimistic the team will meet expectations. In that regard I suppose I am optimistic.
  6. Jay

    Why is optimism so hard?

    If the team was competitive every season there would be more optimism to start each season. But the team has not been good for several years. Fans are tired of losing, and there's a perception that the team's ownership is not taking the necessary steps to win. In light of this, having false optimism would be to set one's self up for disappointment. Hence, pessimism.
  7. Beautiful spot for a ballpark, but the traffic...
  8. Tomorrow (3/16) CLE vs. LAA on MLB Network at 1:00 PM PST.
  9. Just once I'd like to see the Angels not pitch like complete bums in ST. Meaningless though.
  10. Jay

    The Angels rotation

    The fewest wins ever for a ALWC team is 85 and the average wins for ALWC teams is 91.
  11. Yeah but he said he won't be bringing it into the season, so what's the point?
  12. Not sure the guy I heard on TV sounded butthurt.