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  1. Angelsfan1984

    Griffin Canning

  2. Angelsfan1984

    Valbuena Needs to Go

  3. Angelsfan1984

    Valbuena Needs to Go

    well he'd still be here if he could stay clean
  4. One of the first times I noticed a big jump was after they acquired Vernon wells. The personal pizzas went up to something like 11-12$
  5. I couldn't agree more. It's actually quite gross to watch. Everyone is enamored with the homerun but the rest of the game is struggling. The teams that have solid all around games are the ones consistently in the playoffs.
  6. You're telling me that if you got to watch frank Thomas or McGwire come up with a metal bat you wouldn't be interested?
  7. You will have more arm issues imo if you lower the mound. Less push off means you're having to make up velocity through your arm strength. Pushing the mound back would be interesting idea I just don't know if it would actually benefit hitters. You are going to get less than a fraction of a second more to see the pitch.
  8. I think the electronic strike zone just makes too much sense at this point to prolong not using it. Let the umpires stick around for safe/out calls. Camera technology is good enough to allow for a senor to go off to indicate ball or strike on the field as well as potentially check swings.
  9. Its idiotic but I always thought it would be funny to see the DH allowed to be a steroid monster who gets to use a metal bat.
  10. Angelsfan1984

    New Standing Prediction

    How could a loss get worse than a loss?
  11. Angelsfan1984

    New Standing Prediction

    When he cools off I assume the outcome will still be the same.
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    Meow Button

  13. I see a little bit more powerful McCutchen which I would take in a heartbeat.