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  1. My picks are Jahmai Jones, Jack Kruger, and I am hoping Stiward Aquino breaks out.
  2. Stax

    Which player will rebound?

    If Angelsjunky predictions prevail the Angels will make the playoff.
  3. 25. Jack Kruger C (23) Saw him as a 66er, liked what I saw. Any further insight beside comments below? Comments: Became a sleeper prospect and favorite in prospect discussions, perhaps because the Angels are so weak at the position. Could be a future platoon catcher.
  4. Starting to have doubts on Jahmai Jones switch to 2nd base. Last night the 66ers were playing a shift with Jones on the outfield grass and a hard hit ground ball hugged the ground and went under Jones's glove. On another play he made a weak throw to first on a double play ball, runner safe at first. The runner running to second was coming in hard, but he should of made a better throw.
  5. You should/do not want to wish bad things upon other people.
  6. He may or may not have done this when he was a minor. Being a minor, this case should of been sealed. I do not know when the information of this case came out. But, if the information regarding this case came out while he was at Oregon State, see how his teammates and fans of the baseball program reacted to get a sense of how the public will react. This is not a question about whether he is taking care of your child or children. More than likely a provision of his release says he cannot be with minor unless he is with another adult and must register as a sex offender. This is a question about offering him a contract to play professional baseball. If he is offered a contract to play baseball, it will be up to Luke Heimlich to determine how he will do as a professional baseball player. He will have to go through the minor league like the rest of the players offered a contract to play baseball, but he will have the additional burden of dealing with this. i would give him the chance. He is an athlete. See if he can succeed as a professional baseball player.
  7. Sure you can say that not signing Beltre is hindsight, but look at the litany of 3rd baseman the Angels have had since then.
  8. Adell should still stay with the 66ers. he still needs to work on pitch recognition. He still gets fooled by off speed pitches.
  9. The biggest mistake the Angels made was not signing Adrián Beltré. Beltre wanted to sign with the Angels, but the Angels hesitated and the Rangers signed Beltre. That lead to the Vernon Wells trade, since Artie wanted a power bat that off season. With Beltre the Angels would of been contenders.
  10. Stax

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread
  11. Why are the Angels limiting the innings/pitch count of 80 to 100 or so for their starting pitchers? I noticed that the Angels are limiting the pitchers to 5 or 6 innings, then the relievers take over. Maybe I am old school, but the starters should be going at least 7 innings and maybe the reliever and maybe the starter situation would not be so dire.
  12. I saw Ervin pitch at Rancho, and I was impressed. You heard the thump when his pitches hit the catchers mitt.
  13. Unless the Angels are going to have Canning pitch in the bullpen, like Chuck Finley, averaging five innings an outing is not gong to cut it.
  14. Stax

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    If he has the discipline to do this, it may work out. But like most lottery winner, if he spends it foolishly it is an opportunity lost.
  15. Stax

    The Official 2018 Amateur Draft Thread

    RHP Isaiah Campbell, Arkansas (BA-73, Elbow soreness limited Campbell to just one appearance as a sophomore, but he returned strong this spring and showed flashes while posting a 4.01 ERA with 60 strikeouts in 58 innings. noted that he has "better pure stuff" than college teammate Blaine Knight—a third-round pick by the Baltimore Orioles. After redshirting in 2017, he could opt to return.