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  1. Troll Daddy

    Ohtani Medical Update from Angels

    Great news
  2. Troll Daddy

    Would you trade Jo Adell for Noah Syndergaard?

    Would the Mets trade him for Adell
  3. Troll Daddy

    Official 2018 MLB Trade Deadline Thread

    For me it would have to be a overpay for Bedrosian/Anderson/Alvarez
  4. Troll Daddy

    Mike Moustakas

    You could trade both at the deadline for prospects
  5. Troll Daddy

    Mike Moustakas

    Which makes Moustakas a affordable rental. I see Nobueno brining the team down. Getting Moustakas is a fresh face in the lineup. He’s been struggling lately which works in favor of the buyer. 19 HRs 58 RBIs .772 OPS Low risk High reward btw there’s ten games to play first ... chances are the Angels are sellers
  6. Troll Daddy

    Mike Moustakas

    You have a 98% chance of being right ... way to go out on a limb lol
  7. Troll Daddy

    Mike Moustakas

    You definitely have to kick the tires on him now and get a feel for the asking price. He’s the player that makes the most sense imo. Especially since he’s a much needed LH bat. Our upcoming home stand will be the determining factor on weather the team will be buyers or sellers. Houston and Seattle will be tough. Note: Tropeano and Shoemaker are on their way back and Ohtani is a slight possibility. One game at a time Baby! PS I’m also intrigued with Tyler Ward getting a shot at 3B.
  8. It made just as much sense for the Dodgers who are hanging on to a half game lead over the Diamondbacks. Diamondbacks were in on Machado to the very end.
  9. Troll Daddy

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    I’m guessing Trout doesn’t care about this non issue ... play ball
  10. It was a must trade for the Dogs ... A's went all in a few years ago but there's no crying in baseball
  11. Troll Daddy

    Statement from Tim Mead on Mike Trout

    I agree the time is this off season
  12. Troll Daddy

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    I see things differently ... the Angels have around $200M already invested into this season. There are only two teams realistically blocking us from making the playoffs. You're already on record stating that the Mariners are going to crash and burn. The A's are only 6 games ahead of the Angels in the standings with still more than a third of the season to play. You're stance is a easy one to take ... quit. btw I said take a shot at Moustakas or give Ward a chance at third base. Angels can also dip into the org currency and trade for a controllable SP. I would be very disappointed if Eppler raised the white flag as you suggest. What happens over the next ten games will be the deciding point.
  13. Troll Daddy

    % Chances That The Angels Make The Playoffs?

    No doubt Trout understands baseball ️ but showing a little faith in the team goes a long way. Kinsler isn’t going anywhere imo. It’s possible they trade a bullpen arm. It’s also possible they trade for a controllable SP. Valbuena can be traded for a prospect if you eat most of his remaining salary. Take a shot at Moustakas (LH) or you can roll the dice with Ward at 3B. Shoemaker/Tropeano will be back very shortly. Jim Johnson also coming back shortly too. Pujols coming back soon to led the way! No way are the Angels going to be sellers imo!