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  1. Jay

    This is the worst possible series outcome

    who's going to want Kinsler?
  2. who the hell is Francisco Arcia?
  3. Just catching up now with the score and highlights. This would have been a fun game to watch, although frustrating to allow the game to become tied in the 8th. Ohtani looked pretty bad on a couple of those K's... Nice night for Kole and Drew. Too bad Heaney didn't get the win.
  4. Jay

    Next 27 Games

    The good news is you only have to keep this up for 2 more games.
  5. Yeah, the players love Scioscia and that's not working, so maybe we should bring in somebody who the players hate.
  6. Jay

    What the Maldy trade tells us

    Whether or not Scioscia stays might affect his decision.
  7. Jay

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    I'll take 0 for 100 Alex
  8. Let's go Angels, we're only 6 games out of 3rd!
  9. Jay

    Betts looks like runaway MVP

    here you go... JD Martinez wanted to be an angel and would have accepted the same contract in Anaheim that he did in Boston
  10. I think you have to go back to the GDT to determine what the OP is talking about. edit: don't bother
  11. Jay

    Garrett Richards set to have TJS

    So now Richards' strongest attribute is his friendship with Trout.
  12. Jay

    Garrett Richards set to have TJS

    Same thing every season: "if they can stay healthy..." please make it stop.