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  1. Hope you’re wrong ... prefer top yearly salary somewhere in the middle and decreases from there.
  2. Troll Daddy

    Trevor Cahill is the opening day starter

    Happy to see that Harvey gets the Angels home opener ... good stuff!
  3. Troll Daddy

    2018 Hot Stove League

    Angels could of offered a ML deal
  4. Troll Daddy

    Optimism for this season

    Two way street ... Bour will have to earn his AB’s
  5. Troll Daddy

    Why is optimism so hard?

    If we’re talking playoffs ... then Vegas gives the Angels 20% chance at making the playoffs. I think most of us are very optimistic the team will end the season with a winning record. Either way I’m very excited to be watching the team play this season. Go Angel Baseball!
  6. Troll Daddy

    The Angels rotation

    Heaney starts the season on the injured list.
  7. Lol coming from you. The way I see it ... until Ohtani starts in May , Calhoun Trout Upton Pujols/Bour Bour/Pujols Once Ohtani starts to DH , Calhoun Trout Ohtani Upton Pujols/Bour
  8. This board is going to go bonkers when they watch Pujols batting 3/4/5 this season. Same tune same station
  9. Hopefully there’s more ups than downs this season ... I choose to keep the faith. Go Angels baseball
  10. Troll Daddy

    AND he's done.

    He’ll survive
  11. Troll Daddy

    Why not try to sign Dallas Keuchel?

    True but the farm is in a lot better shape now
  12. Troll Daddy

    Why not try to sign Dallas Keuchel?

    You have to ask yourself this question ... do we have a better shot of making the playoffs with him or without him? and if you sign him to a 2/3 year deal and you don’t make the playoffs then you have a head start going into 2020.