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  1. I thought it was all that steak and potatos weighing him down, but I guess bad defense can do it too.
  2. How do we know that had he run out that foul ball he wouldn't have torn his fine with it.
  3. I'm going all in on Cole, Strasburg (if he opts out) and Ryu. Use some minor league depth to attempt to trade for a young cost controlled bat.
  4. Angelsfan1984

    Angels sign Luiz Gohara

    do you know what making your pitchers eat 3 bowls of pasta every day will do to the inside of the shoulder? The impacts will be felt well past their baseball careers.
  5. Gotcha, well if he does continue to develop an outfield of Trout, Adell and Marsh would be pretty freakin slick. Adams will likely be the odd man out there, but anything can happen in the matter of a year.
  6. If scouts are so high on Marsh in comparison to Adell, why is he not higher on the top 100?
  7. Angelsfan1984

    Betts for Adell?

    that full season would span 4 years.
  8. Angelsfan1984

    Update about Angels Stadium news

    Insurance works 1 year ahead of reality. Yes they are planning for all possible outcomes, however they are preparing as if the angels will leave.
  9. Angelsfan1984

    Update about Angels Stadium news

    I do the insurance for the City and have regular contact with the City manager and who controls all of the funds and anticipated budget. There are already budget figures out excluding the stadium and authority from the City. I work with every City and County in California...
  10. Angelsfan1984

    Update about Angels Stadium news

    I can tell you with personal knowledge of the situation that the City doesn't expect the Angels to remain in Anaheim. That can change obviously with concessions but as it stands currently, the person directly responsible expects them to leave.
  11. Angelsfan1984

    Angels DFA Matt Harvey finally

    In before world series mvp for A's
  12. Angelsfan1984

    Could Arte afford both Cole and MadBum?

    They stole their pitching long is their return policy?
  13. wake me up when they cut it to single digits back
  14. Angelsfan1984

    The season is over

    Easily 49-0