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  1. Angelsfan1984

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    100% agree, Trout needs some form of protection and then they should hit Upton behind Ohtani. Solid 2,3,4
  2. That's so 6 days ago Jeff. Remember, we love them when they are good, we hate them when they are bad.
  3. Angelsfan1984


    That was an idiotic move. I don't care what the analytics say in that situation, cozart shouldn't be pinch hitting for anyone.
  4. Angelsfan1984

    Gameday Thread: Mariners @ Angels April 18,2019

    Ausmus needs to get Calhoun out of the leadoff spot. Goodwin or fletch should be leading off. Need to get someone on in front of trout or he’s not going to get shit to hit all year. Upton and ohtani can’t come back soon enough.
  5. Angelsfan1984

    The Angels Mount Rushmore....

    Trout, Vlad, Torii, Percy
  6. Angelsfan1984

    Angels Sign OF Kole Calhoun to Extension

    Now that is some good reading LOL
  7. Angelsfan1984

    F'n Jeff Mathis

    depends on how he frames the conversation.... Puns galore today! LOL
  8. Angelsfan1984

    Lowest strikeout rates in baseball

    Tommy Freakin LaStella! 10 years 8 million for that stud
  9. Angelsfan1984

    F'n Jeff Mathis

    I doubt it...he'll probably strike out in the interview
  10. Angelsfan1984

    Gameday Thread 4/15 Angels @ Rangers (Trout back!)

    Hopefully he's just cleaning up......the isles at the stadium after games.
  11. Angelsfan1984

    Taylor Ward down, John Curtiss (who?) up

    I like the second one, he offers just a little bit more in terms of S's.
  12. Angelsfan1984

    Gameday Thread 4/15 Angels @ Rangers (Trout back!)

    bottom of the order like 11th
  13. Angelsfan1984

    2019 Major League Baseball Thread

    Definitely. i'm guessing they could get at least a $75 home depot gift card and if they play their cards right...a 20% off coupon to bed bath and beyond.