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  1. Troll Daddy

    Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Astros (9/21/19)

    Fletch turning in one of the best double plays I’ve seen in a long time
  2. Troll Daddy

    Kaleb Cowart is back

    At least Cowart has the two way player thing going for him.
  3. I still believe the FO will find a way to keep him.
  4. Troll Daddy

    Mark Langston had a heart attack

    Sounds like he’s doing good
  5. It shouldn’t matter what he signs for ... he’ll be playing for another team. I just don’t have a whole lot of confidence in his replacement next season unless Adell gets a opportunity early on. Even then Adell will go through some growing pains.
  6. Troll Daddy

    The Curse of Jered Weaver

    Short for drugs and alcohol
  7. Troll Daddy

    The Curse of Jered Weaver

    I believe it is
  8. Troll Daddy

    The Curse of Jered Weaver

    Every picture tells a story
  9. Okay, let’s not beat a dead horse here yet, the Angels are still looking for that player you said is not tough to find.