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  1. Jay

    No word

    So essentially everything you posted here was wrong. Why would you speculate when you clearly have no idea?
  2. Is for the miles? I hope that's a joke.
  3. Jay

    Adell hires Boras?

    yeah, yeah... then he goes and hires the Devil to be his manager...
  4. yeah that works better for me.
  5. I'm sure some goofball here would do the same if the Angels were 32-16.
  6. The only Trout porn I want to see is him getting a hit when we need it.
  7. Anything 60 days or less would be great considering what I saw in those pictures.
  8. Having the Astros in the AL West is the only thing saving the Angels from complete embarrassment. Can you imagine if the Angels won the division with a sub-.500 record? Then being swept by the wild card team?
  9. I know I almost wanted to give myself a troll reaction
  10. Well there's your answer why we still have Cozart.