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  1. Angelsfan1984

    Please stop!

    they need red pants and hats too.
  2. Damn! That's super rough to deal with. Generally suicide is harder to deal with for families than tragic accidents or illness.
  3. Angelsfan1984

    Gameday 8/15 Angels @ Padres - Taylor Ward back at 3B Batting 7th

    Maybe Arcia is moving to the bullpen lol! I don't really understand the need for 3 catchers.
  4. Angelsfan1984

    Taylor Ward: Angels calling up Taylor Ward

    I'm not sure about statistically as i'm not heavily interested in learning it, but from a visual perspective he was not very good. He would make a great diving stop and seem like a gold glover and then other times airmail a routine grounder. All in all I would say he was average-below average.
  5. Angelsfan1984

    Taylor Ward: Angels calling up Taylor Ward

    Those are just part of learning the position and will take time. Honestly the most important part is fielding it cleanly and making a good throw. Generally nerves will result in a booted ball because he's too focused on doing all the things right, (fielding it cleanly, looking the runner back and making a good throw). If he can be a fundamentally sound 3rd baseman and limit his mistakes while also hitting the ball the way he has this year, I would say the Angels found a decent prospect. They don't need anyone incredible at 3b, they need someone who isn't going to play like valbuena.
  6. Angelsfan1984

    Angels select contract of Osmer Morales you're saying they are outscoring their opponents but not winning the appropriate amount of games....
  7. Angelsfan1984

    Ohtani Rehab Question

    100% agree especially with breaking down of scar tissue build up, I think a lot of it is mental too. I never needed Tommy John but I had severe shoulder issues in high school and into college (rotator cuff, thoracic outlet and biceps tendon tears) and I was continually holding back fearing another injury.
  8. Angelsfan1984

    Ohtani Rehab Question

    I understand the timing portion as he would still have to miss the season, I would just assume some would rather start the recovery quicker because even when you get the surgery and are cleared for activities, generally the player doesn't return to form for another 9-12 months. The more time in between the surgery and the recovery the better IMO. I suppose wishful thinking would be to avoid surgery altogether if given that opportunity. I admit I don't follow other teams in terms of this but the process doesn't seem all that great from the Angels perspective. Granted all of their pitchers arms are falling off.
  9. Angelsfan1984

    Ohtani Rehab Question

    Gotcha. Well I hope it repairs itself enough to get him back on the mound.
  10. Angelsfan1984

    Ohtani Rehab Question

    I guess my question was more in regards to the process of the blood spinning. Has it shown to actually be an effective alternative?
  11. Angelsfan1984

    Ohtani Rehab Question

    Based on how Richards and Jc Ramirez faired, is this the last shot for that methodology?
  12. Angelsfan1984

    Taylor Ward: Angels calling up Taylor Ward

    Clearly you missed the "everyone has holes" reference
  13. Angelsfan1984

    Taylor Ward: Angels calling up Taylor Ward

    100% going to happen.